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The Mystery of the Living Christ, the same, Yesterday, and Today, and Forever

Bible Believers' Newsletter #568
"We focus on the present Truth – what Jesus is doing now. . ."
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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are pleased you could join us in fellowship around God's unchanging Word.

Thank you, Brethren for your prayers, fasting and emails expressing concern for our Brother imprisoned in his homeland on the false charge of proselytism among Muslims. Thanks especially to two Sister in the USA and Singapore and two Brothers in South Africa and Australia who met his material needs. The world is unaware that one cannot join the Christian Church. Unlike worldly religions, one cannot become a Christian by force of law, proselytism or even self-will. One must be born-again by a clear revelation from Above (Matthew 16:17). Sadly, few people anywhere have met a Christian or understand what Christians believe, and no matter where the live they would not know how find a Christian Church.

Colossians 1:16-17 says that "all things were created and bound together by the Word of God." And Hebrews 11:3 says, "By faith we understand that the worlds (dispensational ages and sidereal universe) were joined together by the Word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things that appear." Now because of apostasy in the churches, denominational Christians (so-called), and ignorance within the circle of this Message, the world—not merely the kosmos but also the physical world—is falling apart because there is no glue of faith to hold it together.

On the April 2 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors from the Group of Twenty (G-20) industrialized nations will gather together in London with the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, the President of the World Bank, and Chairmen of the International Monetary and Financial Committee and Development Committee of the IMF and WB, to address the global financial crisis. Together, member countries represent around ninety per cent of global gross national product, eighty percent of world trade (including EU intra-trade) as well as two-thirds of the world's population. The G-20's economic weight and broad membership gives the international banksters irresistible leverage over the management of the global economy and financial system, which explains how the upcoming global depression was engineered.

These minions of the Illuminati are working to unite the world together with usury in the stead of the revealed Word of God. It will fall apart, and great will be its fall.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott


Thanks to the Lord in Appreciation for Your Prayers and Support
February 26, 2009 – Last week we informed you by email of a fellow-subscriber, former policeman and now a minister in this Message who was imprisoned pending payment of a fine on the false charge of converting Muslims to Christianity. The Lord answered your effectual, fervent prayers in behalf of our Brother, and the prayers of the saints under his ministry, restoring his liberty and bringing glory to His Name from thankful hearts worldwide. The following letter is addressed to you personally:

Dear Brethren and Sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ,

I am so happy to be one of your fellowship and I hope that I can do some things for the glory of the Lord, preaching the Gospel and Brother William Branham's teachings and announcing his principles in this life.

I was so glad to hear that our Brothers and Sisters give me support even despite their own needs, really I am so shame and in same time I proud of their help, I can't find words to explain my joy and happiness about this.

I am 30 years old, I am not married, I hope find a good Sister but I prefer to be without a wife at this time, I see the example of Paul and our Lord Jesus. . . I was living with my family but after this problem I am now staying temporarily with my Brother in soul and flesh, but I think that I must looking for accommodation and work because my situation is very bad at this time, but I thank God in every situation because He permits this for me and He says that all things work for good for those who love God. May the Lord improve my situation in the future.

It has been a very difficult period, grappling against the forces of evil proliferating in our country, Islam with its laws and humanitarian law planned by the hands of men. Unfortunately the nation has sided with the idea that Islam is the only religion in this country, all laws are therefore written for the benefit of this religion!

At the outset, I informed you that I worked within the security apparatus (police), my past experience made me hate the work within this system. I came to know the Lord Jesus in this period and I hated the work more than ever. I left as a result of my faith and cannot bear the things that I see every day. Then the persecution began and its ferocity increased when I started studying the Bible.

I passed by a bitter personal experience, it was that the authorities monitored the mail, one of the brothers had sent me some material and Spiritual things by mail. Going to the Post Office I was arrested and charged with religious incitement to switch Muslims to Christianity and the result was taunting, beating and kicking, abrasive talk, false and unjust sentencing to a fine of about US$800.00 or a fateful six months in prison with the fine. Some of you Brothers and Sisters beside me were paying the fine for me. But what hurt my heart and what hurt me was why the authorities were dealing with me like this and why they make all this evils against me.

Excuse me for this bad English, but be sure that my feeling in my heart is very full with love to all those who making problems to me. Jesus said that we must love our enemies.

We are now, some Christians people in our country, we love to live in peace, and worship our Lord with liberty. All the Brethren sharing me send you a great love in Our King Jesus. God bless and keep you.

Comment: Matthew 25:34-40. Please pray the Lord will make clear the path before our Brethren.


Your Chief Adversary
February 20, 2009 – After watching the quick approval of the so-called stimulus package it ought to be obvious to any thinking person that our so-called legislators, do not legislate. They do not even read proposed legislation before casting their votes.

Someone other than the legislators writes the legislation. Someone other than the senators and representatives decides what must be approved and what must be rejected. The so-called legislators merely put their unthinking sanction on packages they are told to approve. There is no need for them to read the legislation because they are not expected to think about what they are doing. They are not even expected to represent the thinking of voters in their states. There is no sense denying this fact because that is the way it IS. And IS means IS.

This impotence and robotization of legislative bodies was planned many years ago by none other than that crazy Frenchman, Auguste Comte. He made it perfectly clear in his Positive Philosophy that in the future, thinking would no longer be necessary or desirable on the part of most individuals. He wrote . . . Full story:

Comment: Our governments are controlled by 'the City of London' whose international banksters have set up the nations like tenpins to be struck with financial and economic ruin so they may introduce Lucifer's totalitarian one world government over a global debtor's prison. They could be defeated today by introducing import duties and tariffs to return nations to self-sufficiency and productive employment, but politicians worldwide serve 'the City.' Aliens write the laws and control the juridical systems, censor media to brainwash the world to receive their propaganda as truth, compose fraudulent histories and write educational curricula.


Horst Mahler receives Six-Year Sentence
Munich, February 25, 2009 — German dissident Horst Mahler has been sentenced to six years in prison for "Volksverhetzung" (racial incitement). The symbolically significant number of years imposed for "anti-Semitic hate speech" stemmed from his refusal to recognize the Jewish Holocaust, which he described as "the biggest lie in world history". . .

Immediately following sentencing, the 73-year-old dissident was arrested and led away before astonished onlookers in the courtroom, including many of his supporters. The former attorney . . . earlier received prison sentences for thought-crimes on several occasions. "I have resolved to call a lie a lie". . .

In setting a personal example, Mahler declared that it was incumbent upon every German to "deal a deathblow to the Holocaust religion as martyrs for the truth. . . I have resolved to expose this Talmudic perfidy, that over and over again I will call a lie a lie and oppose it with the truth. I have sworn to my people never to give up in this fight against the Holocaust religion." Full story:


The Mystery of the Living Christ, the same, Yesterday, and Today, and Forever

Colossians 1:17, "[As the Logos] Christ Himself existed before all things, and all things consist—cohere and endure—in the Logos or Word".

Hebrews 13:8-9, "Jesus Christ [the Word is always] the same yesterday, and today, and forever. Be not led astray by various strange teachings. For it is well to have the heart strengthened by God's grace, and not to be devoted to dietary rules and ritualistic meals from which devotees [under the Law] have derived no benefit".

God's thoughts, which are eternal and real, manifest in palpable dimensions by the exercise of correspondingly certain and eternal revelation. By faith God expressed His thoughts over six days of a thousand years to [Heb. 'bara'] create all things out of nothing by the 'third pull' of His immaterial spoken Word which is the original seed (II Peter 3:8; Luke 8:11). On the seventh day He rested and watched a mist rise up and water the surface of the whole earth and saw seed spoken in the third age of creation [Heb. yatsa'] germinate or "bring forth" vegetation according to His Word. Being inanimate, the Lord had no need to ['bara'] create it a spirit of life or a soul out of nothing. Having provided grass, herbs, and trees as food and shelter for man and beast He next fashioned the first man, [Heb. 'yatsar'], squeezing him into shape as a potter molds a vessel of clay and placing in him first the mortal spirit, and then the soul.

Writing in Greek, Paul expressed the same understanding Moses wrote in Hebrew: "Who are you, O man, to criticize God? The thing that was molded does not say to the one that molds it, Why have you made me this way? Has the potter no power over the clay to make from the same lump one vessel for beauty, and another for menial use? What if God, desiring to show His wrath, and to make His power known, with great patience endured the vessels of wrath made for destruction, in order to make known the riches of His glory to the recipients of mercy, whom He predestinated for glory, even us, whom he has called, not only from among the Judahites, but also from among the Gentiles" (Romans 9:20-34)?

The mist that rose up on the seventh day and watered the whole face of the ground, transformed extremely fine particles of dust into clay from which the Lord God [Heb. 'yatsar'] molded or squeezed Adam into form. His name is derived from the Hebrew 'adamah,' which means the existing material of the ground from which he was [Heb. 'asah'] made. When the Lord metaphorically "breathed the breath of lives into his nostrils," the non-material elements of spirit and soul that were [Heb. 'bara'] created out of nothing by His spoken Word, manifest the first living soul (Genesis 1:26-28; 2:6-7).

"Out of the ground the Lord God ['yatsar'] formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was its name" (Genesis 2:19). In naming the animals, Adam was taking possession and exercising his dominion as god of this earth. When the Lord God had finished forming His creation—male and female of each species—He put Adam to sleep and drew from his side a rib from which He built woman as a byproduct. Although Eve shared his dominion, it was through the oneness of the marriage union, just as we Christians are made joint-heirs in Christ's Kingdom through our invisible marriage union with and under His Headship (Romans 8:17; I Corinthians 3:21-23).

God is unchanging: as He put Adam to sleep in the garden of Eden and took from his side a rib with which to build Eve, He put Jesus to sleep on Calvary and took from His side the Holy Spirit with which He is building His Bride. Either dead or alive, no cruelty was omitted towards Christ, nor was there any evidence wanting that might confirm the truth of His death. To please the Jews who do not hesitate to defame the dead, "one of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear," but the insult produced a miracle in that "blood and water" issued from His lifeless body, fulfilling the Law under which, "almost all things are purged with blood; and without shedding of blood there is no remission" for God requires a life for a life, and our kinsman Redeemer voluntarily offered up His own spotless Life in substitution for "whosoever will" of Adam's race (John 19:34; Hebrews 9:22; Revelation 1:5).

Caiaphas, Israel's high priest, "counseled the Jews, It is expedient that one man should die for the people! [And] all the people, answered, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children" as it is to this day (John 18:14; Matthew 27:25). But when Jesus Messiah claimed the Title Deed to all He had redeemed, "The four living creatures and the twenty-four elders sang a new song, saying, You are worthy to take the Book, and to open the Seals, for You were slain, and Your blood has redeemed to God men out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation [of Adam's race]" (Revelation 5:9), thus confirming Redemption is Over and Christ's mediation ended in March, 1963, when the Mercy Seat became a Judgment Seat, vindicating God's promise to Abraham, whose name means "father of the Gentiles" (Genesis 17:5; Revelation 4; 5).

Without moisture clay does not hold together well but is easily turned back into dust, and the whole creation is sustained only so long as it is bound by the moisture of God's eternal Word (Colossians 1:17). Likewise the promises of His Word are of no effect if we add to or take from what God has said, for they are no longer eternal Word and THUS SAITH THE LORD, but the ephemeral something you or I as mere mortals conceived. When we meddle with God's unchanging Word we break the glue of the Spirit that binds it together and which alone can honour His promises: we turn Life into death and make God's Word of no effect. "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God" (Matthew 4:4; Revelation 22:17-19).

Jesus said, "If you abide in Me, and My Words remain in you, you may ask what you will, and it shall be done for you." Your heart must be in the Logos or Word, and remain there in order for you to be among the chosen few for whom Jesus prayed and sent into the world to manifest His Name, "that the world may know that God sent Jesus, and that He has loved you as He has loved Him" (John 15:7; 17; 14:8-14).

When God ['bara'] created man out of nothing but His eternal thoughts expressed, He spoke them male and female. He ['asah'] made and ['yatsar'] molded man from the existing material of the ground, but He made woman from the existing material of Adam's flesh and bone—not a separate creation ['yatsar'] molded like clay, but ['banah'] built as a continuation of her husband. And as God is unchanging in His Word and His ways, the members of Christ's Bride are not an independent creation distinct from their Husband but a continuation of the same creation built from Attributes of the Logos manifest in flesh as written epistles of the Word for their day. As God never changes His principles, the Bride of the last Adam will be a W_O_R_D Bride like her Husband, performing the same works as Her Husband by speaking the Word. As His intercession for the ignorance of PART-Word is fulfilled, His end-time Bride can only come into His image through a clear revelation of the fullness of the Word, and to make this possible He sent William Branham, the prophet of Malachi 4:5-6 and Revelation 10:7 to restore the apostolic faith, finish the mystery of God, and call us out from the world church system into the unity of the faith so we can manifest that we are the Sons of God (Matthew 25:6; I Thessalonians 4:16; Revelation 18:4; Romans 8:19; I Corinthians 13:10).

Once creation came into conflict with God's eternal Word, corruption and death set in and in the days of Noah the world fell apart. When Eve was deceived by Satan's reasoning against the Word, she crossed from eternity into time, as God warned, "In the day you partake of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil [which was a metaphor for Lucifer and his wisdom] you shall die-die" (Genesis 2:17). As in Cantonese the repetition of the Hebrew 'muwth' emphasized the certainty of death. Since Adam was God's spoken Word made flesh he was not deceived and could not sin, and like the last Adam, he loved His wife who was not spoken Word but a by-product of the Word and could be deceived, so she was made to be under obedience to her husband. Now Adam did not sin or reason in unbelief against God's revealed Word, but with the revelation he was God's Son he knew he was eternal with God and could no more be lost than God can be lost: by faith he voluntarily crossed from life unto death, knowing the Lord must at some time redeem Him, and when God redeemed him, Eve would be redeemed also, because the two were one flesh through the marriage union.

Being perfect, God's Word never changes: given the same circumstances His first decision and first work will be the same yesterday, and today, and forever (Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8). Although He was born of a woman, Jesus Christ the last Adam was also without sin, and voluntarily crossed from life into death in order to redeem His wife. When Jesus prayed for His Bride He asked that she "might be one [in the faith] as He and the Father are one" (John 17:21-26; Acts 2:1; I Corinthians 12:12-13; Ephesians 4:13). From eternity, Christ's Bride was foreknown of God in the Logos. And as Attributes of the Logos, every elect son of Adam is accounted crucified in Christ on Calvary, raised in Him and is even now seated in heavenly places in Him (II Corinthians 5:14; Revelation 13:8). Those accounted in Christ will be written epistles of with the Word for their day, as a life lived by the Word is the Word expressed, and our lives must be at one with the present Truth.

Adam surrendered his dominion to Satan for the love of his wife; this one offence brought death and decay upon the whole creation and condemnation upon all men, whereas the one righteous act of Jesus Christ crossing from life to death brought the unmerited gift of God's grace and justification within reach of every son of Adam when He was "raised from the dead for our justification [thereby] destroying the works of the Devil" (Romans 4:25; I John 3:8). Justification is not forgiveness but complete innocence as though you never committed those trespasses. True justification is the regeneration or new birth of your soul and union with God in Christ, not its replacement (Romans 5:17-18).

Adam and Eve could not live out the seventh day as their body and spirit lost the binding moisture of the pure Word and began falling apart. Through famine and drought for hearing the revealed Word of God the world is again falling apart (Amos 8:11; Luke 8:6) "as it did in the days of Noah," but this time it will be destroyed by fire (Matthew 24:37; Malachi 4:1-3; II Peter 3:1-11). God said, "In the sweat of your brow you will eat bread, till you return to the ground; for out of it you were taken: for dust you are, and to dust you shall return." Much of life became fruitless vanity: Job 10:9 implored God, "Remember that You have [Heb, 'asah'] made me of clay; Will You now turn me back into dust"?

The Lord God made only one woman for Adam, but through her many more children were born of Adam's race, and hordes of physical Serpent's seed of Cain's race. The last Adam likewise prayed for His one Bride "and for them also who shall believe on Me [and be born-again] through their Word" (John 17:20). These are "their offspring." Isaiah prophesied, "When He makes Himself an offering for sin, He shall see His seed, He shall prolong His days, and the will of the Lord shall prosper in His hand" (Isaiah 61:9; 65:23; 53:10; Acts 2:39). Like her natural type, multitudes who should have been offspring to Christ by Spiritual Eve, the Church, fell by the wayside as make-believers and unbelievers, "led astray by various strange teachings," and having hybrid God's Word with human reasoning, which is the seed of discrepancy, are spiritual Serpent's seed (Revelation 22:18-19).

The Lord God Himself [Heb. 'banah'] "built" the wife of the first Adam overnight as it were. In longsuffering patience He has been 2,000 years building the wife of the last Adam, and placed a five-fold ministry in the Church to perfect those who are saints for ministry to those without and for the edifying or building up of Christ's Bride "until the last member comes into the unity of the faith in this holy convocation, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto the full measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ" (Ephesians 4:12-13; Matthew 16:8; Mark 14:58). When the first Eve was "built," the Lord presented her to the first Adam, and when the last Eve is built, the Lord will present her to Himself a glorious Bride "having no spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but holy and blameless".

The living Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever. Psalm 102 was inspired toward the end of the captivity, but it was "written for a generation to come, a people yet to be created who will praise the Lord." The psalmist was looking to the time when Jesus Messiah, having been crucified and raised for our justification, would "hear the groaning of the prisoners and loose those that are destined to die." This was partially fulfilled when He "descended first into the lower parts of the earth" to indict sinners and vindicate the faith of the Old Testament saints, then ascended far above the visible heavens to cleanse the sanctuary of the accumulated sins of the Old Testament saints, and descending once again, lead captive of Life those who had been captives of death (Psalm 68:18; Matthew 27:50-53; Ephesians 4:8-9). He was also looking forward to the 144,000 elect Israelites, "a people yet to be created who will praise the Lord." And to the new Jerusalem on a renewed heavens and renewed earth "When the nations, even the kingdoms are gathered together, to serve the Lord".

With unwavering faith in his personal deliverance even though it must wait "for an age to come [when] the Lord would look down from the height of His heavenly sanctuary and hear the groaning of the prisoners," the psalmist anticipated the revelation of Jehovah to be accomplished in Jesus Messiah, as Jesus of the New Testament would be Jehovah of the Old manifest in the flesh of a virgin-born Man to play the part of our kinsman Redeemer (Isaiah 7:14; Leviticus 25; Ruth; I Timothy 3:16). He is the same yesterday, and today, and forever, hence His Name is called Emmanuel, which means not a second, third or any other fraction but "[ALL of] God with us . . . For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily" (Matthew 1:23; Colossians 2:9); but His Name is Jesus, which means "the self-existing One [not two or three], the Saviour" (Isaiah 45:21-22). Our help comes exclusively from the Creator, not from His creation, for He alone hears and answers prayer.

Paul quotes Psalm 102 in Hebrews 1:10-12, the heavens and earth are said to have been created "of Old." Indeed they were created "in the beginning," are of lasting duration (49:26; Psalm 148:6; Isaiah 48:13) and may be billions of years old, yet in contrast with the Creator, they are merely transitory while He remains unchangeably the same through all the vicissitudes of time (Psalm 119:90). When He repeats the Greek word [Gk. 'parerchomai'] Jesus is emphatic: "Heaven and earth will pass away," or change from their present condition to renewal, or regeneration, not replaced (Isaiah 65:17; 66:22; II Peter 3:13; Revelation 21:1).

In Colossians 1:15-16 we read, "Jesus Messiah is the image of the invisible God, the first-born of all creation. For through Him all things were created in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or authorities—all things were created through Christ the Logos, and for Him." As Brother Branham explained, the living Christ, the same, yesterday, and today, and forever, redeems Earth the same as He redeemed you. Your first step in faith is when you receive a clear revelation of the true oneness of the Godhead who is Jesus—and what He has done for you; repent and receive baptism by immersion in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of past sins. They are not forgiven but remitted, and the record cast into the sea of God's forgetfulness. We call this justification by grace through faith. You have a clean slate, but the nature of the god of this world who influenced you to sin remains on your soul, spirit and body. Your second step in faith is a process called sanctification which sets your mind in order for holiness by ongoing revelation exposing your mistakes so that quickly you repent and line up with God's unchanging Word. However the nature of Satan that led you to sin is still on your soul. Your third step in faith is new birth by a clear understanding of the present Truth. This is the baptism with the Holy Spirit and Fire that cleanses your soul of the nature of the world and quickens it to new Life in Christ the Word. We must recognize our day and its Message in order that we can walk in the Light God is shining now, and receive the fullness of the revealed Word for our day when it is presented (I John 1:7).

God can only redeem, or buy back a possession that was lost, but was His from Eternity, that is, the Attributes of the Logos or Word. And you will only possess eternal Life if you are predestinated by God's foreknowledge and an eternal Attribute of the Logos (Romans 8:28-31; I Peter 1:2). In the days of Noah, Earth was baptized by the Great Flood and justified, but the waters only washed away civilization and the evidence of past sin as confirmed by the presence in the ark of Ham, his wife and Mrs. Noah, who repopulated Earth with physical and spiritual Serpent's seed. It was sanctified by the Blood of Christ after the Roman soldier pierced His side, and will receive its baptism with the Holy Ghost and Fire following the White Throne Judgment. Flames will leap thousands of miles into space and new lava will cover Earth's surface while the Shekinah will annihilate all demons, leaving no evidence of human history or remembrance of sin.

Hebrews 1:10-12 says, "Heavens and earth are the works of Your hands. They will perish, but You remain. They will all wear out like a garment, and like a mantle You will fold them up and they will be changed; but You are the same and your years will never end." This metaphor of impermanence is also found in Psalm 104:2 and Isaiah 40:22.

The metaphor of a scroll once read, rolled up and set aside, is applied to describe the dawning of the day of the Lord when Satan and his demons will be cast down to earth at the manifestation of the Sixth Seal upon the close of the Gentile dispensation (Isaiah 34:4; Revelation 6:14; 12:7-17); while Isaiah 51:6 says, "Lift up your eyes to the heavens, then look on the earth beneath: for the skies shall vanish away like smoke, the earth shall wear out like a garment, and they that dwell thereon shall die in swarms: but My salvation shall abide for ever, and My righteousness shall never be annulled." In view of the contrast to which the soul of God's elect and this world are to be subjected, only God the Word is immutable and ever manifests Himself as the same.

Not surprisingly the blasphemous motto of the fraudulent Judaeo-Roman Catholic church is, 'Semper Eadem,' which means "always the same." She calls herself the Bride of Christ but He calls her "the great whore . . . the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth . . . who corrupted the earth with her [spiritual] fornication [which is idolatry] . . . and will be utterly burned with [nuclear] fire" (Revelation 17:1-5, 18:8-20; 19:2). In Hebrew that word is 'cherem,' which means "dedicated to destruction for the glory of God as in Daniel 9:27.

Psalm 102:15-16 identifies Jesus of the New Testament with Jehovah of the Old Testament: "The Gentiles shall revere the Name of the Lord, and all the kings of the earth Your glory. When the Lord has rebuilt Zion, He will appear in His glory." Jesus Christ is the glory of God. "Isaiah saw the glory of God and spoke of Him" (John 12:41; Isaiah 6:1-9). In Zechariah 12:10 Jehovah says, "I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon Me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for Him, as one mourns for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for Him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn." Immediately after the soldier had pierced Christ's dead body John applied this verse to Jesus (John 19:37).

When God spoke the Word that created all men and women in Adam's race, for potentially we were all in Adam as every banana that ever will be was potentially in the first banana tree, and as every elect was in Jesus Christ when He walked the shores of Galilee since we are Attributes of the Logos, He [Heb. 'bara'] created us in His image. That is, He spoke the Word that would manifest our soul when we were born. You are your soul, an unseen spirit being as God is an unseen Spirit being (Genesis 1:26-28). In our designated decreed season and time we were manifest on earth to be tested and overcome Satan, sin and the world by the Word of God and prayer, and grow into the [Heb. 'dmuwth'] likeness of God in Christ by putting on His character with the Token on display.

If the living Christ is in us we will "speak the truth and lie not." The Holy Spirit will not dwell where the Word of God is unwelcome. We need to humble ourselves before the Lord, repent, confess our misdeeds, remembering that in this day the Revival is only in the heart of His Bride. Return to Christ while you are still able. If we are honest we will confess before God and before men. Brother Branham came under condemnation one time when someone called and he said to his wife, "Tell them I'm not home; I'm outside right now, so I'm not here just at this time." Later He was called to pray for someone but first he had to make that right.

Ask the Lord to sweeten your life. Pour in oil and the balm of Gilead, and anoint your soul with His goodness and mercy, so that you can hear Him speak to you again, and so people will know the anointing lives in you as it dwelt in Jesus, then you may rest assured you will manifest the 'third pull' and change in the atoms.

Jesus is the living Christ. Galatians 2:20, "I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me: and the Life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave Himself for me". nl568.htm


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Brother Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations in other countries. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

The Mystery of the Church as the Bride of Christ

Bible Believers' Newsletter #567
"We focus on the present Truth – what Jesus is doing now. . ."
ISSN 1442-8660

Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We so happy you could join us in fellowship around God's unchanging Word.

Big Brother has had 31,000 London bobbies microchipped for total surveillance. Apparently those who do not take the chip cannot work or even visit the bathroom unsupervised. Photograph them and you may be imprisoned. Stateside Homeland Security may be eyeing sinners: the Magnavox TV set top digital converter is said to contain a camera and microphone, so smile, Big Brother is watching. Russia has sunk a Chinese freighter bound for Seattle allegedly bearing a stolen nuclear warhead. And the cousin of alleged 9/11 hijacker Ziad al-Jarrah has been exposed as a long standing Israeli spy in yet another startling intelligence connection between the Zionist state and the attacks on New York and Washington. The world is falling apart.

The First World was destroyed by the Moneypower which instead of serving, took over the real economy, transforming its worth from real goods and services to paper priced far above the value of assets and production. Globalization then picked the eyes out of the real economy, transferring the real wealth of capital goods and real jobs to the Third World, and NWO politicians arranged a fire sale of public utilities and hard assets offshore in exchange for fiat money created out of thin air. Since the productive economies of Western nations have largely relocated in Asia, the once-developed world is "a nation of shopkeepers" with "service industries" doing one another's washing. The share market has begun its fall, and without a manufacturing or extractive economy those nations cannot trade out of the grip of the international usurers and without consumers in the West, the Asian Tigers will strike lean times. Refinancing the banksters with counterfeit fiat money not worth the paper on which it is printed is folly. Failing banks should be allowed to fail or nationalized along with their assets and the wealth of corrupt executives and the Babylonian fractional reserve system outlawed.

Stimulating our economies by printing money will feed the cause and exacerbate the crisis. The objective should be to save, not consume on credit. Our governments are servants of Lucifer's one world government determined by all means to preserve the globalist's rapine of free enterprise and prevent protectionist measures to strengthen national independence. The many stimulus packages can only serve the international banksters to further debase the currency of nations complicit in feeding rather than excising the contagion. The objective of the planned economic collapse is to bring the world to beg for the electronic currency for which the world was wired via the false flag of Y2K; the minions of the planners are kingpins directing the Obama Administration as they collectivize and centralize the (so-called) "Free World" under the claws of Judaeo-Communism Jesus indicated by the name "Laodicea".

Then there is the climate change hoax. Vintage weatherman John Coleman says, "Al Gore and others selling carbon credits should be sued for fraud." Oh, so many BIG lies to tell, and so little time in which to tell them. But you, Christian, "Speak the truth in Christ, and lie not" (I Timothy 2:7).

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott


A Real Holocaust–One of Several: Dresden, February 13, 1945
There is physical and scientific proof and evidence for this holocaust. This one is not make believe and was witnessed by my own father from the outskirts of Dresden and close-up right after. Why do we not have a Dresden Holocaust Museum and Dresden Memorial Center in every major city in North America and the world—paid for by taxpayers? Dresden was not a strategic target. Why were the Jewish instigators Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt and Morganthau not executed along with Jewish Professor Lindemann (later Lord Cherwell), Jewish General Eisenhower, among others? Why are there no apologies, endless compensation and "respect for the dead"? And why can one publicly deny this holocaust which did happen—and not end up in jail!

Isn't civilization wonderful? Over a million Iraqis dead, so sorry! Afghans don't count much! The genocide of 1,400 innocent Gazans, ho hum, and no one has been prosecuted for these real war crimes. Full story:

Comment: Colonies of the City of London always fight on the wrong side in planned wars of aggression to 'front' for those "God set at enmity" with the children of the first and second Adam (Genesis 3:15). These once Christian nations, having rejected the Absolute of God's unchanging Word, parrot lying propaganda as "history" to cover atrocities devised by the 'hidden had', and incarcerate indict refuseniks. Finally, the Judaeo-Roman Catholic church has adopted the new holocaust religion essential to securing the alliance of Daniel 9:27, and will in the next few years force her US and (once) Protestant image to fulfil Revelation 13:15-18, bringing Revelation 18:24 and Matthew 23:35 into alignment.


Who was Benazir Bhutto?
Islamabad, February 12, 2009 – Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik showed evidence to the media during his news conference and said, "Some part of the [Mumbai Bombing] conspiracy has taken place in Pakistan" (

It seems people loyal to the CIA/MOSSAD are running Pakistan now—traitors selling out their country for promises of wealth. . . like Interior Minister Malik who stated a lie when saying that part of the Mumbai planning was done in Pakistan whereas all the facts indicate Mumbai was a joint MOSSAD/RSS Hindutva operation as explained in the previous post by Farzana Khan. Rehman Malik is not what he seems, opium trade, Musharraf, Two other Qadianis in charge of Pakistan: Rehman Malik and Tariq Aziz. Rehman Malik had a criminal record in Pakistan while for eight years in London he made money with the help of likes of [the Chabad-Lubavitch] Nariman House [at the heart of the false flag Mumbai bombing]. (Any doubters check his companies' work in London and Europe). He was to be Pakistan's Chalabi!!

It cannot be said with certainty but there are some reasons to assume that Benazir Bhutto, the former prime minister of Pakistan, wittingly or unwittingly, played into the hands of RAW-Mossad masterminds. She appointed Rehman Malik as chief of the Federal Investigation Agency which then launched a secret war against the Islamists; amounting to a direct attack on the ISI.

War against religious extremists could have been a laudable goal but it seemed to target only those elements which could have brought a semblance of moderation to the religious swatch cutting across Pakistan society. Thus, leaving the field wide open for extremists. It seems that the Pakistani military was equally dismayed by reports of FIA contacts with the Israeli secret service, the MOSSAD, to investigate Islamist terrorists (

"The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it. And Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological State is a threat to our existence. And Pakistan, the whole of it, hates the Jews and loves the Arabs. This lover of the Arabs is more dangerous to us than the Arabs themselves. For that matter, it is most essential for the world Zionism that it should now take immediate steps against Pakistan. Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are Hindus whose hearts have been full of hatred towards Muslims, therefore, India is the most important base for us to work therefrom against Pakistan."

"It is essential that we exploit this base and strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans" (David Ben Gurion, Jewish Chronicle, 9 August 1967). Full story:

Comment: MOSSAD's motto is: "By way of deception, thou shalt do war"!


'Sanctions' sought in Eligibility Case
February 13, 2009 – A high-powered team of Los Angeles attorneys representing President Obama in his effort to keep his birth certificate, college records and passport documents concealed from the public has suggested there should be "monetary sanctions" against a lawyer whose clients have brought a complaint alleging Obama doesn't qualify for the Oval Office under the Constitution's demand for a "natural born" citizen in that post. . . Full story:

Comment: A further instance wherein Truth is trounced by money, and law is without justice.

By executive order, on January 27, Obama ordered $20.3 million in urgent migration assistance to provide a free ticket with housing and food allowances to Palestinian refugees and conflict victims in Gaza who have displayed overwhelming support of Hamas in the parliamentary election of January 2006, to resettle in the United States. By executive order George II resettled 12,000 Iraqi refugees in 2008, to be increased to 19,000 in 2009. The "hot stage" of World War III, planned in 1871 between the political Zionists and political Islam, is being brought home to the colonials by the 'hidden hand' of the City of London, the Black Nobility and the Vatican. Might the internment camps persuade some to forsake Allah and take the mark of the Beast (Revelation 13:15-18)? Full story:


31 Percent blame Jews for Financial Crisis
February 10, 2009 — The findings released by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today revealed that nearly half of the Europeans surveyed believe Jews are not loyal to their country and more than one-third believe they have "too much power" in business and finance. . . Full story: pdf file with charts.

Comment: Only half? Only one-third?


Orthodox Anglicans don't expect Unity for Long
February 10. 2009 – In an open letter addressed to Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams, who is considered the spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion, Nigerian Archbishop Peter J. Akinola expressed his discontentment with the churches in North America and their continued pro-gay actions.

"It now seems increasingly clear that without a radical change of behavior on the part of The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada the only possible outcome of such a process is acknowledgment of a bitter truth that the differences in the words of Archbishop Idris Jones are 'irreconcilable'," Akinola wrote . . . Full story:

Comment: "As it was in the days of Lot" (Luke 17:28-30). Do you realize the Son of man has come?


Billy Graham Association makes 'End Times' a Focus in 2009
February 5, 2009 — This year, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association will focus on the return of Jesus Christ and help prepare believers for life in the last days, according to a recent announcement. . . Full story:

Comment: He has already missed it by 45 years (Daniel 12:4, 9; 10:4, 7), and he is still looking for the wrong Coming.


For Catholics, a Door to Absolution is Reopened
February 9, 2009 — According to church teaching, even after sinners are absolved in the confessional and say their Our Fathers or Hail Marys as penance, they still face punishment after death, in Purgatory, before they can enter heaven. In exchange for certain prayers, devotions or pilgrimages in special years, a Catholic can receive an indulgence, which reduces or erases that punishment instantly, with no formal ceremony or sacrament.

There are partial indulgences, which reduce purgatorial time by a certain number of days or years and plenary indulgences, which eliminate all of it, until another sin is committed. You can get one for yourself, or for someone who is dead. . . There is a limit of one plenary indulgence per sinner per day. . . Full story:

Comment: Martin Luther knew: "Whosoever is born of God does not commit sin" (I John 3:9)!


Controversial Bestseller shakes the Foundation of the Israeli State
January 28, 2009 — What if the Palestinian Arabs who have lived for decades under the heel of the modern Israeli state are in fact descended from the very same "children of Israel" described in the Old Testament? And what if most modern Israelis aren't descended from the ancient Israelites at all, but are actually a mix of Europeans, North Africans and others who didn't "return" to the scrap of land we now call Israel and establish a new state following the attempt to exterminate them during World War II, but came in and forcefully displaced people whose ancestors had lived there for millennia? . .

That's the explosive thesis of "When and How Was the Jewish People Invented?", a book by Tel Aviv University scholar Shlomo Zand (or Sand) that sent shockwaves across Israeli society when it was published last year. After 19 weeks on the Israeli best-seller list, the book is being translated into a dozen languages . . . Full story:

Comment: As the Bible, Jewish encyclopedias and historians record for those not too lazy to read. this means they are not God's chosen people, which is a relief (because they are giving Him a real bad name). Were these people Judahites, Israelites or even Semites they would remember the great goodness of the Persian nation in securing Judah's freedom from Babylonian captivity, restoring the temple treasures and assisting the rebuilding of Jerusalem and its temple. Instead they are intent on killing the people of the twelve tribes who have lived for centuries in Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt and Libya and will not return to modern day Israel "for fear of the [self-styled] Jews" (Genesis 27:39-41).


The Mystery of the Church as the Bride of Christ

Romans 1:3-4, "Jesus Christ our Lord was made of the seed of David according to the flesh and openly declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the Spirit of holiness, by His resurrection from the dead." If you too are sanctified by the Spirit of holiness you have the assurance that in this last day, "Everyone will die but me".

Ephesians 5:22-33, "Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as to the Lord, because the husband is head of his wife, as Christ also is head of the Church, and is Himself the Saviour of the Body. Nevertheless as the Church is subject to Christ, so let the wives also be to their husbands in every thing.

Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the Church, and gave Himself up for her: that He might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with His Word, so that He might present it to Himself gloriously, having no spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing, but holy and blameless.

Thus ought husbands also to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his own wife loves himself: for no one ever hated his own flesh; but nourishes and carefully protects it, as Christ does the Church, because we are members of His Body, being of His flesh, and of His bones. For this reason a man shall leave father and mother and shall be joined to his wife, and the two shall be one flesh.

This is a profound mystery, but I am speaking about Christ and the Church. Nevertheless, let each one love his own wife as Himself; and let the wife see that she reverence her husband".

Christian marriage between a man and his wife is a type of the invisible union between Christ and His Bride. The verses we are studying commence with the command to wives to submit themselves to their husband as Christians submit themselves to one another in reverence to Christ (verse 21), because the husband is head of the one body united with his wife in holy matrimony, as Christ is Head of the Body of the Church of all Ages.

Clearly, marriage as ordained by God is not a 50:50 arrangement but 100:0, for He calls and chooses his wife as the Lord calls and chooses His Bride, and the Lord is behind him as the substance which cast the shadow his life fulfils, hence her obedience is not to him as a man but as her own husband in whose person the Lord is honoured and whom the Husband must himself obey (I Corinthians 11:3-16; I Peter 3:6). He is sovereign in his calling and choosing; and the natural woman, typing your soul, is on free moral agency to accept or decline his proposal; once she has accepted, the choice is mutual and each is obligated to his word: should she break the marriage contract she must remain single so long as he lives, or she shall be an adulteress (Romans 7:3). In the Spiritual marriage, the soul united with Christ cannot divorce her Lord for God and the soul that is joined together with God is one Spirit (Matthew 19:6; I Corinthians 6:17; Ephesians 4:30).

Women are called to be "loving wives and mothers, sensible, chaste, domesticated keepers at home, good-natured and obedient to their own husbands, so that the Word of God is not discredited" (Titus 2:4-5). The husband being older and more mature than his wife not only chose her but possesses greater power and culture for civil life, and must represent his wife and the household as it was ordered by God until Satan unleashed feminism and "equal opportunity" whereby men now earn half salaries and their wives also work full time in order to maintain the home (I Corinthians 7:11). This subtle plan of Satan is an example of "the spirit of strong delusion" designed to destroy the authority of man over woman who was not in the original creation and is a byproduct taken from man to be his helpmate. Not being God's spoken Word she was deceived on the revealed Word, causing the Fall, and her father or husband is to rule over her.

The emancipation of the headstrong woman, that repulsive miscreant of iron will, destroys what is Christian and becomes an offensive caricature of womanhood. Should the husband be lacking in some of the attributes necessary to fulfill his ideal calling, the wife should not despise his social dignity but look above and beyond him to the Christ he represents. Let love be self-sacrificial with the consequence and purpose of sanctification. As Christians, Christ has sent us into the world with the same purpose for which the Father sent Him, "And for their sakes I sanctify Myself, that they also might be sanctified through the Truth . . . that we might reconcile the world to God" (John 17:17-23; II Corinthians 5:19).

The natural marriage is parallel to the Spiritual marriage. As the wife is commanded in love to conduct herself towards her husband, so the Church should conduct herself toward Christ. As the husband should conduct himself towards his wife, so Christ does toward the Church. Natural and spiritual marriage is a fellowship between a head and a body in mutually dependent life and love. Thus the earthly shadow should reflect the nature and character of its pattern which is the heavenly substance. Hence Paul states, "Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as to the Lord, because the husband is head of his wife" In other words, yield to your husband that obedience which you yield to Christ, who, having chosen and won you, is your Head, and as such the husband's responsibility is to organize and manage and provide, make decisions and control "as Christ also is Head of the Church" and Husband of your soul.

"Christ Himself and no other is the Saviour of the Body," which establishes His Headship over husband and wife who are joint heirs in Him and co-equal in eternal Life and "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for you are all one [in eternal Life] in Christ Jesus" (Galatians 3:27-29). The natural husband cannot endue his wife with eternal Life but aside from this distinction, wives should be subject to their own husband as the Church or soul is subject to Christ the Word "in every thing" that is not contrary to God's unchanging Word (Colossians 3:17-22). A woman who does not obey her husband is out of the will of God of whom her husband is a type. He cannot sanctify the marriage with a rebellious wife, and the Lord cannot sanctify an unruly church but will spew it from His mouth. The husband should live a holy life so that his wife reverences him (Genesis 3:16; I Corinthians 14:34-35; I Timothy 2:11-12; I Peter 3:1).

A husband or a wife married to an unbeliever with whom they are otherwise pleased should remain together. However, if the unbelieving spouse insists upon ungodliness in his or her partner, such as immodest dress, shorts or slacks, cut hair and a painted face, fraternizing with ungodly people and frequenting ungodly places, or prevents them reading their Bible or attending Church, the woman is not subject, and the husband may put away such a wife. For God is ruler over the husband and the wife, and Jesus said: "He who will not forsake all that he has cannot be My disciple . . . There is no one who has left house, or parents, or brothers, or wife, or children, for the sake of the kingdom God, who will not receive manifold more in this age, and in the coming age, eternal Life" (Luke 14:33; 18:29-30). But if the wife departs she must remain unmarried and celebrate so long as her husband lives. Who knows but that the believing spouse might sanctify and save their partner? Everyone should remain in the station in which he was called. But if the unbeliever chooses to separate, let them depart; the Brother or Sister in such circumstances is not bond, for God has called you to enjoy peace (I Corinthians 7:11-24).

Paul types the husband with Christ, who sanctified Himself throughout life, even unto death, by the Token on display in order that His Bride might be sanctified or made holy and glorify Him by the Token on display in her life (as cited above in John 17:17-23). Since Jesus was the Logos manifest in flesh, as attributes of the Logos His Bride was accounted in Him and constantly sanctified. She was in Him when He was falsely accused, reviled, spat upon, crucified, dead and buried. If you are a member of His Body you paid for your sins when you were crucified in Jesus on Calvary "and will not come into condemnation; but have passed from death unto Life" (II Corinthians 5:14; John 5:24). When He was restored to life and caught up into heavenly places to sit at God's right hand, you were in Him then and are right now seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 1:20-23; 2:6). The last Adam, the King of glory, is reuniting with His own glorious being: His wife is made up of the Holy Spirit taken from His side when He died on Calvary as Eve was taken from the side of her Adam in the form of flesh and blood when God put him to sleep.

In His outward stature Jesus possessed no comeliness that would attract our attention, and no beauty that we should be drawn towards Him, for His beauty was character within (Isaiah 53:2). His wife is His glory, so the members of His Bride will reflect His character. And as the husband is to reflect the Spirit of Christ he will display the Token of the Life of Christ by His devotion for and deference to the weaker vessel who is his glory (I Corinthians 11:7). Thus more is required of the husband than of the wife. While the devotion of the wife is entire, exclusive, indissoluble and ministering as the Church loves and belongs exclusively to Christ, and the husband should love His wife as Christ loved the Church in entire, exclusive, indissoluble and protecting love, it is more difficult for him to love her without egotism, and to be master of the house in true affection without any severity, than for her to submit to him in tender respect for his dignity as husband and his nature in manhood.

The objective of marriage in both the natural and Spiritual realm is the sanctification of character and mutual unity in the Spirit of holiness.

As a holy God demands a holy life: the objective of the self-sacrificing love of Christ is that He might sanctify a Bride in the likeness of His character, then renew heavens and earth. So from the holy convocation of Pentecost through Seven Church Ages to the holy convocation of this present day He has been building a holy Church, cleansing the members of His Body in each of those nine dispensations, not by the water of Scriptural baptism, but by the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ and His substitutionary sacrifice that led them to repentance and baptism (Titus 3:5; I Peter 1:18-25; 3:21) and to the baptism with the Holy Spirit or new birth by the revelation of the present Truth cleansing the heart and establishing the saint in that part of the Body Christ is building by the Word of the hour with the token of a particular virtue of the Life of Christ as explained in II Peter 1:1-12 and illustrated in this diagram (I John 1:7; I Corinthians 12:12-27). The "seven thunders" of Revelation 10 are the revelation of the Messages of the angels to the Seven Church Ages revealed in their fullness through the ministry of Brother Branham, the angel to the seventh Church Age, to restore the apostolic faith (Malachi 4:5; Matthew 17:11; Revelation 10:7). It is this fullness revealed to God's holy prophets and apostles placed in the context of Church history with an exposition of the mysteries hidden under the symbology of the Book of Revelation that quickens the Bride of Christ in this last day and brings her to maturity in the unity of the faith for the manifestation of the Sons of God and the translation.

Water baptism does not cleanse the heart of sin but is merely an outward and public testimony of the soul-cleansing inner work of revelation. In the Old Testament the sacrifice had first to be washed before it was offered, hence when John the Baptist protested, "I need to be baptized by You; why are You coming to me? Jesus replied, Permit it to be so now: for it is fitting to fulfil all righteousness [under the Law at this time]" (Matthew 3:14-15). Justification by grace through faith and Scriptural water baptism is the firstwork of Christians as we "present our bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is our reasonable service" (Romans 12:1; Philippians 4:17-18).

Before Israel could come into fellowship with God the nation had to be justified by faith and come under the blood of a red heifer that was never yoked to any man-made religion, a type of Christ sacrificed without the camp, its blood sprinkled toward the front of the tabernacle seven times and burnt in his sight—"her skin, and her flesh, and her blood, with her dung"—as Jesus Messiah was crucified without the camp by a priest—not the high priest who was forbidden to associate with death (Matthew 27:25; John 11:50). Those seven stripes of blood show that their kinsman Redeemer died for their sin seven Church Ages before they would receive Him (Zechariah 12:1 – 13:9).

Numbers 19:9, 11-13, "And a man who is clean shall gather up the ashes of the heifer [as a memorial of the shed blood], and deposit them in a clean place without the camp, and they shall be kept for the congregation of the Israelites for a water of separation for the removal of sin. . . He who touches the dead body of any one shall be unclean seven days. (Because death is the wages of sin, thus Israel, who murdered their Messiah, has been unclean throughout seven Church Ages of the past 2,000 years). He shall cleanse himself with water run through the ashes of the red heifer on the third day, (and we are well into that third day of a thousand years), then he shall be clean: but if he fails to purify himself then on the seventh day he shall not be clean. Every one who touches the corpse of a man who has died, and fails to purify himself has defiled the dwelling of the Lord; that soul shall be cut off from Israel: because the water of separation was not sprinkled upon him. He is unclean; his uncleanness is still upon him".

Israel and the individual Israelite who does not cleanse himself by the washing of water by the Word revealed through the Message of the two Hebrew witnesses of Zechariah 4 and Revelation 11, will be blotted from the Book of Life.

Our sins were purged or burnt in Christ on Calvary and can never more be imputed unto us (II Corinthians 5:14). Ashes are the token of a sacrifice (of the Word) that is received by God, and the washing of live or running water (signifying the Holy Spirit) through the ashes types separation from sin by a clear revelation of the Word, which exposes sin (or unbelief) and replaces it with righteousness. Only a holy or sanctified man could handle the ashes or revealed Word of God. The waters of separation cleansed the unclean but defiled the one who administered it (ibid verse 7, 21) as Christ took upon Himself the filthy robes of sinful Israel and the world when He removed them from "whomsoever will" of Adam's race and robed His elect with robes of His righteousness: not by works but by grace through faith (Zechariah 3:3-4).

In building, Christ has been constantly cleansing His glorious Church, washing unbelief and misunderstanding from souls by the revelation of the Word over 2,000 years. We can only walk in the Light as it is revealed to us; thus it is the Light of a clear understanding of the mind of Christ that washes sin from our soul by the Spirit of holiness (II Corinthians 11:2).

Throughout the Book of Revelation John types or represents Christ's end-time Bride because this Book was sealed until the time of the end when Christ revealed it to us through the Message of William Branham, the angel to the Seventh Church Age (Daniel 12:4, 9; Revelation 10:4-7). In Revelation 21:2, we see "the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared [or made ready] (Revelation 19:7-8) as a Bride adorned [with honour] for her Husband," and of course Christ's Bride is the holy city, worthy of her calling, fitted for Him to present to Himself gloriously and not to please the world or anybody else, but for His Own good pleasure "having no spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but holy and blameless." Stains and "spots" signify soiling from the world without, such as the loathsome remains of our former life without Christ. "Wrinkles" are the external evidence of internal emotions that disfigure the face over time. Such blemishes as would mar the physical beauty of an idealized Bride will be absent in the Spiritual antitype of Christ's Bride perfected by the Spirit of holiness.

Adam and Eve were one flesh and bone and Christ and His "glorious Church" are one Spirit as Jesus prayed in Gethsemane. "Thus ought husbands also to love their wives as their own bodies," for their own wife is their body, they being the head as Christ is Head of His Church. Therefore, he who loves his wife loves himself, for if he hated her he would hate his own flesh, but he strengthens and renews its life, and carefully protects and preserves her life as Christ nourishes and protects the Church "because we are members of His Body, being of His flesh, and of His bones" whence we were taken at His death in the form of the Holy Spirit (I Corinthians 6:15; 12:12, 27). When we observe the Lord's Supper we signify we are born of and therefore one with His Word and His Spirit, and if there is any disharmony or if any one has brought reproach upon the Body we all tarry until restitution is made and harmony restored (I Corinthians 11:27-34).

"For this reason a man shall leave father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall be one flesh" as Christ left the Father's bosom to woo to Himself the Church out of a lost world. And as a natural husband and wife become one flesh in procreation, so Christ, as our Head passes His Life through the Body of His Church to quicken elect souls "dead in sin and trespasses" into epistles of the present Truth—offspring read and known of all men. For He is her Head, as the husband is of the wife (Romans 6:5; I Corinthians 11:3; 15:45) and will never allow any power to sever Himself and His Bride, indissolubly joined (Matthew 19:6; John 10:28-29; Ephesians 4:30).

"This is a profound mystery, but I am speaking about Christ and the Church. Nevertheless, let each one love his own wife as Christ loves His own wife, and love his wife as being himself; and let the wife see that she reverence her husband [which is her duty]". nl567.htm


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Brother Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations in other countries. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bible Believers' Newsletter #566

Bible Believers' Newsletter #566
"We focus on the present Truth – what Jesus is doing now. . ."
ISSN 1442-8660

Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are pleased you could join us in fellowship around God's unchanging Word and especially welcome our new subscribers and visitors who may be reading this Newsletter.

If you are not familiar with our understanding of God's unchanging Word, we follow the ministry of William Branham (1909-1965), who was the prophet of Malachi 4:5-6 and Revelation 10:7, whose ministry restored the apostolic faith, finished the mystery of God, and was the "midnight cry" of Matthew 25:6, which is the "shout" of I Thessalonians 4:16 confirmed by the heavenly "voice" of Revelation 18:4. In his Message, "Sirs, is this the Sign of the End-Time" he enumerated eleven of the mysteries the Angel of the Lord would reveal through "the angel to the Seventh Church Age." The fourth mystery he described was that of the New Testament Church as One Body, composed of both Israelites and Gentiles, and this is the subject of the main Article is this Newsletter.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott


Kissinger sent to Russia to cut New World Order Deal
February 7, 2009 – Former Reichsminister of State and Rockefeller minion Henry Kissinger was dispatched by the Obama administration to talk with Russian president Medvedev about reducing stockpiles of nuclear warheads. . . Kissinger's "consummate diplomatic skills" are well-known—over the years he has micromanaged the bombing of small and defenseless countries and is responsible for the murder of millions of people, most notably a few million Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Indonesians. It is absurd to think Obama chose Kissinger or anybody else for that matter. Obama, like all previous presidents in the modern era, is little more than a wind-up doll with notable oratory skills and a knack for reading teleprompters. . . . Of more immediate importance than any number of nuclear warheads is Russia's strategic relationship with China and Iran and its relations with Cuba, Venezuela and Brazil. . .

It is no secret, as well, the globalists are irked by Russia's nationalization of the Yukos oil-producing division. . . Now that the banksters and neolibs have managed to knock Russia and other oil-producing nations down a few notches—due largely to artificially induced falling oil prices—it is time for them to strike a new deal with Russia as the New World Order scheme gains momentum. Thus it is fair to say Kissinger's meeting with Medvedev and Putin had less to do with nuclear stockpiles than it had to do with offering a deal the Russians may not be able to refuse. In short, Kissinger's trip was likely what it appears to be—a meeting between mob bosses as they set about to carve up their respective spheres of influence.
Full story:


The War on Terror is a Hoax
February 4, 2009 – According to US government propaganda, terrorist cells are spread throughout America, making it necessary for the government to spy on all Americans and violate most other constitutional protections. Among President Bush's last words as he left office was the warning that America would soon be struck again by Muslim terrorists.

If America were infected with terrorists, we would not need the government to tell us. We would know it . . . The most obvious indication that there are no terrorist cells is that not a single neocon has been assassinated. . . The "war on terror" is a hoax that fronts for American control of oil pipelines, the profits of the military-security complex, the assault on civil liberty by fomenters of a police state, and Israel's territorial expansion. . . In an effort to bring Hamas under Israeli hegemony, Israel employs terror bombing and assassinations against Palestinians. Hamas replies to the Israeli terror with homemade and ineffectual rockets.

The fact that Israel and the United States carry on endless propaganda to prevent this fundamental truth from being realized indicates that it is Israel and the US that are in the wrong and the Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis, and Afghans who are being wronged. . . If Hamas were armed by Iran, Israel's assault on Gaza would have cost Israel its helicopter gunships, its tanks, and hundreds of lives of its soldiers.

The great mystery is: why after 60 years of oppression are the Palestinians still an unarmed people? Clearly, the Muslim countries are complicit with Israel and the US in keeping the Palestinians unarmed. . . These assertions are propagandistic justifications for killing Arab civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure in order to secure US and Israeli hegemony in the Middle East. Full story:


Weather Control
"Some are engaging in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes and volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves" (United States Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, April, 1997).

The greatest goal of the Illuminati is to gain total control over the entire world population! That is why they have invested billions towards this goal. They have several secret projects, among which are mind, physical and economic control of the world. One of these projects takes place at a military base in the wilderness of Alaska, northeast of Anchorage, near Gakona. This project bears the official name High-frequency Active Aurora Research Program (HAARP).

According to the official HAARP website, this project is about scientific research focused on studying the qualities and behaviour of the ionosphere. With this research, special emphasis was placed on the application of communication and observation systems for civil and defensive purposes.5 The description of the patent right, however, stated an entirely different research aim: "Method and equipment to change the atmosphere, ionosphere and the sphere of power regionally."

Project HAARP takes part in committing some of the biggest crimes against humanity, ever. There is no justification for it, as there is also no justification for developing atomic and chemical biological weapons. The technical installation in Alaska basically consists of several functions. The most interesting one is the Ionospheric Research Instrument (an installation used to change the ionosphere). The Ionospheric Research Instrument, in jargon called 'Heater', is the most powerful high frequency transmitter ever built. The name 'Heater' refers to the most important quality of the installation; it radiates the ionosphere with enormous electrical charges that heat its top layer. To heat this layer, ten to one hundred billion watts are pumped into the atmosphere.6 Because of these electrical charges, artificial Northern Lights (or Auroras) can appear under certain conditions. The most powerful heating takes place in the F-layer of the ionosphere at a height of two hundred kilometres. The partial and specific absorption of the electrical charge allows part of this charge to reflect back to earth in the form of Extreme Low Frequencies (ELF). These electromagnetic waves penetrate everything—living and dead. By transmitting these waves and other physiological signals, the HAARP installation is able to significantly manipulate the consciousness of a large part of the world's population. Some HAARP experimental successes include the ability to:

• Alter the human psyche
• Negatively influence the health of individuals
• Disrupt human and nervous systems
• Artificially change the earth's atmosphere

There is also the ability to penetrate the air, via chemtrailing, with the help of ionospheric lenses and mirrors, together with things like toxic barium components that disrupt or shut down communication, electricity and electronic devices selected areas.

The experiments of HAARP projects also influence the migration of animals. Many dolphins, whales, sea lions and other mammals have died in the last few years. Of course the true cause of these massive deaths is not a consequence of disorientation or pollution of the seas.7 These sea-mammals have a perfect system that was disrupted by HAARP!

It is known that the HAARP project also functions as a guard, a sort of wide radar. Together with this project, they also developed new mass destruction weapons. These weapons have the same power as an atomic bomb but do not cause radioactivity.

The HAARP installation is the most powerful weapon that the Illuminati have. HAARP was not only developed to aid in the manipulation of human consciousness, for the regulated induction of pathogens, for the alterations of geophysics and ecologic systems, but also for global control of the climate. When thinking about the warming of our planet, one should especially consider the secret experiments of our invisible elite. Of course nobody will ever think of blaming HAARP for the current changes in the climate, however, the truth is that with HAARP, the top layer of the atmosphere can be artificially influenced. HAARP can:

• Change space energetically
• Relocate or block jet streams, thus changing the weather of entire areas.
• Artificially charge fault lines, causing earthquakes.

Whenever a natural disaster occurs anywhere in the world, we must ask ourselves this particular question: "Was the disaster naturally, unnaturally or artificially induced?"

HAARP changes the northern jet stream to the southern direction. This jet stream is a constant whirlwind in the top layers of the atmosphere that should circle around the North Pole. The stream has a high electrical charge and is thus the largest moving antenna in the world that defines the electromagnetic network around the earth. In the last few years it was noted that, repeatedly, the jet stream actually moved from its normal position in the north to the south. The results of these shifts are the known natural disasters. Ever since HAARP started in 1994, there has been an unprecedented chain of natural disasters worldwide. Severe earthquakes, frequently occurring hurricanes, sudden extreme changes in weather conditions, all occurred constantly and within short time spans. When we think of climate disasters such as the Tsunami, Katrina, Rita and Wilma there is no such thing as coincidence. However meteorologists are not investigating the matter.

It has been proven that HAARP can cause local disturbances by manipulating the atmosphere, causing disturbances that could never have been caused by natural weather influences. A characteristic side effect of these same manipulations is that they can cause physical and psychosomatic symptoms in humans. Strong feelings of uneasiness and anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, headaches, migraines, irradiated eyes and feelings of depression are typical symptoms of such manipulations.

More often, we hear that it's a scientific fact that our planet is warming up. Al Gore travels the world and fools us into believing that soon our planet will perish. Bribes by the elite think tank American Enterprise Institute (AEI) make sure that economists and scientists keep their mouths shut.8 There are hardly any scientists among the members of the United Nations climate panel. The few that are on board are generously rewarded for saying the things the elite want us to hear, causing the truth never to be revealed.

The Space and Science Research Center (SSRC) in Orlando, Florida is the leading independent research center in the United States, and possibly worldwide, that is focused on the next climate change. Some of the world's brightest scientists, also experts in solar physics and the next climate change, are working for the SSRC. A Press Release by SSRC confirmed recent announcements by NASA that there are historic and important changes taking place on the sun's surface, that will bring about the next climate change to one of a long lasting cold era. A new climate change is coming that will bring about an extended period of deep cold to the planet! We have only a few years to prepare before 20-30 years of lasting and possibly dangerous cold temperatures arrive. Given the importance of the next climate change, Director of the SSRC. John Casey was asked whether the government has been notified: "Yes, as soon as our research revealed these solar cycles and the prediction of the coming cold era with the next climate change I notified all the key offices in the Bush administration including both parties in the Senate and House science committees as well as most of the nation's media outlets. Unfortunately, because of the intensity of coverage of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and man-made global warming during 2007, the full story about climate change is very slow in getting told. These changes in the sun have begun. They are unstoppable. With the word finally starting to get out about the next climate change, hopefully we will have time to prepare. We will do our best to spread the word along with NASA and others who can see what is about to take place for the Earth's climate. Soon, I believe this will be recognized as the most important climate story of this century."9

We are not being told that the poles are not melting and that the temperature on Antarctica continues to drop. The fact that warm regions, such as Miami, are experiencing snow and extreme cold along the gulf coast, is being kept out of the news. A scenario of doom is being concocted to make us fearsome and ignorant. In reality these climate changes are the result of the HAARP installations that heat the ionosphere with their gigantic antennas. Also, the cause of the monster waves on the North Sea and the unprecedented spring 2007 record-breaking heat wave (35 degrees Celsius) in Moscow, and snow in Rio de Janeiro can be trailed back to HAARP. 10

Why do our ruling elite want to control the weather?" Amongst others, the HAARP project is about creating 'weather modification techniques that trigger storms, hurricanes and earthquakes to achieve military goals.' 11 Military documents are known to subscribe the intent to use the ionosphere for defence purposes. On January 26, 2007 a small article about the American army wishing to deploy 'glazed frost' against enemy vehicles, appeared in a few newspapers. According to the Dutch newspaper Spits issued on January 26, 2007, the Darpa Research Centre of the American ministry of Defence has developed a chemical form of glazed frost that could specifically be used in dry and warm regions, such as the regions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Antiskid layers will be applied over the tires and shoes of Defence personnel to prevent them from sliding as well. A chemical form of glazed frost? We must assume that the source of this chemical can be traced back to the HAARP project. With the aid of HAARP, rain has been caused in India some time ago and snow, glazed frost and thick layers of ice in Jordan and Iraq.

Weather Warfare, namely the manipulation of weather patterns for military use is never mentioned before. However, U.S. military documents claim that HAARP's main objective is to 'exploit the ionosphere for Department of Defense purposes.'

The Canadian professor and economist Michel Chossudovsky claims: "Weather manipulation is the pre-emptive weapon par excellence. It can be directed against enemy countries or even 'friendly nations,' without their knowledge. Weather warfare constitutes a covert form of pre-emptive war. The manipulation of climate can be used to destabilize an enemy's economy, ecosystem and agriculture (e.g. North Korea or Cuba). Needless to say it can trigger havoc in financial and commodity markets and can potentially be used as an instrument of 'insider trade' for financial gain. It has the ability of destabilizing a country's institutions. Concurrently, the disruption in agriculture creates a greater dependency on food aid and imported grain staples from the U.S. and other Western Countries."12

In the Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025, August 1996 we can read: "In the United States, weather-modification will likely become a part of national security policy with both domestic and international applications. Our government will pursue such a policy, depending on its interests, at various levels. These levels could include unilateral actions, participation in a security framework such as NATO, membership in an international organization such as the United Nations, or participation in a coalition. Assuming that in 2025 our national security strategy includes weather-modification, it's use in our national military strategy will naturally follow. Besides, the significant benefits an operational capability would provide, another motivation to pursue weather-modification is to deter and counter potential adversaries. In this paper we show that appropriate application of weather-modification can provide battlespace dominance to a degree never before imagined. In the future, such operations will enhance air and space superiority and provide new options for battlespace shaping and battlespace awareness. The technology is there, waiting for us to pull it together; in 2025 we can 'Own the Weather'."13

By now it is not only the HAARP installation in Alaska that's heating up the ionosphere. Giant transmitters can now he found on almost every continent. The general term for these installations is EISKAT. These installations are connected to each other and can immediately take over when one of them fails. Moreover, every installation has its own power supply and is, therefore, entirely independent.



6 USA-Patent 4.686.605: Method and installation for alteration of regions in the atmosphere, the ionosphere and the magnetosphere, August 1987. USA-Patent 4.712.155: Method and installation for the artificial heating of plasma regions by means of resonance of electrons and cyclotrons, November 1991.

7 God has created this earth and all its living creatures with sheer perfection and only the vassals of the devil himself can create chaos in this perfection.

8 The Guardian issued 2 February 2007.

9 Press Release: SSRC 1-2008. Changes in the Sun's Surface to Bring Next Climate Change, January 2. 2008.

10 Monsterwaves in the North Sea do exist described in Spits issued 5 April 2007.

11 Phil Schneider lecture end of May 1995: "The federal government has invented an earthquake device. I am a geologist, and I know what I am talking about. With the Kobe earthquake in Japan, there was no pulsewave as in a normal earthquake. None. In 1989, there was an earthquake in San Francisco. There was no pulse wave with that one either." Shortly after his lecture. Phil Schneider was found dead in his apartment with a piano wire wrapped around his neck.

12 Michel Chossudovsky, The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction – Owning the Weather for Military Use, 24 September, 2004.

13 Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025, August 1996 by Col. Tamzy J. House, Lt. Col. James B. Near. Jr., Lt. Col. William B. Shields, Maj. Ronald I. Celentano, Maj. David M. Husband. Maj. Ann F. Mercer, Maj. James E. Pugh. Source:

Full story: Robin de Ruiter, Worldwide Evil and Misery: The Legacy of 13 Satanic Bloodlines, Chapter 45.

Comment: The flaming inferno, cyclones and floods that have already exacted a heavy toll on life and property in Australia were very likely a product of HAARP activity and the ubiquitous chemtrails about which parliamentarians and the media remain silent yet vociferously promote the "climate change" hoax of which they are ignorant. The objective of the UN and other agencies of the 'hidden hand' is the ruination of the economies of the developed nations and massive world depopulation through famine, disease, violence and impoverishment If the 'hidden hand' was pleased to perpetrate 'kristal nacht,' sink the Lusitania, betray and massacre naval forces in Pearl Harbour, murder thousands in 9/11, engineer the Bali, Madrid, Marriott, 7/7 and numerous other bombings, orchestrate the Port Arthur and many shopping mall and school massacres, ensure famine by mandating a percentage of ethanol in all motor fuels, they would have no compunction in murdering a couple of hundred innocent Australians.


Church protests Ohio's Gay Marriage Ban
Cleveland, January 31, 2009 – Heterosexual couples exchanging wedding vows at Pilgrim Congregational will need an additional civil ceremony by a justice of the peace or a judge to make their union legal. The United Church of Christ, a 1.2 million member denomination headquartered in Cleveland, adopted a resolution supporting gay marriage at a national synod in Atlanta three years ago. . . In a different denomination, dozens of Unitarian Universalist ministers across the country, including those in Arkansas, California and Massachusetts, also have declined to sign state marriage licenses for the same reason. . . Full story:

Comment: Is this an Obamanation, "as it was in the days of Lot" (Luke 17:28-30)?


Faith-Based Office to expand Its Reach
February 6, 2009 – President Obama yesterday announced the creation of his faith-based outreach office, expanding its agenda beyond funding social programs to work on policies aimed at strengthening family life and reducing abortion. . .

Obama's move more fully formalizes the partnerships between the federal government and faith groups that first began under President Bill Clinton and was expanded by President George W. Bush. . . Full story:


Disappearing Technology
What if a battery existed that allowed you to drive your car for 300 miles on a single charge? That would easily take care of most people's daily commuting needs. Unfortunately, we're years away from having a battery like this. Right?

Wrong! It exists, or rather it existed. GM acquired the company that owned the technology—in production, not simply on the drawing board—and then GM sold it to Chevron. Now it's gone. Full story:


The Mystery of the Gospel

The mystery of the Good News in Jesus Christ is the New Testament Church as One Body, composed of both Israelites and Gentiles of Adam's race (Ephesians 3:1-11; Romans 16:25; Ephesians 6:19; Colossians 4:3).

Romans 2:9-11, "Tribulation and anguish, upon every soul of man that does evil, of the Judahite first, and also of the Gentile [in the immediate future]; but glory, honour, and peace, to every man who works good, to the Judahite first, and also to the Gentile: for there is no respect of persons with God".

Election and new birth are a mystery to many people, cloaked in superstition and the cobwebs of obscure traditions. Last week I received an email from someone who accused me of teaching salvation by works rather than faith and assured me he was born-again with the evidence of works—speaking in tongues he cannot interpret. Then a Jew who called himself an Israelite Christian or Christian Israelite, but is neither, wrote a dissertation on the Scriptures to emphasize the superiority of what he considers the "elect" or master race—a stigma when applied by the "Elders of Zion" to besmear Germany.

New birth is exclusive to an election from Adam's race regardless of nationality or colour of skin. Jesus is the last Adam, He is not the last Cain who has no kinsman Redeemer (Leviticus 25:47; Ruth 3). The new birth is the fruit of a clear revelation of the present Truth experientially living through you (I John 1:7), concomitant upon an intimate union with the Word of the hour as the natural birth is attendant upon the mutual love of your parents.

We are elect through God's foreknowledge of our unity in the faith leading us to sanctification by the Spirit unto the union of our soul with His Spirit through obedience to the revealed Word for the hour (I Peter 1:2); thus God and the soul that is joined together with God is one Spirit (I Corinthians 6:17; Genesis 2:24). God did not arbitrarily choose to love this one and not that, He sent out His Word through the members of His Body to minister to those without and by foreknowledge took note how each would exercise his free will (Malachi 3:16-17; Romans 8:28-31). When "He came to His own land His own nation did not receive Him. But to individuals who did receive Him He gave authority to become God's children, that is, to those who believe in His Name, who owe their birth neither to human blood, passion or plan, but to God" (John 1:11-13).

Faith had to find its resting place in someone, somewhere, and at the end of the antediluvian world faith found its home in the heart of Noah who preached salvation and a free mystery cruise to whomsoever would believe. After a hundred and twenty years of ministry his faith manifest in the form of an Ark yet His Message did not inspire one new crewman, only a ship load of "dumb animals." Once aboard, God shut the door and for seven days Noah's unbelieving congregation scoffed without, but in the holy convocation after the seven days when the animals were settled and Noah's servile work fulfilled, God opened the windows of heaven and Noah preached to those souls imprisoned in unbelief, having come to the place of no more repentance.

When the Hebrew dispensation ended with His crucifixion, Jesus preached to those same lost souls, vindicating the faith of the Old Testament saints and leading them from death's prison to the liberty of eternal Life (I Peter 3:18-20). Sensing the Light of PART-Word and Christ's mediation had grown somewhat dim, having expired with the Church Ages over forty-five years ago, the foolish virgin have sought to buy Baptist, Anglican, Methodist, Pentecostal, charismatic and other blends of Oil, but instead of oil they received snakes of church membership, Pentecostal joy or speaking with unknown tongues. The few who encountered this end-time Message measured it against hearsay or traditions of the world church system instead of the Absolute of God's unchanging Word, and walked away or took the "letter without the Spirit." Even now Christ's Bride is preaching to souls who are imprisoned in human reasoning.

The compliment of Noah's Ark was a mixed multitude. The wife he took with him was physical Serpent's seed, and Ham and his wife were not in the faith. Earth was repopulated by Canaan, Ham's illegitimate son by his father's wife, who was a master of technology; by the offspring of his lawful wife, and by the offspring of Shem and Japheth. By nature Ham was a practical man, as are his descendants today, while Shem was religious, and Japheth intellectual.

Election followed the family of Shem—not for racial preference since it was genetically identical to Japheth and Ham—but because the family of Shem held to God and had respect to His Word so He communed with them. The families of Ham and Japheth on the other hand were more in tune with the world and they worshipped the pagan deities Ham had introduced from the other side of the Flood so there was little communication with the Lord who respected their free moral agency.

As Ham and Japheth departed from the Spirit to the world, the Lord left them to their own devices and proceeded to lead a Semitic Iraqi Gentile who had separated from his father's pagan gods to the one true God. Abram was a man of faith and trust prepared to follow the leading of his unseen God to an unseen land. The Lord promised Abram, His Seed (singular) would be heir to the world and bless all families of Adam's race, and changed his name to Abraham, which means "Father of the Gentiles" (Genesis 17:5). The gift of God's blessing followed Abraham to his elect heirs, Isaac, Jacob and His thirteen sons because of the communion of faith within that family, not their race.

As regards the election, of the thousands of Semites God called He found faith in one man from the tribe of Eber, whom He commanded, "Get out of your country, and from your [Semitic] kindred, and from your father's house, to a land I will show you" (Genesis 12:1). Among millions of Semites one man was elect. His wife was a doubter, his father was an idol-worshipping pagan, and the nephew who accompanied him was non-elect. Abram's election was not based on his Semitic race, but solely upon his faith.

This is borne out by the fact Jacob and Esau were Semitic twin brothers, Hebrew Gentiles born of the same righteous parents, but Esau, who possessed the birthright had no respect to God's promise to Abraham and marred his inheritance by marrying a Hittite and Canaanite thus his offspring by these wives was Serpent's seed and excluded from eternal Life. In 130BC, John Hyrcanus, Judah's high pries defeated and forcibly assimilated the Edomites who "were hereafter no other than Jews" (Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, XIII, 9:1). An editor's footnote on this page quotes the ancient historian, Ammonius, "The Idumeans were . . . subdued by the Jews and compelled to be circumcised, and to unite into one nation, and be subject to the same laws, they were called Jews." In a few generations Judah's king was an Edomite (ibid XIV, 1:3) who tried to steal back the birthright and blessing Esau forfeited to Jacob (Genesis 27:39-41), in vain setting up a secular earthly kingdom on a professed Jewish basis to rival Messiah's Spiritual kingdom then being forerun by John the Baptist.

"Edom is in modern Jewry" (Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925 edition, Vol. 5, p. 41). Even before intermarriage this assimilation meant the majority of Jews were irredeemable Serpent's seed, hence Jesus did not live and could not walk openly in Judea "for fear of the [non-Semitic, anti-Semitic self-styled] Jews." Election is not determined by nationality but faith. God dealt especially with the descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Israel not because of their race but because of His promise to the Fathers who imparted faith in His Word (Deuteronomy 7:6-8). Jesus told Shem, Spiritually and through the fulfillment of Genesis 9:27, "The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a (Gk. 'ethnos' or Gentile) nation, bringing forth the fruits of His vineyard" (Matthew 21:43). That is, a people with the faith of Abraham (Galatians 3:26-29).

Paul said, "Concerning the [mystery of] the Good News [that is, of the New Testament Church as One Body, composed of both Israelites and Gentiles of Adam's race] the Israelites are enemies of the Gospel and therefore regarded by God and also His messengers as adversaries so that you Gentiles might be partakers of His promise to Abraham: but so far as the elect Israelites are concerned, they are beloved because of His promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and if God's promise to Abraham's natural seed is abrogated, the promise to His Spiritual Seed is of little force" (Romans 11:28).

Had the Lord not abandoned the mixed multitude of mainly Edomite Jews to their conceit of self-righteous racial arrogance and religious pride built upon the lewd perversion of Pharisaism, they would have twisted the Gospel revelation as they had strangled the truth of Moses and the prophets, and the Light of God's Word would never have shone on we Gentiles.

Nominal Christians have become gentrified—swept and garnished with an outward display of the fruits of the Spirit absent within (Matthew 12:43-45). Gullible and naive but "materially rich and in need of nothing, they are inwardly wretched and miserable, Spiritually bankrupt, blind to the faith, naked of the Blood and know it not" (Revelation 3:17-20). Because they have become slothful they are content to hear the secondhand religion of blind leaders of the blind who impart personal bias and presuppositions regarding what the Bible says of Israel and the so-called Jews.

To illustrate, last week I heard an interview with a Roman Catholic who belongs to the Council of Christians and Jews. But to what purpose, since he called himself a Christian? Talmudic Judaism is Pharisaism, which is antithetical to Moses and the prophets and condemned by both Testaments. Jesus denounced the Pharisees as "blind fools and hypocrites, the children of hell whose fathers murdered Abel" (Matthew 15:9; 23). This chap does not realize that the Gentile dispensation will end when the last predestinated Israelite or Gentile is baptized into the One Body of Christ. He is no friend of the blind Jews if he does not lead them out of their ditch. But how can the blind deceived by one secondhand religion aid the blind of another secondhand religion?

Many ministers of the Gospel are enemies of the cross of Christ, and the Jews are our enemies whether we realize it or not (Philippians 3:18; Romans 11:28). They work in secretive ways to disrupt, and inject false understanding of the Scriptures. They have had more influence on our eschatology than we have had on theirs, and more influence on our beliefs about Jesus Messiah than we have had on their understanding as will be clear if you compare the fraudulent Masoretic text of your KJV Old Testament to the Septuagint, and the New Testament with your Lexicon. Much of what nominal Christians in the circle of this Message believe today is the same folly of "Jewish fables, and commandments of men that turn from the truth" withstood by Jesus, Paul and the apostolic saints. This theology, which put God in the box of the pedestal whereon they stood and led them to reject and crucify the Son of man, is leading so-called Spiritual Israel to crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put Him to an open shame (Hebrews 6:6).

When the Lord spoke to Peter in a vision in reply to the prayer and fasting of the Roman centurion, his vision was immediately confirmed, and Peter exclaimed to Cornelius, "Now I thoroughly understand the truth that God is no respecter of persons: but in every nation he who reveres Him and practices righteousness is acceptable to Him" (Acts 10:34-35).

The nation of Israel was born and raised 430 years in Egypt, the world power of that day. Eventually they were enslaved and God led out a mixed multitude with a mighty hand to inherit the land He had promised their forefather, Abraham. Their deliverance under duress saw Menephtah I, the Pharaoh of the Exodus perish in the Red Sea and a decline in the Egyptian superpower. God declared it His express purpose, in defeating this superpower by His spoken Word in the mouth of an octogenarian with nought but a stick in his hand, "to show Pharaoh His power so that His Name might be declared throughout all the earth, and to execute judgment against all the gods of Egypt" (Exodus 9:16; 12:12, etc).

When Israel went under the Law they forsook Abraham's unconditional covenant of grace for the conditional covenant of a servant subject to the blessings and cursings of Deuteronomy 28 (John 8:35). Less than ninety days out of Egypt and before Moses had descended mount Sinai with the tablets of the Law, Israel broken her blood Covenant and the first two Commandments to worship a golden calf (Exodus 32:33). Then at Kadesh-Barnea, just eleven-days from Mount Sinai, they committed the unforgivable sin: the names of the unbelieving adults were removed from the Book of Life, and they were as lost as Pharaoh (Psalm 95:10-11; John 6:49; Jude 5). Blood membership of the nation of Israel is no indication of election, or even salvation. For as Paul explained, Abraham's Seed is singular and refers to Christ and those intimately united to Him by faith—either as His servants under the promise of the Old Covenant or as His wife born again in the Gentile dispensation under the New Covenant. So the Sceptre passed to the Tribe of Judah and to the House of David, yet Spiritual blessings did not accrue to those born of the tribe of Judah and of the House of David independent of faith.

The ten tribes of the Northern Kingdom separated from Judah, and following their defeat by Sennacherib in 721BC, Sargon dispersed them throughout the Assyrian Empire where they will remain until Daniel's Seventieth Week. At the height of its power, Babylon defeated the Southern Kingdom: the Judeans endured the Servitude and the Captivity, while their land rested under the Desolations.

When Cyrus granted permission to the Judeans to return to their own land (Ezra 1:5; 7:13), only a comparatively small number at first availed themselves of the privilege, and few belonging to the kingdom of Israel ultimately joined them under Ezra, Zerubbabel, and Nehemiah, and returned with them to Jerusalem (Jeremiah 50:4-5, 17-20, 33-35). Large numbers had settled and formed numerous colonies in different parts of the kingdom and Babylon remained the centre of Jewish scholarship until about the twelfth century AD. In AD740 Talmudic Jews from Babylon converted the vastly more populous Serpent seed kingdom of Khazaria overnight. Their intermarriage with the Judahites compounded the sin of assimilating the Edomites such that today a Semitic Jew is rare, and despised by the imposters. When the Semitic Israelites of the twelve tribes return to the homeland during the ministry of the Hebrew prophets of Zechariah 4 and Revelation 11, there will only be 144,000 elect Israelites in toto.

Jeremiah, who was imprisoned, was set at liberty at the command of Nebuchadnezzar, and honorably treated on account of having foretold the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians (Jeremiah 40:1-7). Daniel was honoured by Darius and Cyrus, having foretold their destruction of the Babylonian monarchy, and the consequent exaltation of the Medes and Persians as the new Gentile world power (Daniel 5:6). Jaddua the high priest, in the days of Alexander the Great who had intended to punish the Jews for their fidelity to Darius, met him at the head of a procession and averted his wrath by showing him Daniel's prophecy that a Grecian king should overthrow Persia, and so won Alexander's favour for the Jews. And Josephus, having foretold the victory of Vespasian and Titus, was also set at liberty, and honorably treated by the Romans. These are most eminent instances of the interposition of Divine Providence, and of the certainty of Divine predictions in the great revolutions of the four Gentile world kingdoms which will rule Jerusalem unto the consummation (Daniel 9:27; Luke 21:24).

The history of Israel records repeated backsliding and apostasies showing that one cannot become partaker of the Divine nature and overcome the corruption that is in the 'kosmos' through lust by the Law of carnal commandments. Paul asked, "Do you who boast in the Law, dishonour God by breaking the Law? For Isaiah 52:5 and Ezekiel 36:20-38 state, the Name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you" (Romans 2:23-24). One must be transformed from within by the renewing of the mind through faith, not external works (Romans 12:2). Referring to a Roman centurion, Jesus told His followers, "I have not found such great faith in all Israel" (Matthew 8:10).

Amos 3:1-3 prophesied, "The Lord has spoken against you, O children of Israel, against the whole family which I brought up from the land of Egypt, saying, You only have I known of all the families of the earth: therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities. Can two walk together, except they be agreed"?

Matthew 3:7-9, "When John the Baptist saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming for baptism [only in order to strengthen their self-righteous conceit], he denounced them [as unfit and improper candidates], O generation of vipers! Who has warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Bear fruit that befits repentance: and do not presume to say to yourselves, We have Abraham for our father. For I assure you, God is able from these stones to raise up children to Abraham".

When Israel scourged, mocked and nailed God's holy Temple to a tree He turned from that natural nation to call Spiritual Israel, "whomsoever will [of Adam's race, Israelite or Gentile], to come, and take the water of life freely." Christ in His Person, and no other, is our peace (Micah 5:4-5a; Isaiah 9:5-6; 52:7; 53:5; Zechariah 9:10; Psalm 72) and this end-time Message is His final call. In Ephesians 2:11-16 we learn His peace is defined by its antithesis—the "enmity" of the Law that separated and engendered hostility between Israelites and Gentiles and God. It was signified by a twofold wall of partition: the inner wall, severing the Israelites from entrance to the naos or holy part of the temple where the priests officiated, and the outer wall or balustrade of stone which separated the court of the Gentile proselytes from access to the court of the Israelites, which it was death for a Gentile to pass (Ezekiel 44:7; Acts 21:28). Thus this twofold wall signified the Law, which both severed all men, even the Israelites, from access to God through sin, which is the violation of the Law (I John 3:4), and also separated the Gentiles from the Israelites. As the term "wall" implies the strength of the barrier, so "partition" or "fence" implies that it was easily removed by God in the dispensation of the fullness of time.

Without Christ we Gentiles were "afar off" by a distance impossible to overcome, "being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world," nor did the theoretical nearness of Israel to God make their fellowship possible. Circumcision, Mosaic Law, theocracy and promise were of no avail in changing the Israelite from a servant to a son, for each of these elements was external, whereas only the inward work of creative renewal through and in Christ can make one new man of Israelite or Gentile and reconcile one to the other and each to God in One Body by the Cross whereon the enmity was slain.

"This peace of God, which passes all understanding" is not a sensation but the possession of the tranquil state of assured salvation through Christ, fearing nothing from God and content with its earthly lot: it is the status of your soul not your state of mind (Philippians 4:7; John 12:47; I John 4:17-21). By Jesus Messiah both Israelite and Gentile have access to the Father in one Spirit and are made pillars on the foundation of the faith of the apostles and prophets building together a holy Temple of God through the Spirit, which is the mystery of the Good News in Jesus Christ—One Body, composed of both Israelites and Gentiles of Adam's race.

In Ephesians 2:16 – 3:11 Paul explains that he has been made a prisoner by the self-styled Jews because he has been preaching this mystery of the Good News to the Gentiles, that God's House, the New Testament Church, is One Body, inclusive of both Israelites and Gentiles. And that his ministry is directed to the Gentiles because the Lord revealed this mystery to him which in previous generations was not made known to the Old Testament prophets (Isaiah 56:6-8; 49:6) with the same explicit distinctness as it is now made known to His holy prophets and apostles (Acts 10:19-20; 11:18-21), that the Gentiles are joint inheritors, share the same Body, and are participants of promise in Jesus Messiah in the Good News, and that he was given this grace in order that he should preach the fathomless wealth of Christ to the Gentiles. And to explain to everybody that God is the saviour of the Gentiles, too, which was a secret fact from the beginning of the world hid in God who created all things (Deuteronomy 29:29).

Ephesians 3:9-11 hearkens back to chapter one where Paul describes God's resurrection and translation power which will shortly operate in us who believe as it operated in Jesus Christ, "when He raised Him from the dead and set Him at His own right hand in the heavenly places, far above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come: and has put all things under His feet, and gave Him to be the Head over all things to the Church, which is His Body, the fullness of Him that fills all in all" (Ephesians 1:20-23). The purpose of Paul's preaching is therefore to show all men on earth just what is the mutual fellowship of Gentiles and Israelites with one another in the Body and with God through Christ, our Head that His manifold wisdom might be made known through the Church to "the principalities and powers in heavenly places when all of His Family, made up of both Israelites and Gentiles are seen united in His Bride in fulfillment of God's eternal purpose in Jesus Christ our Lord". nl566.htm


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