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They hate Our Freedoms

Bible Believers' Newsletter 674

"We focus on the present Truth – what Jesus is doing now. . ."
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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In this issue our main article concerns the program of revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East, planned and funded by the 'City of London' and managed by her UK and US colonies assisted by NATO in the end-game for global hegemony. We have linked several very important videos that will inform you in part the program announced by these elite thugs and reinforce precautions you should effect NOW because 'the City' is moving the world to the "hot stage" of World War III. As you are aware from prophecy, this will be accompanied by serious monetary and economic conditions worse than the Great Depression and precipitated by the sinking of Los Angeles, and the close of the Gentile dispensation.

It should be obvious that under these circumstances the situation for the elect can only be very short term.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott

Christchurch Earthquake

NZ earthquake February 21, 2011

February 24, 2011 — Police say the official death toll from Tuesday's 6.3-magnitude earthquake is now 98, but no-one has been rescued from the rubble since yesterday afternoon and 226 people are still missing. . . 16 to 22 bodies were believed to be trapped in the rubble of the city's cathedral and there have been no reports of any successful rescues anywhere in the city since yesterday afternoon. . . 48 English language school students and staff, including at least 10 Japanese, were missing after the disaster in the CTV building collapse.

NZ earthquake February 21, 2011The 26-storey Grand Chancellor Hotel could collapse and eighty per cent of Christchurch is still without water until power can be connected to pumping stations, authorities may look at putting water tanks for people to use. Damage to powerlines, particularly underground is severe. Power companies are now working around the clock to fix them. Mayor Parker says authorities are focusing on reconnecting utilities as quickly as possible, with residents told it could take months for authorities to reconnect water to some parts of the community. . .
Full story:

Comment: The distortion of railway lines indicates nature's potential in just seconds. Los Angeles and a 1,500 x 300-400 mile segment of earth will sink beneath the ocean almost as quickly; earth will move on its axis, the Pacific ring of fire will erupt and tidal waves will obliterate islands and devastate the East coasts of Australia and New Zealand.

Mega-earthquake 140 Years Overdue

Berlin, February 20, 2011 — Experts warn against a mega-quake in the USA: a recent study shows that earthquakes are 140 years overdue in California. Experts predict the strength of eight on the Richter scale, could be affected, especially the million-metropolis of Los Angeles.

California is divided in half by the Pacific and the North American plate. The hundred kilometers of the southern San Andreas Fault—the breaking point of both panels—was, according to the news magazine "Focus" the only piece of the formation that has not broken in centuries. Geologists now fear that this could erupt at any time . . . The study, published in the journal "Bulletin of the Seismological Society," the experts suggest a possible link between the earthquake and California lakes. In recent years there had been seven lakes and seven earthquake. As soon as a sea change, the water accumulates or shrink, earthquakes are triggered. . .

John Christian, a member of the National Engineering Academy said, as early as last year: "The infrastructure is clearly a cause for concern. Engineers are concerned that many buildings will collapse, even without an earthquake." For example, a weak earthquake revealed in 1994 in Los Angeles major defects in welds in the steel of many buildings. . .
Full story:

Why Monsanto always Wins

February 22, 2011 — The recent approval of Monsanto's Roundup Ready alfalfa is one of most divisive controversies in American agriculture, but in 2003, it was simply the topic at hand in a string of emails between the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Monsanto. In the emails, federal regulators and Monsanto officials shared edits to a list of the USDA's questions about Monsanto's original petition to fully legalize the alfalfa. Later emails show a USDA regulator accepted Monsanto's help with drafting the initial environmental assessment (EA) of the alfalfa and planned to "cut and paste" parts of Monsanto's revised petition right into the government's assessment.

It's unclear if such internal cooperation continues under the current administration, but regulators still openly rely on data and research provided by the biotech industry when approving GE technology. . . Full story:; Monsanto's Technology Stewardship Agreement contract transfers ALL liability to the farmer or grower.

Africa: Global NATO seeks to recruit 50 New Military Partners

February 21, 2011 — A recent article in Kenya's Africa Review cited sources in the African Union (AU) disclosing that the 28-member North Atlantic Treaty Organization is preparing to sign a military partnership treaty with the 53-nation AU. . . although "the stated aim is to counter global security threats and specifically threats against Africa, some observers read the pact as aiming to counter Chinese expansion in Africa."

"Experts say Africa is becoming a strategic battleground between world powers and in particular the US, the European Union, China and Russia," with the first two—collectively subsumed under NATO and its Partnership for Peace program (except, for the time being, Cyprus)—working in unison and the second two expanding oil and natural gas investments on the continent. In addition, Russia and China are competitors of the US and its NATO allies in regards to arms sales to African nations. The piece added:

"According to knowledgeable sources, the new security arrangement could be a way to block the continent's other main arms suppliers—China and Russia. . . a big blow for China and Russia. . ."

In addition to the Mediterranean Dialogue, NATO's Istanbul Cooperation Initiative program is developing military cooperation with the Persian Gulf states of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, with Oman and Saudi Arabia to be brought on board next.

NATO also has a partnership category called Contact Countries. Subject to expansion, the four such nations are all in the Asia-Pacific region: Australia, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea. The US-led military bloc also maintains the Afghanistan-Pakistan-International Security Assistance Force Tripartite Commission to coordinate war efforts on both sides of the Khyber Pass and has troops and other military personnel assigned to its command in Afghanistan from nations that are not currently among the 70 NATO member and official partnership states: Colombia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore and Tonga.

The NATO-Russia Council was revived at the bloc's Lisbon summit in November and NATO's Kosovo Force (KFOR) is training and equipping the fledgling armed forces of Kosovo, the Kosovo Security Force. NATO, then, has no fewer than 75 members and partners with nations like previously neutral Cyprus slated to follow. . . the world's only military bloc can further expand from one that grew from 16 to 28 members in a decade—1999-2009—into one that will become truly international in scope with nearly 100 military partners. Partners and members on every inhabited continent. Two-thirds of the nations in the world. Full story:

Comment: The "global security threats and specifically threats against Africa" emanate from the elite who control NATO. Those who aspire to undisputed world domination will provoke the greatest social cataclysm the world has ever known after World War Three is ended.

Rothschilds stage Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt to kill Islamic Banks in emerging North African Markets

February 9, 2011 — Contrary to popular belief, the world's finances are controlled by privately-owned 'central banks' masquerading as federal government banks in nearly every country in the world. . . Islamic banks have been eating into Rothschild profits in the Middle East because they don't charge interest (Shariah Law), they are growing very rapidly among the world's exploding Muslim populations, and (in these catastrophic economic times) they are more stable than western banks. . .

These Rothschild revolutions are done under the pretense of bringing democracy and deposing despots, but the real aim is to initially create chaos and a leadership vacuum, then quickly offer a solution: install a puppet that will do the economic bidding of the Rothschilds. The citizens gain freedom of speech and association, but become economic serfs.

These revolutions are most likely coordinated at the highest levels by the Rothschild's International Crisis Group. Mohamed ElBaradei . . . is a trustee of the International Crisis Group. Another board member of this group is Zbigniew Brzezinski. George Soros sits on the executive committee. The later two are ubiquitous front men for the Rothschilds.

The revolutions are from the same playbook as the fairly nonviolent 'color revolutions'. . . Liberal billionaire George Soros funded training of activists in North Africa. . . Activists from Otpor in Serbia have said that publications and training they received from the US based Albert Einstein Institution staff have been instrumental in the formation of their strategies. The Albert Einstein Institution is funded by the Soros Foundation and NED. . .
Otpor was started by Soros in Serbia and has trained activists in other colour revolutions. Several protest organizers on the streets in Egypt last week were wearing Otpor t-shirts. These t-shirts are given out by Otpor at training sessions. This is only to say that there may be a link here, between Soros and Tunisian protesters. . . Full story:

Comment: See Hegelian Dialectics and Conspiracy.

The Mediterranean Union and Democratization in the Arab World

February 14, 2011 — Mohammed Al-Baradei (El-Baradei/ElBaradei) is now being presented as an alternative to Mubarak. He is the former director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and prior to that was a former Egyptian diplomat under Gamal Abdel Nasser and later the regime of Al-Sadat. The Mubarak regime is a continuation of the Sadat regime. Al-Baradei is no real alternative; he has a track-record of yielding to the interests of the US, the EU, and Israel. Nor does he oppose the neo-liberal policies that are crippling Egypt and the Arab World. Rather, Al-Baradei is intended to serve the interests of global capital and preserve both Egypt's kleptocratic status quo and foreign policy direction. He has been groomed and kept in reserve as an "opposition" figure by the EU and America. Reports of him wanting the presidency started circulating at the start of 2010.

The US and the EU are not advocates of democracy and liberty. They support kleptocracy. The kleptocracy can take on different forms. It could be democratic or authoritarian in nature. Its main prerequisite is that it must serve the global capitalist class and not merely the local capitalist elites, as in Russia or Iran, where the national elites are challenging Western European and American capitalism. . .

Mainstream Arab societies must recognize this process of financial manipulation and cut the economic strings that shore up the Arab regimes. The US and EU imposed economic agreements, which amount to exploitation and theft, must be nullified. Political power should not be subordinated to economic power. In this context, institutional democracy should also be kept in mind. Otherwise, the same aftermath as 1848 will repeat itself as the aftermath of the 2011 Arab Spring.

The other "alternative" which might emerge as a result of the protest movement is that Arab governments will outwardly look like democracies. Instead, they will work to maintain the kleptocractic status quo for a social minority.

The status quo will prevail. Economic exploitation will continue under the guise of democracy and democratic governance instead of open dictatorship. Democracy is not a matter of holding elections, where voting at the ballot box becomes a ritual. Democracy must center on freedom of the mind and livelihood through economic democracy.

In order for this to emerge, people throughout the Arab World must address the impacts of global capitalism on the very structures of the domestic political system, namely how successive authoritarian regimes have served foreign interests. Full story:

CIA Operative in Lahore Shooting – an Interactive Guide

February 21, 2011 — The American who shot dead two men in Lahore, triggering a diplomatic crisis between Pakistan and the US, is a CIA agent who was on assignment. Full story:

They hate Our Freedoms

In an address to a Joint Session of Congress and the American people in the United States Capitol, Washington D.C., on September 20, 2001, President George II said, "Americans are asking, why do they hate us? They hate what we see right here in this Chamber—a democratically elected government. Their leaders are self-appointed. They hate our freedoms—our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other."

On cue, America's unrepresentative Zionist running dogs applauded in Pavlovian unison to one more hypocrite in a long line of presidential Benedict Arnolds while outside the Chamber the great majority of Americans (British and Australians) hate their "freedom to vote and to assemble and disagree" with the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan only to have their "free" voices trodden underfoot as in World Wars I and II, and in the case of Americans and Australians, the Vietnam War.

Vice President Dick Cheney had been plotting the conquest of Iraq since the late '80s when he was Secretary of Defense in George I's Administration—a plan then considered insane aggression. Britain and America persisted in bombing Iraq for over twelve years after Gulf War I ended, and throughout the Clinton presidency consideration was given as to how to depose Saddam Hussein. Moreover, on July 17, 2003, Judicial Watch announced that Cheney's Energy Task Force had developed a map of Iraq dated, March 2001, as well as maps of the neighboring United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, which show that Cheney knew precisely how much the conquest of Iraq would be worth.

But to ever more powerful and sinister entities than 'useful idiots' Cheney, Rumsfeld, Armitage and the host if Likudniks in George II's Administration, Iraq was but the first of many dominos between the Judaeo-Roman Catholic church, the Black Nobility and the City of London, and Judaeo-Communism—specifically Russia—in the Great Game for global hegemony, each group vying to be Lucifer's emissary.

As we have taught in the Sixth Vial, "Euphrates was the Eastern border and defense of the Roman empire and signifies the limit of Christian influence. Its source lay on the Northern boundary of Israel and flowed through Babylon into the Deep, which represents the abyss. Israel flowed with the river into Babylon and apostasy. Apostate Israel was the birthplace of Christian faith but the nominal church floated into Babylon and is now sinking into the abyss (Romans 11:32)".

Map of Greater Middle EastPresident George II said, "I'm driven with a mission from God. God would tell me, George, go and fight those terrorists in Afghanistan. And I did, and then God would tell me, George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq. . . And I did. And now, again, I feel God's words coming to me, go get the Palestinians their state and get the Israelis their security, and get peace in the Middle East. And by God I'm gonna do it." From the account of this conversation it is certain it was not God who spoke lip to ear with the President, but g-d who spoke through various agencies that have planned this aggression for the Jew's 'City of London.' The map at left illustrates objective of these people is to conquer the Greater Middle East, build "Greater Israel," and negate the prophecy concerning an invasion by Russia, "the king of the North" (Daniel 11:40). If you doubt this you have failed to recognize 'the City' and the Vatican have been engineering their end-time geopolitical strategies to impersonate the prophecies of Scripture in a psyop whereby the nations of the world will grant global hegemony to the pope of the Judaeo-Roman Catholic church; and they will. But after three and a half years Rome will break her agreement with the so-called Jews, who will attack and destroy Vatican City State. Rome is relying on the sword to prevent this by bringing the Greater Middle East, North Africa and the bulk of nations under the power of NATO and the (once) Protestant US image to the Beast (Revelation 13:10).

Map of the Mongol EmpireAccording to Ezekiel 38 and 39 and Daniel 2 and 11, other 'dominos' in North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia must fall to align with or come under dominion to the ten toes of the image of Nebuchadnezzar's dream "to prepare the highway of the [Mongol] kings of the East" through Kashmir near Islamabad, Pakistan, and perhaps Afghanistan, then to sweep across Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia to "make war with the Lamb, but the Lamb will conquer them, for He is Lord over all lords, and King of kings, and those with Him are called, chosen before the foundation of the world, and faithful" (Revelation 17:12-14). It is interesting to follow the physical trail of the Serpent and mark where he has sown his 'wild oats,' bearing in mind the curse of 'multiculturalism' Jesus foretold in Matthew 24:37 is actually miscegenation "as it was in the days of Noah," a repetition of the original sin on a global scale (Genesis 6:1-4), and to observe immigration statistics in our once Christian nations. Observe also how the Superpower of Genghis Khan (Chingis Khan), like the UK, USSR and USA, was defeated in Afghanistan. Only the rational mind and military genius of Alexander the Great after three-years of costly and difficult guerilla war, was able to confront intractable tribalism with its all-embracing discipline, deception and stealth, implacable hatred for the Europeans and a passion whose depth was exceeded only by its patience and capacity for suffering. As he marched out, he simply massacred all opposition, never to return.

The vast majority of so-called "Jews," far from being God's chosen people, are genetically more closely related to the Hun tribes than to the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Instead of being Israelites, Jews from Eastern Europe and Western Asia were descended from Mongolians and other Asiatic peoples who had adopted Judaism as their "religion." But this invasion whereof we speak will not take place until after Rome breaks her covenant with the Edomite and Khazar self-styled Jews who will then display allegiance to their tribal kinsmen in Judaeo-Communist Russia which they conquered in 1917 after 1,000 years of warfare. From Russia they will blast all trace of Vatican City State and the United States of America from the face of the earth.

In 1933, the Lord showed Brother Branham seven major continuous visions which must come to pass before His second physical or 'erchomai' coming. Five of the seven have since been fulfilled. "In the sixth vision there arose up in America a most beautiful, but cruel woman. She held the people in her complete power. I believed that this was the rise of the Roman Catholic Church, though I knew it could possibly be a vision of some woman rising in great power in America due to a popular vote by women."

nuclear blastRevelation 17:16; 18:8-10, 17-18, "The ten horns you saw on the beast [which represent the kingdoms into which Imperial Rome divided] all hate the whore and will attack and leave her desolate and naked, and devour her flesh and burn her up with [nuclear] fire. . . thus shall her plagues come in a single day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she will be utterly consumed with [atomic] fire: for mighty is the Lord God who judges her. And the kings of the earth, who committed fornication and were wanton with her, shall weep and lament over her, when they shall see the mushroom cloud of her conflagration, standing afar off for fear of radiation, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for her judgment is come in a single hour. . . And all shipmasters, and all company in ships, and sailors, and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off [from MYSTERY BABYLON, not the city in Iraq, for fear of nuclear fallout], and cried out when they saw the mushroom cloud of her burning, What city was like this great city!"

As God raised up Nebuchadnezzar to raze His Temple, destroy Jerusalem and lead her apostate citizens to a lifetime of exile, He has raised up Judaeo-Communism to destroy the antichrist never-at-any-time-Christian Judaeo-Roman Catholic church. As Eve is the natural "mother of all living," Rome claims she is the second Eve and spiritual mother of living: "Our Lord's Mystical Body the Catholic Church, supernatural and supranational, which all states and nations are called upon to acknowledge, has been established by God as the one Way for the ordered return of human beings to Him . . . and is the true and sole teacher of virtue and guardian of morals" (Leo XIII Encyclical Letter, Immortale Dei, On the Christian Constitution of States).

Our second or Spiritual birth is by the Man, Christ Jesus the Word, not by the woman or church which is not a spoken Word of God like the first and the last Adam but a byproduct of the man, made so she can deceive and be deceived. Jesus was not lost and in need of redemption but the church was lost in sin and in need of deliverance. Thus, as Eve committed adultery before Adam had knowledge of her, the Judaeo-Roman Catholic church is "the GREAT whore who has corrupted the earth with her prostitution" against Jesus Christ her pretended Husband (Revelation 19:2).

Revelation 17:17-18, "God put it in the heart [of the ten kingdoms] to carry out His purpose in mutual agreement to give their authority to the beast, until the Words of God are fulfilled. And the woman you saw is that great city, which reigns over the kings of the earth." This takes us to Revelation 16:13-16 where Jesus states emphatically that great city is Rome, the last of the four Gentile world powers that "gathers the kings of the whole world to Armageddon".

Brother Branham continued, "The last and seventh vision was wherein I heard a most terrible explosion. As I turned to look I saw nothing but debris, craters, and smoke all over the land of America" (An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, p. 322:2-3). After the nuclear annihilation of Vatican City State and the United States of America the hordes will march toward their fate but this invasion and Armageddon will occur well after our time in the second half of Daniel's Seventieth Week and result in the consummation of life, "for the Lord will smite the nations with the sharp sword of His spoken Word, and tread the winepress of the fierceness of the wrath of Almighty God" (Revelation 19:11-21; Isaiah 34; 63).

The masters of the world, the 'City of London' and its Tavistock Institute which devised the mass civilian bombing raids carried out over Dresden by Roosevelt and Churchill as a clinical experiment in mass terror, under "controlled laboratory conditions" to break down the psychological strength of the individual and render him helpless to oppose the dictators of the World Order (Revelation 17:12), have deployed this technology worldwide to manipulate the potential energy of latent emotions to generate known reflex actions and direct that kinetic energy to produce the outcomes planned by the 'hidden hand,' as in the Soros (i.e. Rothschild/Vatican/MI6/CIA/City of London) colour revolutions which draw additional "free kinetic power" from the instant sympathy generated for the protesters by our alien-controlled media. Rage is an important energy source; it has fueled the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, and is powering the ongoing protests in Libya, Yemen, and Bahrain. Next, Saudi Arabia and Iran, then UP goes the price of oil . . . as planned . . . according to Brother Lindsey Williams. He explains the US cannot produce its own oil because they are under a contract negotiated by the City's Sir Henry Kissinger to purchase Saudi oil, and the Jewish Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is contracted to purchase US Treasury bills until the price of oil reaches US$200/barrel. This has enabled Rothschild's Federal Reserve to monetize and export inflation with a lien over the wealth of individuals and the nation. A similar agreement was made with China which accepted US Treasury Bills in payment for her exports to the United States. This also benefited the large US corporations which shifted production to China and exported their product back to the US, creating unemployment and bankrupting corporations that continued to manufacture in the States.

'The City' plans to collapse the US$ by the end of 2012, double-crossing the Saudis by vaporizing the worth of US T-Bills held by OPEC countries. This will bankrupt the Arabs, Japanese and Chinese, because America's T-Bills are funding trillions of dollars of worthless derivatives. The MoneyPower has privatized hard assets and profits, both public and private, or moved them offshore, then socialized the loss, as in the ongoing "quantitative easing" scam. Do you see why they have encouraged nations to run budget deficits, introduced privatization and public-private partnerships in essential utilities and hard assets—roads, sea and airports, minerals, timber, water, etc., in exchange for keystroke fiat money? Preplanned hyperinflation will destroy the value of the US dollar, raising the price of crude oil.

If you can see this you should understand that your elected representatives may be the best politicians money can buy, but they are not serving their nation or their electors. They are serving the elite of 'the City,' prosecuting its plans for the destruction of the middle class and its return to serfdom under global hegemony wherein YOU will do as you are told!

As I write the world no longer trusts US credit and the value of the dollar has plummeted. Over the last six months, China, Kuwait, Switzerland, Ecuador, Syria, Libya, South Korea, Argentina, Iran, Russia, Malaysia, Brazil, and some Balkan countries have ceased to hold dollars as their reserve currency ( Venezuela, Nigeria, Bolivia, and Russia—the world's largest oil producer—who supply America with oil, will not accept payment in US dollars. Now OPEC has made the same decision, which means the US can no longer export her inflation, so living standards must fall, drastically.

Further, when the price of oil is manipulated to US$200/barrel by the falling value of the dollar, the banksters plan to replace the dollar with a single America-wide currency. Meanwhile, they will have foreclosed once profitable now bankrupt enterprises and real estate for cents in the dollar, and Americans will become serfs under Judaeo-Communist collectivism. At this point the elite will open the US oil fields, which hold many times the reserves of all other nations combined and redevelop United States industry. According to Lindsay Williams (2), America will sell her oil for US$50/barrel against which the impoverished Arabs will be unable to compete. The Chinese economy will enter a depression with the collapse of the US dollar, low US wages and perhaps import tariffs.

This is Cabala!

Could the alliance NATO is courting with the African Union and the nations of the Greater Middle East, and huge military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan be intended to restrain the wrath of these occupied peoples under one totalitarian world government? Meanwhile, China has contracted with Russia (and Iran) to supply all the oil and gas it requires. Do you see Scripture unfolding? Do you detect a natural motive for the destruction of the United States as portrayed in Brother Branham's seventh major continuous vision?

It is all planned, but God has another plan—the Judaeo-Roman Catholic church will refinance the US dollar with gold backing. At the end of his long DVD Lindsay Williams explains how the children of Cain are religious and cover themselves by telling the truth, but in an ambiguous, Talmudic manner like the oracle of Delphi, because their morals are based upon works and the 'magic' of Cabala, not revelation which is faith or a clear understanding of the mind of God.

Brother Branham said: "Castro done the only smart thing he ever did do then, when he destroyed the bonds: paid them off and destroyed them. Notice, but we can't do that. These guys won't let us."

"The rich merchants of the earth hold it, and then there's only one thing to do: the Catholic church can pay it off. She's the only one that's got the money; she can do it, and she will do it."

"And in doing this to get it, she'll compromise with the Jews and make a covenant, and when she makes this covenant with the Jews. . . Now, remember, I'm taking this from the Scriptures. And now, when she does this and makes this covenant, we notice in Daniel 8:23 and 25 'he will cause craft to prosper in his hand,' (and craft is manufacturing)."

"And he makes this covenant with the Jews, and in the midst of this three and a half years, he breaks his covenant as soon as he gets the thing wrapped up and gets the money of the Jews tied up. And when he does that, oh, my, oh, my, he's called the antichrist until the end of the Church Age, for he and his children are against Christ and the Word. This man's called the antichrist. Now, he's going to hold the money. And that's where I think he'll come in. Just a minute, while I say this, then I want to go back to it in a minute."

"He's called the antichrist and will be called the antichrist in the sight of God until the end time. Now, but then he'll be called something else. [The beast - Ed]" (The Revelation of the Seven Seals, p. 169:2-7).

"The love of money is the root of all evil. And I believe that right along in there will start the ball a-rolling. Now, the Catholic church back there from charging for mass and so forth, holds the wealth of the world. You remember, the Bible said she was rich, and how she was. And remember, not only just on one nation, she's rich on every nation there is under heaven. She reaches out. She has the money [Revelation 18]. Now, what they don't have, Wall Street has which is controlled by the Jews."

"Now, and you remember he got the money. When Jacob returned, last night we find out, and become Israel, he really had the money, but his money wouldn't buy him nothing (See?) to Esau. Esau had it too, see both anti . . . See, just as perfectly" (Ibid p. 505:2-4).

"So you see, my dear Conningsby, the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes" . . . "Governments do not govern, but merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand" (Benjamin Disraeli).

This subversion of man is possible because the 'hidden hand' controls education and the media, treating the plebeians like mushrooms. As I write, Zbigniew Brzezinski's "Clash of Civilizations" is being orchestrated from behind the scenes by the usurers of the City of London and its colonies, the Black Nobility and the Vatican, who have surreptitiously marshaled the potential energy of peoples oppressed by dictators and economic regimes imposed by 'the City,' transforming that latent resource into kinetic energy to oust the dictators, replacing them with Hegelian two-party sham democracies more easily managed from behind the scenes than a strong man who, like Stalin, Khrushchev, the Shah of Iran, JFK, and Saddam Hussein decides to run his own race. So the current uprisings are neither spontaneous, nor are they domestic 'grass roots' incentives. Planned years beforehand, they are funded offshore by the masters of existing dictators.

Egypt's April 6 Youth Movement sporting the omnipresent Optor fistSuspicious similarities could be seen between the Egyptian unrest and another, known US-backed uprising in Serbia. Serbia's Otpor, or the "resistance," was funded to the tune of millions by the US National Endowment for Democracy. Its signature clenched fist logo adorned flags, signboards, and t-shirts carried by the US State Department-laid Astro Turf until the ousting of Slobodan Milosevic in 2000. The exact same logo would turn up 11 years later across the Mediterranean Sea in the streets of Cairo, illustrating further the preposterous, foreign-backed nature of the Egyptian uprisings recycling revolutionary "props" from the CIA Coup-College.

The mainstream media news and commentary by our political leaders is disinformation. Aside from geopolitical strategies to monopolize natural resources or gain the high ground in public perception, or militarily, certain obstacles are common to globalists of all competing factions. Sharia law forbids usury, this makes religion and politics indivisible and Islamic nations unsubmissive to the non-Islamic global elite. The long-term plan of Judaeo-Catholicism is to ally or convert Islamists through fear of Judaeo-Communism and the fraud of our Lady of Fatemah, while 'the City' plans to neuter and as far as possible exterminate political Islam along with political Zionism in World War III. And whereas Judaeo-Communism is irreconcilable with either Judaeo-Roman Catholicism or Islam, and enmity with the Vatican, it is a creation of Rothschilds who bear the title, "Guardians of the Vatican Treasury".

Rothschild's usurers, the Vatican, MI6/CIA, Black Nobility, Judaeo-Masonry and the other players of the City of London and its colonies have been the agenteurs behind all revolutions since the French Revolutions. The present uprisings were all pre-planned and funded by their Tavistock Institute and its Rand Corporation which produced the political statement of intent for the US government, "Building Moderate Muslim Networks," associated 'thinktanks' and tax-free foundations, US government agencies, NGOs and multinational corporations, Soros (Rothschild) and other organs of 'the City.' And in 2009 the Brookings Institute released its blueprint, "Which Path to Persia?" to George II's Administration suggesting means for provoking Iran to war with a view to conquest and occupation.

Revelation 16:13-14, ". . . (your name as a Member of Christ's end-time Bride) . . . saw three unclean spirits like frogs issue from the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet." This is Satan (Revelation 12:3-4) insinuating himself as the antichrist spirit of Imperial Rome—"the Dragon stood before the woman who was ready to be delivered, to devour her Child as soon as He was born"—to the false prophet, or pope of Papal Rome (Revelation 13:1-4) and finally incarnating her last pope known as the beast when he is cast down to earth at the close of the Gentile dispensation (Revelation 12:9-10; 17:7-11) in the days of "the toes of the feet [of the image in Nebuchadnezzar's dream], part of iron and part of clay" (Daniel 2:40-44; 7:20-25). "For they are demonic spirits, working miracles, [uniting Protestantism and all religions under Rome, ostensibly against Judaeo-Communism], who go abroad to the kings of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty".

In one of his last interviews before he was murdered in 1999, former Jesuit Malachi Martin, an advisor to three popes and also involved with Vatican intelligence, assessing things in Israel, told Uri Dowbenko, "I think that from the very start John Paul II for whatever reasons, has sought after one thing and one thing only. The formation of what now appears to be in his mind, a universal assemblage of Catholics at the core; grouped with them the Protestant denominations, sects and churches; grouped around them believing Jews, believing Muslims, believing Hindus, believing Buddhists. And that would be a universal religious assembly" (Uri Dowbenko, Bushwhacked: Inside Stories of True Conspiracy, p. 213). This "demonic miracle" will form an image unto the beast "to gather the whole world to the battle of that great day of God Almighty"!

This is today's news, but Ezekiel 38 and 39 and Daniel's Seventieth Week will precede Armageddon. However, these two verses trace the two churches and two spirits from Pentecost to their consummation.

Brother Branham said: "Now remember, it was Imperial Pagan Rome that fell by the sword. But she was healed of her death stroke when she joined to the nominal Christian church of Rome and incorporated paganism and Christianity, and thereby became the Holy Roman Empire which was to endure until Jesus came and destroyed her. But Rome is not going it alone. Her daughters are right with her and she will take over absolute authority by the World Council of Churches."

"This may seem far fetched to some but actually it is very plain for all to see because right now the churches are controlling politics and at the opportune time will manifest exactly how great is that control. This ecumenical move will end up with Rome at the head even though the people did not envision it that way. This is so because in Revelation 17:3-6 it states that the whore, Mystery Babylon is seated on the beast. She is controlling the last, or fourth empire. This Roman Church is doing that. With the world church system under her Rome will be controlling, and this image (church system) will be obedient to Rome because Rome controls the gold of the world."

"Thus all the people have to belong to the world church system or be at the mercy of the elements for they cannot buy or sell without the mark of the beast in the hand or head. This mark in the head means that they will have to take the doctrine of the world church system which is trinitarianism, etc., and the mark in the hand which means to do the will of the world church. With this great power the church systems will persecute the true Bride. This image will try to keep the Bride from preaching and teaching, etc. Her ministers will be forbidden to give comfort and truth to the people who need it. But before the antichrist (in person) takes over this complete world system of churches the true church will be taken away from this world to be with the Lord. God will catch away His Bride for the great Marriage Supper of the Lamb" (An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, p.376).

Meanwhile, the United States government "hates the freedoms" of its own citizens and the citizens of all other nations:

"While Mrs. Clinton hypocritically praised the role of social networking sites in helping to bring down torture-friendly, corrupt regimes in Egypt and Tunisia (close US allies in the multibillion dollar kabuki dance known as the "War on Terror"), a grand jury was investigating whether there are grounds for filing criminal charges against WikiLeaks, its founder Julian Assange, and the heroic Bradley Manning, the incarcerated Army private suspected of leaking compromising files to the organization.

Outraged by revelations of American war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Apache helicopter gunship murder of a dozen people, including two Reuters journalists, as well as the release of thousands of diplomatic cables, the secret state is bringing the full weight of its formidable machinery down upon anyone, anywhere who have the temerity to challenge the lies of our militarist masters. . . forcing Twitter to turn over users' data to the government would hand the state a veritable road map of people connected to WikiLeaks, including journalists who may have communicated with the group, and would seriously chill free speech. . .

"WikiLeaks says it suspects that other large sites like Google and Facebook have received similar requests and simply went along with the government". . . while the US government affirms that the private communications of American citizens are fair game to be trolled by secret state snoops, fraud and serious crimes carried out under the dark banner of an endless "War on Terror" are treated, like evidence of torture and other crimes against humanity, as if they "never happened."

As the result of software fraud, the United States was a hair's breath from blasting commercial airliners from the skies and killing hundreds of innocent people, the CIA "never did an assessment to determine how a ruse had turned into a full-blown international incident, officials said, nor was anyone held accountable." The fraud became a "state secret," there was no charge, and no one was blamed—they "were promoted" (

Or how about the corrupt FBI and US 'Justice' Department trying to frame an innocent man for supplying the Soviet-era Granit naval cruise missile that struck the Pentagon to the 9/11 terrorists, whom they do not name. They can't, because that would reveal to the world what really happened on September 11, 2001?

The hour is coming and now is when all God's elect will possess the Truth revealed for this hour (II Peter 1:12; I John 1:7), which is the "shout" of the Message of the Prophet of Malachi 4:5-6 and Revelation 10:7 confirmed by the "voice" of the Archangel (I Thessalonians 4:14-16; Matthew 25:6; Revelation 18:4) which has placed is in the "rapture" waiting for Israel's Seventh Trumpet, the resurrection of the sleeping saints, and the manifestation of the Sons of God to endue us with faith for translation grace (I Corinthians 15:46-57; Romans 8:19).

Jesus said, "You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free from your enslavement to sin" (John 8:32-34). Sin is unbelief in the revealed Word of God. But Judaeo-Roman Catholics, so-called Protestants, Pharisees and Islamists will not loose themselves from Satan's shackles, because they hate our freedoms in Christ. nl674.htm

it on
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Mark of the Beast - Part VII

Bible Believers' Newsletter 673

"We focus on the present Truth – what Jesus is doing now. . ."

ISSN 1442-8660

Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As you read this week's news you will recognize the United States has morphed into the "image to the Roman beast" foretold 2,000 years ago by Jesus Christ and exposed as "the great Satan, the wounded snake, and enemy number one" thirty years ago by the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, yet Christian ministers so-called cannot see it today. We are at the collapse of the world system.

I Peter 5:6-9 admonished, "Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time: cast all your care upon Him; for He cares for you. Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the Devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour: resist him steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are inflicted on other Christians around the world [including Iran]".

Do not restrict yourself to just reading this weekly Church Newsletter but send copy to a friend, and make full use of the Christian Resources of the Church Website. This week's main article, The Mark of the Beast - Part VII should complete our study on this subject for the present.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott

Ultra-Orthodox defend Right to kill Gentiles

February 9, 2011 — In the past two weeks, two more Palestinians have been murdered by Ultra-Orthodox settlers. (See Haaretz articles: "Palestinians: Rock-throwing teen shot dead by West Bank settlers" and "Palestinian killed after settlers open fire in West Bank village"). Now "a senior figure in religious Zionism," Rabbi Dov Lior, chief rabbi of Arba, is being sought by police for questioning. Dov Lior publicly agrees with the controversial book
The King's Torah, that Jews have the right to kill Gentiles.

The rabbi refuses to report to police headquarters, saying he "will not take part in the dishonoring of the Torah." Two thousand of his supporters gathered around his home Tuesday, barring police from serving the warrant. Haaretz reports that Knesset member Michael Ben-Ari also supports the rabbi and calls the warrant a travesty. "This is a regime of fear... The issuance of an arrest warrant against a great Torah figure of such magnitude, when all this is about is the backing he gave to a book, is a crossing of a red line, McCarthyism. . ." he said.

Actually, this is just mild unpleasantness between the Israeli government and Ultra-Orthodox Jews who interpret the Talmud and Zohar (Kabala) literally—as the Pharisees who wrote these books intended. The government also venerates the Talmud. But it must appear to protect the rights of Palestinians and Arabs in the Occupied Territories. That isn't made easier by the facts that Israel's chief rabbinate is now largely controlled by Ultra-Orthodox or that Orthodoxy is the official religion of Israel.

How intent is the government on prosecution of Lior? As could be expected, the case against Rabbi (and former MK) Yaakov Yosef, who coauthored The King's Torah and was arrested in January 2010, was thrown out because of "incorrect procedures" by the police. Full story:

Comment: To Jewry "Torah" means its antithesis, the so-called 'Oral' Torah, or Talmud "that makes the Word of God of none effect" (Matthew 15:9). For information on this developing conflict, read: "The Complete Guide for Killing Gentiles."

Dresden . . . a Real Holocaust

February 13, 2011 — There are thousands of movies, books and memorials dedicated to the victims of Nazi Germany, yet, the enormous amount of war crimes committed by the WWII victors upon innocent German people during and after WWII are unofficially made taboo subjects by the mainstream media. My little letter only scratches the surface of truth.

victims of dresdenDresden in 1945 was a beautiful city of 650,000 people. On February 13 of that year, the city was bulging with about 750,000 refugees camped in parks, and on the sidewalks and streets, having fled from the path of the invading Soviet Army. Everyone felt safe there, for Dresden was not a military target; it was a hospital city, boasting 25 major medical facilities. The city didn't manufacture war material, and so was left undefended. . .

Figures range between 450,000 to 600,000 people killed in Dresden. It was man's worst massacre. The ominous 13th of February should be designated as a day of mourning and remembrance. . . Full story:

Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, at the Yalta Three Jewish murderers, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin at the Yalta Conference. . . "This is not to say that the mountains of corpses left in Dresden were ignored by the Nuremberg Tribunal. In one final irony, the prosecution presented photographs of the Dresden dead as "evidence" of alleged National Socialist atrocities against Jewish concentration-camp inmates! Churchill, the monster who ordered the Dresden slaughter, was knighted, and the rest is history. The cold-blooded sadism of the massacre, however, is brushed aside by his biographers, who still cannot bring themselves to tell how the desire of one madman to "impress" another one led to the mass murder of up to a half million men, women and children." Full story: The "terrible Swedish Jew," Eisenhower, murdered millions of unarmed, capitulated Germans in real extermination camps after the war was over.

The Shame of being an American...

February 15, 2011 — The United States government has overestimated the amount of shame that it and American citizens can live down. On February 15 'the indispensable people' had to suffer the hypocrisy of the US Secretary of State delivering a speech about America's commitment to Internet freedom while the US Department of Justice (sic) brought unconstitutional action against Twitter to reveal any connection between WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning, the American hero who, in keeping with the US Military Code, exposed US government war crimes and who is being held in punishing conditions not permitted by the US Constitution. The corrupt US government is trying to create a 'conspiracy' case against Julian Assange in order to punish him for revealing US government documents that prove beyond every doubt the mendacity of the US government.

This is pretty bad, but it pales in comparison to the implications revealed on February 15 in the British newspaper, The Guardian. . .

"Curveball" represents a new level of immorality. Rafid al-Janabi shares responsibility for one million dead Iraqis, 4 million displaced Iraqis, a destroyed country, 4,754 dead American troops, 40,000 wounded and maimed American troops, $3 trillion of wasted US resources, every dollar of which is a debt burden to the American population and a threat to the dollar as reserve currency, ten years of propaganda and lies about terrorism and al Qaeda connections, an American "war on terror" that is destroying countless lives in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and which has targeted Iran, and which has destroyed the Bill of Rights, the US Constitution, and the civil liberties that they guarantee. And the piece of lying excrement, Rafid al-Janabi, is proud that he brought Saddam Hussein's downfall at such enormous expense. . . a totally incompetent American government has bought enormous instability to its puppet states in the Middle East, because it desperately wanted to believe faulty 'intelligence' from Germany that an immoralist provided evidence that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction.

And America is a superpower, an indispensable nation. . . What a total joke!
Full story: Paul Craig Roberts

Conspiracy Tactics from the Chamber

Chinese Flag on South Lawn White House 2009

February 15, 2011 — In the war of information around WikiLeaks, the story just keeps getting messier. The latest chapter involves Anonymous, the group of hackers who targeted banks that denied WikiLeaks funding, a private security firm called HBGary, Bank of America, the CIA, and our good friends at the US Chamber of Commerce. Spying, data mining, and smear campaigns against progressive bloggers and union members and activists are just part of the mess, which is still unfolding. Lee Fang from Think Progress and Michael Whitney at FireDogLake have been following the story closely, and they join Laura to discuss what we know so far about the sleazy tactics being used by the banksters and their US Chamber allies. Full story:

Comment: Is the Chamber of Commerce a UN Front? The US Chamber of Commerce is rabidly anti-American and every single independent business owner in this country should walk away from that organization.

Collaboration on legislation between the US Chamber of Commerce and the US assume[s] that the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States trump the opinions of any hometown chambers or any individual members.

Who's Serving Who? The US as Israel's Enabler in the Middle East

February 16, 2011 — I observed that not only had Bush moved a think tank into the administration, he had also effectively moved the Israel lobby, or its then most active wing, into the highest rungs of his administration's policymaking councils, my friend readily agreed: oh, of course, he asserted quite vigorously, they—meaning the neocons—'are all Likudniks'. . .

It has been clear to most analysts for years, even decades, that the United States favors Israel, but this reality has never been revealed so explicitly until recent events laid the relationship bare, and laid bare the fact that Israel is at the center of virtually every move the United States makes in the region. There has long been a taboo on talking about these realities, a taboo that has tied the tongues of people like my interlocutor. People do not mention Israel because they might be called anti-Semitic, they might be attacked as 'singling out' Israel for criticism; the media fail to discuss Israel and what it does around the Middle East and, most directly, to the Palestinians who live under its rule because this might provoke angry letters to the editor and canceled subscriptions by Israel supporters. Congressmen will not endanger campaign funds by talking honestly about Israel. And so Israel is taken off everyone's radar screen. Progressives may 'mention Israel in passing,' as my friend told me, but they do no more. Ultimately, because no one talks about it, everyone stops even thinking about Israel as the prime mover behind so many US policies and actions in the Middle East.

It is time we began noticing. Everyone in the Middle East already notices, as the Egyptian revolution has just made clear. And probably everyone throughout the world also notices. We should begin listening to the world's people, not to their leaders, who tell us what they think we want to hear. Full story:

Comment: "First, the outbreak of World War I, which was made possible by the funds available from the new central bank of the United States. Second, the Agricultural Depression of 1920. Third, the Black Friday Crash on Wall Street of October, 1929 and the ensuing Great Depression. Fourth, World War II. Fifth, the conversion of the assets of the United States and its citizens from real property to paper assets from 1945 to the present, transforming a victorious America and foremost world power in 1945 to the world's largest debtor nation in 1990. Today, this nation lies in economic ruins, devastated and destitute, in much the same dire straits in which Germany and Japan found themselves in 1945. Will Americans act to rebuild our nation, as Germany and Japan have done when they faced the identical conditions which we now face—or will we continue to be enslaved by the Babylonian debt money system which was set up by the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 to complete our total destruction? This is the only question which we have to answer, and we do not have much time left to answer it" (Eustace Mullins, The Curse of Canaan, 1991).

Oswald Spengler, in his monumental "The Decline of the West" says that the modern world is the product of an alliance of Money and rootless Intellect working in opposition to Instinct. Events have also confirmed the correctness of Spengler's statement that "there is no proletarian revolution, not even a communist one, that does not operate in the interest of Money." For the purposes of study, a single age of conflict, can be divided into three main parts, three vast geographical areas in which great change is either occurring or pending: the Middle East, the Soviet Union and Europe, including the former communist states.

So, let us begin with the Middle East, "There need be no doubt about the real purpose of the Western initiative in this area: It is to set up an 'expanded' Israel as a military and political firm base. There, as throughout the so-called Third World, we see the former separate European national imperialisms being replaced by a new global cosmopolitan imperialism with Zionism as the national spearhead of it and backed by a highly concentrated financial power which has drawn all the nations of the West into its service. There is, in fact, no way in which Israel could survive except as one of the agencies of the new global cosmopolitan imperialism.

It is intended, at least in the short term, to use the artificially created Muslim states—Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, etc.,—as a buffer against the real opponent, which is a resurgent Islam centred in Iran. . ."

Ivor Benson said in "Behind the News" in January 1991, "It would not be easy to improve on an analysis of the prospects provided by Imran R. Hosein, a prominent Islamic intellectual, in a recent issue of Crescent International.

'What the world will now witness, he says, is a global struggle between Islam on the one hand and, on the other, not the Christian West but a 'post-Christian, European materialist, capitalist and imperialist civilisation'.

As for Western Christianity, it is being seen as simply 'lukewarm' among the 'rapidly decaying political, economic, moral and social institutions' it created." That was twenty years ago. This Isamic intellectual can see Revelation 3:17-20 manifesting, yet denominational ministers walk like blind men (

Mubarak and the Fall of the Zionist Running Dogs!

February 16, 2011 — The video says it all. Full story:

Comment: Testimony to the cowardice of "Zionist running dogs" such as Bush I and II, Clinton, Obama, John Howard and his successors, Tony Blair and his successor, Angela Merkel and other godless patsies employed to enforce a poisonous way of life. The USA, Australia, Germany and other colonies or occupied countries of the 'City of London' are absolutely anti-Christian apostate nations that will shortly fulfill Revelation 13:15-18.

David Hicks was one of the first "war on terror" detainees to be sent to Guantanamo the day the prison facility opened on January 11, 2002. He is one of the small group of detainees who challenged the President George W. Bush's November 13, 2001 executive order authorizing indefinite detention, which led to a landmark 2004 Supreme Court case, Rasul v. Bush, in which the High-Court said detainees have the right to habeas corpus. Hicks spent five-and-a-half years at Guantanamo and was tortured. Last October, he published a memoir, "Guantanamo: My Journey." This is his first interview since his release from Guantanamo in 2007 (

Hicks was picked up at a taxi stand by the Northern Alliance in November 2001 and sold to US forces for about $1,500. Hicks was detainee 002, the second person processed into Guantanamo on January 11, 2002, the day the facility opened. . . brutally tortured. Psychologically and physically for four years, maybe longer. . . injected in the back of his neck with unknown drugs. . . sodomized with a foreign object. . . spent nearly a year in solitary confinement. . . beaten once for ten hours. . . threatened with death. . . placed in painful stress positions. . . exposed to extremely cold temperatures, loud music and strobe lights designed to disorient his senses (

I awoke on a concrete slab with the sun in my face. I looked around and saw that I was in a cage made out of cyclone fencing . . . Internal fences divided the cage into ten enclosures . . . I saw five other concrete slabs with what looked like bird cages constructed on top. A fence covered in green shadecloth and topped with rolls of razor wire was wrapped around these six concrete slabs, able to house sixty unfortunate human beings. Hanging on the inside of this fence were signs saying, "If you attempt escape, you will be shot," complete with a featureless person with a target for a head (David Hicks).

Italian Engineer announces Commercial 'Cold Fusion' Reactor

January14, 2011 — Italian engineer Andrea Rossi and Professor Sergio Focardi of the University of Bologna . . . have mastered an energy catalyzing technology that produces heat from a reaction between hydrogen, nickel and some other—so far secret—ingredients. Their press conference on 14 January 2011 was preceded by an invitation-only demonstration of the reactor attended by press and scientists.

They are careful not to describe their reactor as a "Cold Fusion" generator - probably because the term has become so controversial it is almost impossible to have a serious discussion about its practical application. . . we are talking about a fuelless technology, or at least a very low fuel consumption, and a closed-loop electric generation process that can sustain itself for years in an autonomous fashion. Costs are rather low. According to an interview with Rossi . . . the reactor construction cost is around 2000 $ per KW, and the cost of electricity production is estimated to be around 1 cent per KW/h. . . Full story:

Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed

November 19, 2010 — GM foods conclusively shown to induce miscarriage, low birth rates, infant mortality, killing honey bees, and reducing the sperm count in men in the Western, once Christian world almost to the point of sterility. The genetic code of the planet is being butchered in a hostile corporate takeover. Monsanto have said that their objective is to have their genetically modified vegetation and animals take over the biosphere of this planet.

Toxic waste—fluoride, lead, and mercury, is dumped on crops as supposed fertilizer, and the plants draw these substances from the ground, and you are eating it.

Full story:

Comment: Sweetie, did you know that Aspartame is the feces of genetically modified bacteria? Revelation 6:8. The US government continues to act like a fully owned subsidiary of Monsanto, threatening retaliation against an ally that moved to ban GMO corn in accordance with the desires of a vast majority of its population, approving the deregulation of GMO alfalfa virtually ensuring the end of organic beef as an available option for Americans, and, most recently approving sugar beet planting this spring "despite an earlier court ruling that government approval for planting the beets violated environmental law"

The Mark of the Beast – Part VII

Zephaniah 1:17-18; 2:3, "I will bring distress upon men, they shall walk like blind men because they have sinned against the Lord! Their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh as dung. Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to deliver them in the day of the Lord's wrath; all the earth will be consumed by the fire of His jealousy: for He will make a full, sudden riddance of all the inhabitants of the earth. . . Seek the Lord, all you humble of the earth, who do His commands; seek righteousness, seek humility: perhaps you will be hid in the day of the Lord's anger".

The three so-called monotheistic religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, claim Abraham as their father, however their polytheistic convictions inculcated by a constant infusion of false history, theology and lying psychology from cradle to grave induce them to willfully or ignorantly worship the Babylonian trinity of gods, whereby they repudiate the faith of Abraham and Words of God's vindicated prophets. Unknown to the average worshipper, the motivation of each of these religious systems is "the will to power," and the object of their devotion is Satan, "the [false] god of fortresses," typed by and worshipped as the rebel, Nimrod (Daniel 11:38; Alexander Hislop, The Two Babylons, p. 30-52). Thus Satan is worshipped by every nation, tribe and tongue as Ninus, Bacchus, Tammuz, Osiris, Iswara, Krishna, Deoius, Jupiter, Plutus, Hercules, the Anglo-Saxon Zer-Nebo-Gus or "seed of the prophet Cush," Neptune, Kronos, Centaur, Sagittarius of the Zodiac, Khons, Consus, Apollo, Jesus Christ, etc., whereas Allah corresponds to the Babylonian god Baal of whom Arabs knew long before Mohammed worshipped him as the supreme God.

We must understand that God deals personally one on one with those He calls His Own. Although we identify with a group of genuine believers in the present Truth—what Jesus is doing nowGod will only identify with individual members who are His elect. He deals with Israel as a nation, but only in the Land of their Covenant, and only with an election, so that when "all Israel is born-again in one day" it will number only 144,000 souls, because in God's eyes the majority of the group is not Israel (Romans 9:6; 11:26; Isaiah 66:8; Revelation 7:4-8). There are any number of Jewish, even Mosaic denominations, thousands of so-called Christian denominations, and scores of Islamic denominations; not one of these is in the "common faith." Faith is the mind of God in you—not in the group; it cannot change and will never fail. Anything else is the hiss of the Serpent and the mark of the beast.

Satan has a religion or form of worship for every one, no matter how he is deceived, and like these so-called monotheistic religions, each option bears the mark of the beast, which is the wisdom of human reasoning against the revealed Word of God. And "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God," so the kingdom of Satan is built by adding to or taking from His Word (Matthew 4:4; Revelation 22:17-19).

The crime of seeking a medium sealed the doom of king Saul (I Chronicles 10:13), and from this time to the days of Isaiah there is no mention of mediums in the history of Israel. Hezekiah ascended the throne of Judah in about 726BC, just five years before the Lord God sent Assyria to disperse the apostate northern kingdom of Israel for adopting the trinity. Before Hezekiah's sons were born, Isaiah prophesied they would be taken captive to serve as eunuchs in the palace of the king of Babylon (II Kings 20:18). The name "Manasseh," which means forgetting, was given to the heir to the throne as a pledge of amnesty of past discords between Israel and Judah, and a bond of union between Hezekiah's crown and the northern kingdom. It embodied his cherished policy to take advantage of Shalmanasser's overthrow of the rival northern kingdom and gather the remnant which was not transported and attach them to one divinely sanctioned worship at Jerusalem (II Chronicles 30:6, 18).

Hezekiah had allied himself with Babylon against Assyria but when he foolishly displayed his treasures to the Babylonian ambassadors, Isaiah foretold the Captivity (Isaiah 39). Manasseh inherited his father's legacy of ambition and close union with Babylon which Isaiah had condemned, and the idolatry Hezekiah had checked, not stifled (Isaiah 65:3-4) rekindled so that the abominations of various lands, especially of Babylon, were brought together in Jerusalem. "He built altars for Baalim and made a grove [with phallic poles for his consort Ashtoreth, for which women dedicated to impurity wove hangings for the Temple] as had king Ahab of Israel . . . and built altars for the host of heaven in the two courts of the Lord's house . . . He made his sons pass through the fire [to the Ammonite god Moloch (Leviticus 18:21; 20:2-5), and in imitation of the Babylonians he] observed times, used enchantments, witchcraft, and dealt with familiar spirits and wizards" (II Kings 21:2-6; II Chronicles 33). Manasseh build houses for Sodomites and their unspeakable practices adjacent to the Temple (II Kings 23:7), cast down the altar of sacrifice, displaced the ark of the Covenant, ignored the sabbath (II Chronicles 33:16; 35:3) and sawed Isaiah in half for his faithful protest (Hebrews 11:37; Isaiah 57:1-4; Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, x, 3:1).

In consequence of these abominable practices the Lord God of Israel promised a judgment so terrible that the ears of him who heard it would tingle: He would level Jerusalem to the ground, even as He destroyed Samaria, and treat the holy city as one wipes a dish, wiping it, and turning it upside down lest a single drop of moisture should remain (II Kings 21:12-13).

Josiah succeeded Manasseh and despite his zeal, his reformation was transient. To the very last the infatuated nation shunned the Word of the Lord and followed false prophets and enchanters, so that His Temple and Jerusalem were razed and Judea's citizens transported to Babylon for a lifetime (Jeremiah 27:9-10). Indeed Zechariah 13:2 prophesied that Israel would be a land of idolatry and false prophets until the 144,000 elect are born-again. "In that day, declares the Lord of hosts, I will cut off the names of the idols from the land, so that they shall be remembered no more: and I will cause the prophets and spirit of uncleanliness to pass out of the land." This prophecy is affirmed by Jesus Christ, who prophesied that even after the midst of Daniel's Seventieth Week, Israel will be known as spiritualist, apostate, and profane like "Sodom and Egypt, and as the place where the Lord of glory was crucified" (Revelation 11:8).

The testimony of the Bible against magical arts, false gods and witchcraft is consistent in both Testaments (Deuteronomy 18:12), and found in the catalog of those who will have their part in the lake of Fire and warned that they shall never walk the streets of the golden city (Revelation 21:8; 22:15).

Brother Branham said, "All the people have to belong to the world church system or be at the mercy of the elements for they cannot buy or sell without the mark of the beast in the hand or head. This mark in the head means that they will have to take the doctrine of the world church system which is trinitarianism, etc., and the mark in the hand which means to do the will of the world church. With this great power the church systems will persecute the true Bride. This image will try to keep the Bride from preaching and teaching, etc. Her ministers will be forbidden to give comfort and truth to the people who need it. But before the antichrist (in person) takes over this complete world system of churches, the true Church will be taken away from this world to be with the Lord. God will catch away His Bride for the great Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

The purpose of this detail is to provide citations in support of the fact that although most so-called and self-styled Jews, so-called Christians, and Moslems are in ignorance, they are in fact still pagans worshipping the Babylonian trinity of gods, for which apostasy God consigned Israel to exile from the land of the Covenant—the greatest reproach that can be brought upon an Israelite, and brought Judea under Gentile dominion unto the consummation of life (Daniel 2; Romans 11:25).
These people bear the mark of the beast NOW, and know it not.

Jewish scholars and those who wrote the Talmud and Cabala consciously teach and worship a trinity of gods. Their false religion is intellectual reasoning and not faith (Deuteronomy 18:15-22). In "The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah" Alfred Edersheim lists 456 Old Testament passages Messianically applied in the most ancient rabbinic writings supported by more than 558 separate quotations from the Targumim the two Talmuds, and the most ancient Midrashim, and frequently from the well-known work Yalkut (APPENDIX IX to Vol. i. Book II. ch. v).

According to the Zohar itself, the "mysteries of Wisdom" were imparted by God to Adam whilst he was still in the garden of Eden and from Adam the Cabala was passed to Seth, thence to Enoch, Noah, Abraham, and Moses, one of its principal exponents. Other Jewish authorities declare that Moses received it for the first time on Mount Sinai and communicated it to the seventy elders, by whom it was handed down to David and Solomon, then to Ezra and Nehemish, and finally to the great Cabalists of history, including Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and Rabbi Isaac Luria. Luria (1533-1572) allegedly received a new Cabala from the prophet Elijah and inaugurated the modern Cabalistic school in Florence. His doctrines were organized into a practical system by the Khazar Hasidim of Eastern Europe for the writing of amulets, the conjugation of demons, mystical juggling with numbers and letters, etc., (Jewish Encyclopaedia, "Cabala"). This is the mark of the beast: wisdom against the revealed Word of God.

Cabalistic Tree of lifeThe concept of a unity in a trinity or even more gods, has its roots within the ancient Jewish traditions of the Cabala. In this late Cabalistic tradition, originating in the 16th century in the city of Safed, an ancient town in the mountains of Northern Israel, an essential part of the representations of the Tree of Life or Etz Hayim is a set of three vertical lines of light, each line being headed by Sefirot (numbers or degrees of altruistic quality at the top). These three Sefirot form a spiritual or heavenly triangle, which rules the whole earthly part of the Tree of Life. It is obvious that Sefirot of Kether (or Crown), the uncreated First Splendour—pure and luminous light pulsating in boundless, undivided space; Chochmah (or Wisdom), the Second Splendor, whose division is the initial impulse to creative action, and the beginning of all things; and Binah (or Understanding), by which three-dimensional form limits force and embodies the dynamic qualities which by attraction and resistance, connect and challenge, move and transmit, harmonize and mobilize creative forces into being. This is one form of expressing the Cabalistic trinity.

first three Splendours of Cabalistic Tree of LifeThis image portrays the trinity in a Cabalistic definition from an illuminated manuscript in Seville Cathedral. The Sephiroth read PATER, FILIUS, SPIRITUS SANCTUS, DEUS: Father, Son, Holy Spirit, with God in the center. The Paths read NON EST and EST: "Is Not" and "Is." This is identical to the Cabalistic definition of the trinity, an artistic variation on the full Tree of Life. Compare the position of the Sun in the center on the full Tree and the Christian Tree. This is identical to the diagram employed by the "Jesus Only," or Pentecostal Oneness people, in which they portray a three-spoked wheel and hub which is God. The spokes, which run from the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to the hub bear the word "is" as the illuminated manuscript says in French, "est," while the rim between the three says "is not." Both the Jesus Only reckoning and this variation on the Cabalistic Tree of Life contain a measure intellectual truth, but without revelation they are ultimately erroneous.

Those to whom Jesus Messiah, the mystery of God is revealed (Revelation 10:7) will recognize a marvelous truth in this "Tree of Life," hidden from the Cabalist's intellectual reasoning against Moses and the prophets, and it is certainly not a trinity but what we explained in our series, "The Creation of God and His One Eternal Purpose." The above diagrams and three related diagrams explain g-d and creation according to Cabalistic gematria, and seek to explain God's purpose, but without faith (II Corinthians 3:18; Ephesians 1:9-23). However, they do imply that "If the rejection of Israel meant the reconciliation of the world, what must their acceptance be, but life from the dead" (Romans 11:15)?

It is said that Lurianic teachings and Hasidism (i.e. piety), a movement founded by Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer (1700-1760) also known as the Baal Shem Tov, were created by the Vatican to destroy and replace the true Torah with false teaching and confusing content, effectively penetrating the Jewish mind. Clearly this task was accomplished centuries before the birth of Jesus Messiah by the lewd teachings that became the false 'Oral' Torah or Palestinian and Babylonian Talmud.

Jewish Cabalism has been the secret haunt of the trinity doctrine since the days of the Captivity. Even prior to their eviction from the Holy Land, the Jews worshiped a trinity in the form of "Baal, Ashtoreth, and Tammuz." In Egypt the Israelites served the Egyptian trinity, Isis, Osiris, and Horus (Joshua 24:14). And while Moses was in the mount Israelites changed the glory of their invisible God into the likeness of a calf the Egyptians had worshipped (Exodus 20:4-5; 32; Acts 7:40-41); Elijah confronted the trinitarians on Mount Carmel (I Kings 18:21), and each prophet in his generation excoriated this pagan concept and forbad its application to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This carnal explanation of godhead in the relationship of a God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost entered Christendom at the First Nicaea Council in 325AD through the mysticism of Pharisaism, now called Judaism (Revelation 2:1-17).

Perhaps the most celebrated Jewish Gnostic of the Christian era was Philo Judaeaus (20BC-AD50),of Alexandria, who in AD40 undertook a mission to Caligula to protest against the emperor's claim to divinity. In his writings he attempted to reconcile Judaism with Platonic and Stoic ideas. His daughter Bernice, was the wife of Herod Agrippa, who tried the apostle Paul. Philo is recognized as the first who "openly" applied Babylonian and Greek methods of mysticism in an allegorical re-interpretation of the Scriptures. He considered the Greek philosophers on a level with the Prophets and believed their logic, reasonings, and hypostasis were divine in origin. Later, so did the Judaeo-Roman and Judaeo-Greek Catholics. Many Jews, following Philo's beliefs, Hellenized, and adopted the trinity concept of Plato and applied it to their God. This Gnosticism is known as Cabalism, and is the spiritual and metaphysical strength of the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds. Few know that behind Jewish mysticism is the secret belief in a triad of gods in interlocking trinities. These powers or elohims are pictured in the ten emanations of the Sefiroth, or Tree of Life, in Cabalism. This mysticism invalidates the literal meaning and interpretation of the Scriptures.

By the time of Athanasius (293AD-373AD), Platonism had reached its intellectual peak in Egypt where Judaism had conformed to its philosophical reasoning of the trinitarian nature of godhead. Paul and the apostles being led of the Spirit were acquainted with Platonism, rejected its "philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ" (Colossians 2:8). Thus it took another 275 years before Satan and his dupes, led by Athanasius, were able to impose this heresy upon the nominal church, and a further 126 years before the Bible-denying so-called Nicene Creed was approved in 451 at Chalcedony by a council of men without revelation by the Spirit.

Athanasius was a Greek philosopher inside the pre-Nicaea church who learned this philosophy in university where he studied and applied it brilliantly to the Scriptures as none before him. Despite the absence of the word "trinity" in the Bible the genius and diplomatic power of this young deacon persuaded the unregenerate bishops, already imbued with Greek philosophy, to fall for his re-interpretation of monotheism contrary to the "foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself, the chief corner stone" (Ephesians 2:20).

With church and state united and the Babylonian trinitarian religion officially joined to the Judaeo-Roman impersonation of Christianity, Satan now had access to the Name of Christ and as we have shown, he was enthroned as God in worship. With the help of federal aid the churches fell heir to beautiful buildings lined with white marble images of Roman idols that were renamed as departed saints. It was in this Age that the Imperial "beast" of Revelation 13:3 was wounded to death and restored to power as the "Holy Roman Empire." As a material nation Rome had suffered much depletion and soon would suffer it completely; but it mattered not now, for her religious empire would keep her on top of the world governing from the inside where she would not appear to do so from the outside.

Once the Nicene Council had swung the power of political Rome to the church, it seemed that there were no limits to which this first organized church would go. The name, Christian, which originally brought persecution, now became the name of the persecutors. It was in this Age that Augustine of Hippo (354-430) set forth the precept that the church ought and MUST use force if necessary to bring her children back into the fold, and that it was in harmony with the Word of God to kill the heretics and apostates. In his controversy with the Dentists he wrote. . . "It is indeed better that men should be led to worship God by teaching than that they should be driven to it by fear of punishment or pain, but it does not follow that because the former course produces the better men, therefore those who do not yield to it should be neglected. For many have found advantage (as we have proved and are daily proving by actual experience) in being first compelled by fear or pain, so that they might afterwards be influenced by teaching, so that they might follow out in act what they have already learned in word. . . whilst those are better who are guided aright by love, those are certainly more numerous who are corrected by fear. For who can possibly love us more than Christ, Who laid down His life for the sheep?

Yet after calling Peter and the other apostles by His Words alone, when He came to summon Paul, He not only constrained him with His voice, but even dashed him to the earth with His power; and that He might forcibly bring one who is raging amidst the darkness of infidelity, to desire the Light of the heart, He first struck him with physical blindness of the eyes. Why therefore should not the Church use force in compelling her lost sons to return? The Lord Himself said, 'Go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in.' Wherefore if the power which the Church has received by divine appointment in it's due season, through the religious character and faith of kings, be the instrument by which those who are found in the highways and hedges—that is in heresies and schisms—are compelled to come in, then let them not find fault with being compelled."

The Judaeo-Roman Catholic false church ruled by "will to power," like her Talmudic mother and Islamic offspring, denies God's gift of free will to every man. From the time of Augustine of Hippo, and especially through the Dark Ages, the children of the flesh persecuted and destroyed the children of the Spirit, though both claim one Father even as Ishmael and Isaac. So the darkness of spiritual corruption deepened and the true Light of God faded until it glowed ever so faintly in ever so few. Yet the promise of God held true, "The light shines in darkness and the darkness can never extinguish it." With the power of the state behind her the church was literally physically invincible. Religion and politics are coming together again. The tares are being bound. The wheat will soon be ready for the garner, then church and state will be united, and Satan incarnate in Rome's pope will rule the world and force the mark of the beast as prophesied in Revelation 13:15-18 and 17:11-18.

However, "The Lord God will do nothing without first sending a vindicated prophet with warning and a way to escape impending judgment" (Amos 3:7-8), and these last days He has sent and vindicated William Branham, the prophet of Malachi 4:5-6, Matthew 17:11, Revelation 1:1, 3:14, and 10:7, whose ministry has restored the apostolic faith away from pagan trinitarianism and baptism in three Titles to the true Oneness of the godhead and Scriptural water baptism, and "finished the mystery of God" to call the wise and foolish virgin out from Rome and her (once) Protestant harlot daughters into the unity of the faith for the manifestation of the Sons of God and the translation (Matthew 25:6; I Thessalonians 4:16; Revelation 18:4; Ephesians 4:13; Romans 8:19; I Corinthians 15:46-57). Brother Branham was the third and last angel of Revelation 14:9-11, "Shouting, If anyone worships the beast and its image, and receives his mark on their forehead, or on his hand, he too will drink the wine of God's wrath, poured undiluted into the cup of His anger, and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the Presence of the Lamb. And [like Rome] the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever, and they have not rest by day and by night, who worship the beast and its [once Protestant] image, and whoever receives the mark of its name." God must also show a sign in the heavens (Genesis 1:14; Psalm 19), as He has in fulfillment of Revelation 1:7, 14, Daniel 7:9, Matthew 26:64, and Acts 1:9-11 displayed on our main page.

"The Lion [of the Tribe of Judah (Revelation 5:5)] has roared, who will not fear? The Lord God has spoken, who can but proclaim it (Revelation 10:8-11; 22:17-19)? We are at the end of the Gentile dispensation. The world is in a Sodom condition, and "as it was in the days of Lot" God's prophet has discerned the thoughts and intents of people's hearts, revealing "Jesus Christ, the same, yesterday, and today, and forever"—the last sign Jesus promised before the end of our dispensation (Hebrews 4:12; 13:8; Luke 17:28-30; Genesis 18). And as it was in the days of Noah, Adam's apostate race is in miscegenation with the race of Cain, a global repetition of the original sin, which is genocide to Adam's race as prophesied by Jesus Christ (Genesis 6:1-4; Matthew 24:37). 'Multiculturalism' is accursed of God who separated the different races by language, geography, and culture (Genesis 1:11). But our political, religious and 'intellectual' mis-leaders who bear the mark of the beast pit wisdom against God's revealed Word (faith), inviting the enemy of God and man to divide and conquer civilization by introducing diverse races and religions such as the innocent Islamic people who are inassimilable because sharia does not distinguish religion from politics, church from state, and for personal advantage these politicians have sold the nation to demographic genocide. This brings us to the third so-called monotheistic religion.

Islam is also trinitarian, absolutely unrelated to Abraham by faith but built on the cult of Allah the pagan Moon god which Mohammed transformed into a monotheistic pagan religion. As the German scholar Johannes Hauri points out: "Mohammed's monotheism was just as much a departure from true monotheism as the polytheistic ideas [of Judaism and Rome - Ed.] . . . Mohammed's idea of God is out and out deistic" (quoted in Zwemer, Muslim Doctrines, p. 21).

"In recent years I have become increasingly convinced that for an adequate understanding of the career of Muhammad and the origins of Islam great importance must be attached to the existence in Mecca of belief in Allah as a "high god." In a sense this is a form of paganism, but it is so different from paganism as commonly understood that it deserves separate treatment" (Dr. William Montgomery Watt, Muhammad's Mecca, p. vii. See also his article, "Belief in a High God in Pre-Islamic Mecca," Journal of Semitic Studies, vol. 16, 1971, p. 35-40).

"There is no reason, therefore, to accept the idea that Allah passed to the Muslims from the Christians and Jews" (Caesar Farah, Islam: Beliefs and Observations (New York: Barrons, 1987), p. 28). According to Middle East scholar E. M. Wherry, whose translation of the Quran is still used today, in pre-Islamic times Allah-worship, as well as the worship of Baal, were both astral religions in that they involved the worship of the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars (E. M. Wherry, A Comprehensive Commentary on the Quran (Osnabruck: Otto Zeller Verlag, 1973), p. 36). As the moon and the evening star are associated in the heavens, so too were Allat and al-'Uzza (Venus) together in religious belief, and so too are the crescent and star conjoined on the flags of Arab countries today (Jack Finegan, The Archeology of World Religions, 1952, p. 482-485, 492). The Aus and Khazraj tribes of Medina were the most prominent worshipers of their sister, Manat.

In Arabia, the Sun god was viewed as a female goddess and the Moon as the male god. As has been pointed out by many scholars such as Alfred Guilluame, the Moon god was called by various names, one of which was Allah (Alfred Guillaume, Islam (London: Penguin Books, 1954), p. 6)! The name Allah was used as the personal name of the Moon god, in addition to other titles that could be given to him.

the three daughters of AllahSura 23:91 states, "Never did Allah take to Himself a son . . ." (10.68; 17.111; 18.4; 19:35; 25:2, etc.), however Allah, the Moon god, was married to the Sun goddess. Together they produced three goddesses who were called "the daughters of Allah." These three goddesses were called Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat. The daughters of Allah, along with Allah and the Sun goddess, were viewed as "high" gods at the top of the pantheon of Arabian deities. And "Along with Allah, however, they worshipped a host of lesser gods and daughters of Allah" (Encyclopedia of World Mythology and Legend, I:61). Each daughter had a separate shrine near Mecca. In Sura 53:19-22, Mohammed commanded Muslims to pray to Allah's three daughters as intercessors: "Near it is the Garden of Abode. Behold, the Lote-tree was shrouded (in mystery unspeakable!) (His) sight never swerved, nor did it go wrong! For truly did he see, of the Signs of his Lord, the Greatest! Have ye seen Lat, and 'Uzza, And another, the third (goddess), Manat? These are the exalted cranes (intermediaries) Whose intercession is to be hoped for. What! for you the male sex, and for Him, the female? Behold, such would be indeed a division most unfair"! The text in italics is the "Satanic Verse" that was expurgated from the Koran. This was the refrain that the Quraysh tribe used to chant as they circumambulated the Ka'ba: "Al-Lat, and al-Uzza and Manat, the third, the other; indeed these are exalted (or lofty, 'ula) gharaniq; let us hope for their intercession" (The Hajj, F. E. Peters, p 3-41, 1994). The ammendation is in opposition to Malachi 3:6, Galatians 1:8-9 and Hebrews 13:8.

worship of Moon god

The symbol of the worship of the Moon god in Arabian culture and elsewhere throughout the Middle East was the crescent Moon. Archaeologists have dug up numerous statues and hieroglyphic inscriptions in which a crescent Moon was seated on top of the head of the deity to symbolize the worship of the Moon god. While the Moon was generally worshiped as a female deity in the ancient Near East, the Arabs viewed it as a male deity. The pope's monstrance shows the Moon (Astarte) that will receive the eucharistic Son/Sun god, Baal.

worship of Moon god

An Allah idol was set up at the Kabah along with all the other idols. The pagans prayed toward Mecca and the Kabah because that is where their gods were stationed. The worship of the Moon god extended far beyond the Allah-worship in Arabia, the entire Fertile Crescent was involved in the worship of the Moon. This, in part, explains the early success of Islam among Arab groups that traditionally had worshiped the Moon god. The use of the crescent Moon as the symbol for Islam placed on the flags of Islamic nations and on the top of mosques and minarets harkens back to the days when Allah was worshiped as the Moon god in Mecca. While this may come as a surprise to many Christians who have wrongly assumed that Allah was simply another name for the God of the Bible, educated Muslims generally understand this point.

The Quraysh tribe into which Muhammad was born was particularly devoted to Allah, the Moon god, and especially to Allah's three daughters who were viewed as intercessors between the people and Allah. The worship of the three goddesses, Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat, played a significant role in the worship at the Kabah in Mecca. The first two daughters of Allah had names which were feminine forms of Allah. The literal Arabic name of Muhammad's father was Abd-Allah. His uncle's name was Obied-Allah. These names reveal the personal devotion that Muhammad's pagan family had to the worship of Allah the Moon god, as confirmed in notes on the background of Islam.

"The name Allah, as the Quran itself is witness, was well known in pre-Islamic Arabia. Indeed, both it and its feminine form, Allat, are found not infrequently among the theophorous names in inscriptions from North Africa" (Arthur Jeffery, ed., Islam: Muhammad and His Religion (New York: The Liberal Arts Press, 1958) p. 85). The word comes from the compound Arabic word, 'al-ilah'. 'Al' is the definite article "the" and 'ilah' is an Arabic word for "god." It is not a foreign word. It is not even the Syriac word for God. It is pure Arabic. (For an interesting discussion of the origins of 'Allah,' see J. Blau, "Arabic Lexigraphical Miscellanies." Journal of Semitic Studies, Vol XVII, No. 2, 1972, p. 173-190).

"Allah is a pre-Islamic name. . . corresponding to the Babylonian Bel" (Encyclopedia of Religion, eds. Paul Meagher, Thomas O'Brian, Consuela Aherne (Washington DC: Corpus Pub., 1979), I:117). "The origin of this goes back to pre-Muslim times. Allah is not a common name meaning "God" (or a "god"), and the Muslim must use another word or form if he wishes to indicate any other than his own peculiar deity. "Allah is a proper name, applicable only to their [Arabs'] peculiar God" (James Hastings, Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1908), I:326).

The three self-proclaimed monotheistic 'Abrahamic' religions are found to be polytheistic imposts devised and deployed by God's enemy to exploit those who are content with a second-hand religion delivered by a possibly sincere, but sincerely wrong rabbi, priest, minister, or imam. But where will this leave mankind when grace ends and the Hebrew prophets of Zechariah 4 and Revelation 11 minister to an election of blood Israelites in Israel—among whom Gentile so-called Jews will be non persona grata? After seven years, "the [Devil-incarnate] beast will be taken, and with him the pope who wrought miracles in his presence, by which he deceived all who received the mark of the beast, and who served his image. These two will be cast alive into a lake of Fire burning with brimstone" (Revelation 19:20).

Judaism is not the faith of Abraham, the patriarchs, Moses and the prophets of Israel, but its pharisaic antithesis; almost all so-called Jews are diverse non-Semitic peoples who have been deceived by men with the "will to power" in pursuit of Lucifer's totalitarian one world government proclaimed by the lewd Babylonian Talmud and spiritualist Cabala. Their claims on God rest upon mythology (Isaiah 8:9-22). Besides, the meaning of the modern word "Jew," which first appeared in the Bible in the latter part of the eighteenth century, is contrary to the two words it has replaced.

Addressing Israel in about 780BC Hosea 6:1-2 prophesied, "Come, and let us return to the Lord: for He has torn, and He will heal us; He has smitten, and He will bind us up. After two days He will revive us, and on the third day He will raise us up and we may once more live before Him." We are 2,790 years into the third day of one thousand years, and before the nation of Israel is "raised up" and "born in one day" in "the time of Jacob's trouble," then martyred (Isaiah 66:8; Jeremiah 30:7; Matthew 27:25; Revelation 6:11; 14:1-5; 12 – 15:4), grace will have ended for we Gentiles. So if you are a non-Semitic self-styled Jew in Adam's race who hears the Voice of the Lord in this message, do not harden your heart, like the genuine blood Israelites "in the provocation in the wilderness," but repent, and seek the Lord Jesus Christ, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who manifest in virgin-born flesh to pay sin's price as YOUR sinless kinsman Redeemer under God's Law.

From the inauguration of Christ's Church in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost to the close of the seventh or Laodicean Church Age in March, 1963, when Revelation 4, 5 and 10:1-7 were fulfilled and the Seven Seals revealed, Christ was in the office Son of God and Mediator. Then the revelation of the unwritten Seventh Seal (Revelation 8:1) "finished the mystery of God," unfolding the mysteries of the Seven Thunders which were "sealed up" during the delay of intercession for the ignorance of the Church Age who with only PART-Word could not otherwise have been born-again. However, while the Book was sealed the "synagogue of Satan" insinuated itself into the circle of believers and introduced polytheism, the Judaeo-Roman Catholic and Judaeo-Greek (Orthodox) trinities, Unitarianism (since adopted by Jehovah's Witnesses), the Pentecostal Oneness (Jesus Only) doctrine, and countless denominations, each teaching error.

"While God winked at those times ignorance, [since the Seals are revealed] He now commands all men everywhere to repent: because He has fixed a day when He will judge the world in righteousness by Jesus Christ whom He has appointed, having furnished proof to all by raising Him from the dead" (Acts 17:30-31). Thus we see in Revelation 4 and 5:5 there is neither sacrifice nor blood on the altar; the Mercy Seat is now a Judgment Seat, and the Lamb has become the Lion. As such, Christ's mediation has ended, saints have crowned Him King of kings (Revelation 5:8-13), and He is in the prophetic office of Son of Man He and Judge (John 5:27).

The Hebrew dispensation of Law ended two thousand years ago when they crucified Messiah, and although God leveled His Temple they have continued in apostasy to this day in which the world church system is apostate and knows it not but has rejected Christ's second or 'parousia' Coming and is "crucifying to themselves the Son of God afresh" (Hebrews 6:6; Revelation 3:17-20). Like Israel, the churches are living on the glory of history, oblivious to the signs of the times and have rejected the prophet William Branham's Message, the "shout" of I Thessalonians 4:14-16, which is the "midnight cry" of Matthew 25:6 confirmed by the heavenly Voice of Revelation 18:4 calling God's people "Come out from the Judaeo-Roman whore and her once Protestant harlot daughter churches that you do not partake of her sins and receive not of her plagues".

Judaism, its Roman Catholic bastard child and her harlot daughters bear the mark of the beast, and the Judaeo-Roman Catholic golem, Islam was born of it.

Like Isaiah 8:20, Malachi 4:5-6, Matthew 4:4, and Hebrews 13:8, the Koran claims that no one can change the Word of God (Sura 6:34; 10:34). Thus no prophet of God can contradict the words of a previously vindicated prophet, because God is unchangeable in both essence and behavior. He is infinite in His abilities so therefore He as God must be omniscient and is not now learning, nor is He taking counsel even with Himself, nor is He at any time adding to His knowledge. If He can add to His knowledge, then He is not omniscient. The best we could say is that sometime He will be. But that is not Scriptural. He IS omniscient. He has never had a new thought about anything because all His thoughts He has always had and always will have, and knows the end from the beginning because He is God. Thus the thoughts of God are already real and eternal, and part of God.

Mohammed recognizes Abraham, Moses, Jesus and other vindicated prophets, yet contradicts their Word, making them and himself for recognizing them, false prophets. Otherwise they are genuine and Mohammed was the false prophet. Sura 4:154-158 states, "That they said (in boast) "We killed Messiah Jesus the son of Mary the Apostle of Allah"; but they killed him not nor crucified him but so it was made to appear to them and those who differ therein are full of doubts with no (certain) knowledge but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not." If Mohammed is correct those who wrote Psalm 22, Isaiah 53, John 12:1, Romans 1:4, I Corinthians 15:4-7, and Galatians 3:13 are all false prophets.

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ was prophesied from the garden of Eden. As redemption demands an identical substitute to the first Adam in order to make restitution, a sinless man created by God's spoken Word without human intercourse must be born of a woman to be a "near kinsman" and voluntarily surrendered His life in satisfaction for the penalty of sin due every man since Adam (Leviticus 25; Ruth). Sura 39:7 denies the possibility of Christ's vicarious sacrifice and atonement: "No soul shall bear another's burden. To God you shall all return and He will declare to you what you have done" (Suras 6:164; 35:18; 53:41; 22:37). But Exodus 12:6 and Daniel 9:26 foretold the hour, day, month and year of the crucifixion, while Leviticus 23:9-14, Psalm 16:10, Matthew 16:21, and John 2:19 foretold His resurrection three days later. So if Moses, Daniel, David and Jesus are false prophets, what then is Mohammed?

Although Muslims attack the Bible on the ground that different versions sometimes have conflicting wording, Muslims use up to twenty known versions of the Koran (seven mentioned in the Hadiths) have many conflicting readings of the text. The charge that the Bible has been corrupted and falsified was initiated by Ibn-Khazem in 1064 who met contradictions between the Bible and the Koran. However, Suras 2:40-42,126,136,285; 3:3,71,93; 4:47,136; 5:47-51, 69,71-72; 6:91; 10:37,94; 21:7; 29:45,46; 35:31; 46:11 declare the Bible to be a true revelation of God and demand faith in the Bible. Judaeo-Roman Islam, like Judaeo-Roman Catholicism and Babylonian Judaism, is based on "the will to power" and denies freedom of thought and expression so that one who converts from Islam is liable to be killed. It is as if the most merciful were impotent, and incapable of wooing His people by love, needed the wicked hands of bloody-minded men to enforce worship against their free will. This is the mark of the beast.

In conclusion, the three self-proclaimed monotheistic 'Abrahamic' religions are clearly a Babel of confusion, and although Mohammed claims to by the last prophet, the prophets of God's Holy Bible promised He would send the prophet William Branham (1906-1965) to we Gentiles in these last days, and that He will soon send two mighty Hebrew prophets to Israel "with power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will" (Revelation 11:6).

My Muslim friend, hasten to the bosom of Jesus Messiah before "The great day of the Lord . . . makes you helpless as a blind man searching for a path, because you have sinned against the Lord! Your blood will be poured out as dust, and your flesh as dung. Your silver and gold will not ransom you in the day of the Lord's wrath. [Jesus Messiah is your ransom, if you will receive Him TODAY], for the earth will be consumed by the fire of His jealousy: for He will make a speedy riddance of all the inhabitants of earth. . . Seek the Lord, you who are humble and seek to obey. Walk humbly, and work righteousness: perhaps you will be hid in the day of the Lord's anger" (Zephaniah 1:17-17; 2:3). nl673.htm

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