Saturday, November 10, 2007

God is Working

Bible Believers' Newsletter #500
"We focus on the present Truth – what Jesus is doing now. . ."
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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Once again it is our privilege to welcome our new subscribers. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to write. Thanks to the dedication of one of the saints our video presentation Footprints on the Sands of Time is now available here on YouTube. The resolution is not good, but the Message is clear.

There may not be a Newsletter next week as our Appeal is scheduled to be heard in the Federal Court on November 20-21. Please call upon the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to deliver us from evil, grant the Church Website exemption from further harassment by His oppressors and ours, and gather glory to Himself.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott


Press Freedom declining: Audit
August 31, 2007 – Invited by the Right to Know campaign, a coalition of leading media organisations, Geoffrey Robertson QC lamented Australia's international press freedom standing. In 39th place, Australia is ranked lower than Britain and the US as well as counties such as Costa Rica, Bulgaria, Estonia, New Zealand and Trinidad and Tobago. Sadly, the result is not an error made by an overseas agency unfamiliar with Australian conditions, but a consequence of the state of Australian law.

As Robertson demonstrated, Australia's outcome reflects weak freedom of information laws, the overuse of suppression orders by judges, a proposed expansion of the censorship regime, a failure to properly protect journalists' sources, criminal convictions being imposed upon whistleblowers, excessively wide defamation laws and new anti-terror laws such as that on sedition. . . Full story:

An independent audit by former New South Wales ombudsman Irene Moss that reviewed legislation and practices related to free speech issues affecting the media in Australia has found a general "subtle shift" towards secrecy.


Spain withdraws from Germany’s Holocaust-Persecution-Alliance
Madrid abolishes Thought-Crime-Law
Madrid, November 11, 2007 – The first sentence given in Spain for the crime of genocide apology will also be the last. Moreover, it will be revoked. The Constitutional Tribunal decided yesterday to decriminalise a presumption that was included in the reform of the Penal Code of 1996. Article 607.2 anticipates punishments of up to two years in jail for whoever, "by any means" diffuses "ideas or doctrines that deny or justify" the Holocaust.

With that legislation, a Barcelona court [Juzgado Penal Nº 3, Judge Santiago Vidal] sentenced a librarian [Pedro Varela] in this city in 1998 who distributed and commercialised pro-Nazi books and videos. Against the prosecution’s criteria, the Catalonian Court of Appeal [Audiencia Provincial, three judges] posed the question of unconstitutionality, when considering that the referenced article limits a fundamental right, the right to freedom of expression, since it punishes the diffusion of ideas "without demanding any other element, such as affronts, or inciting to attack groups."

We are, undoubtedly, before a correct decision of the Constitutional Court that reinforces our system of guarantees. Because, no matter how odious the ideas that justify genocide may appear to us, a free society cannot deny their right of freedom of expression, unless it includes inciting to violence. The opposite would be to reinstate the crime of opinion. . . Full story:


UK can now demand Data Decryption on Penalty of Jail Time
October 3, 2007 – New laws. . . in the United Kingdom make it a crime to refuse to decrypt almost any encrypted data requested by authorities as part of a criminal or terror investigation. Individuals who are believed to have the cryptographic keys necessary for such decryption will face up to 5 years in prison for failing to comply with police or military orders to hand over either the cryptographic keys, or the data in a decrypted form. Full story:

Comment: Beware, "freedom and democracy" are coming to a town near you.


Erklärung der Familie Heise zu der Hausdurchsuchung
October 30, 2007 – In Germany, more and more homes and apartments are being raided by the thought police, they march in and destroy everything. All computers and DVD and CDs are confiscated and may not be returned for up to two years (after they have run deep searches over the hard drives).

Bank accounts are being blocked and many people are being fined huge sums for writing their opinion. It was reported on TV a few nights ago that one young man recently got fined €1500 for writing in an email that in some circumstances, violence is OK. All electronic correspondence into and out of the country is being monitored, emails, log-on details, mobile-phone connections etc., to whom you are calling, and from whom you are being called. It looks as though this Government will do its best to make sure there will be a police state!! Words written innocently or in jest may have consequences for the receiver. Full story:

Comment: The US Congress has passed another ADL legislative solution in search of a problem, H.R. 1955. "The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007" is against " homegrown terrorists." Do I hear someone knocking on YOUR door?

Section 899A of the bill defines "violent radicalization" as "the process of adopting or promoting an extremist belief system for the purpose of facilitating ideologically based violence to advance political, religious, or social change." Nowhere in the legislation is "extremist" or "violence" defined, so you can imagine how the government could even use this bill to imprison people like the founders of this nation!

Perhaps the thought police were not listening when Israeli war criminal and Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon said, "I don't know something called International Principles. I vow that I'll burn every Palestinian child (that) will be born in this area. The Palestinian woman and child is more dangerous than the man, because the Palestinian child’s existence infers that generations will go on, but the man causes limited danger. I vow that if I was just an Israeli civilian and I met a Palestinian I would burn him and I would make him suffer before killing him. With one hit I've killed 750 Palestinians (in Rafah in 1956). I wanted to encourage my soldiers by raping Arabic girls as the Palestinian women is a slave for Jews, and we do whatever we want to her and nobody tells us what we shall do but we tell others what they shall do" (Interview with General Ouze Merham, 1956). Mr. Sharon certainly knows his Talmud.

The thought police also turned a deaf ear toward Yitzhak Rabin, at the head of the occupying forces at the beginning of the "Intifada," he gave the order to "break the bones" of the children of the Palestinian soil, whose only weapon was the ancient stones of their land with which to defend their ancestral soil.

God's prophet to the Israelites, NOT to the Israelis, said, "Woe to him who builds a town with bloodshed, who establishes a city by iniquity! Behold, it is not of the Lord of hosts " (Habakkuk 2:12,13; Malachi 1:4).


Putin warns Russians of the Danger from 'those who wish to rule over mankind'
November 5, 2007 – Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday claimed that Russia is under threat from others who wish to split the country and take its vast natural resources. And in a veiled reference to the United States, he claimed there were others who would like to "rule over all mankind". . . He said any attempt to establish a unipolar world was doomed to fail. . . Full story:

Comment: "National Unity Day was created by Mr. Putin in 2005 to replace a holiday dedicated to the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution that had been celebrated on 7 November." A sure sign the President knows what he is talking about, which is more than can be said for most leaders in the West.


Cheney pursuing Nuclear Ambitions of His Own
November 5, 2007 – While Dick Cheney has been talking tough over the years about Iran's alleged nuclear activities, the vice president has been quietly pursuing nuclear ambitions of his own.

For more than two years, Cheney and a relatively unknown administration official, Deputy Energy Secretary Clay Sell, have been regularly visiting the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to ensure agency officials rewrite regulatory policies and bypass public hearings in order to streamline the licensing process for energy companies that have filed applications to build new nuclear power reactors, as well as applications for new nuclear facilities that are expected to be filed by other companies in the months ahead. . . The energy corporations. . . have advised the vice president and his staff on energy policy in a way that would boost their companies' profit margins. These corporations have also donated millions of dollars to President Bush's and Cheney's past presidential campaigns. . . Full story:

Comment: Could there be collaboration between the banksters, oil and energy companies, climate control hoaxsters and world hegemony? "Who controls the energy can control whole continents" (Henry Kissinger). Australia is in lockstep.


Think-tank says 'Downgrade Christmas'
November 1, 2007 – Christmas should be downgraded unless other religious festivals are marked on an even footing. . . The Institute of Public Policy Research has suggested various ideas to make the UK more multicultural. It also wants "national culture" barriers to be torn down to help immigrants settle into the UK.

In a report due to be published in coming weeks, the organisation said: "If we are going to continue to mark Christmas—and it would be very hard to expunge it from our national life even if we wanted to— then public organisations should mark other major religious festivals too. . . Full story:

Comment: How to create chaos and make life so unbearable the Goyim will beg Esau to form Lucifer's New World Order (Protocol 10:19).


Christian Rock: Blessing or Blasphemy
In the early 1950's, Cleveland disc jockey Allan Freed, revolutionized the music world. . . Borrowing a ghetto term for sexual fornication, he coined the term "Rock 'n Roll". The Encyclopaedia Britannica Yearbook for 1956 described rock 'n roll as, "insistent savagery . . . deliberately competing with the artistic ideals of the jungle."

The Christian community cried against this "tool of Satan." But in the 70's, a sinister hand began planting a small, but deadly seed. And the walls began to crumble. And like a raging hurricane, rock began desecrating the sacred music of the church. In they came; Bill Gaither, the Imperials, Dallas Holmes, Randy Stonehill, Keith Greene, and others. Today, rock music is a common companion of the church. And as you'll soon read; the rebellion, the sexual theme, the blasphemy, the occult influence, are found "lurking under the cover" of Christian rock. . . Full story: Christian Rock exposed


Police: Jewish GW Student admits putting Swastikas on Her Door
Washington, November 5, 2007 – George Washington University officials said a Jewish student who complained about swastikas showing up on her door put them there herself. The student lives in Mitchell Hall, where half a dozen swastikas had shown up on her dorm room door in the past several weeks. University police set up a hidden camera. They said the girl admitted responsibility Monday. . . Full story:

Comment: If and when they are discovered the culprit is inevitably a Jew, sometimes a rabbi.


Hundreds return to Homes as East Coast Tidal Wave Flood Fears Subside
November 9, 2007 – At the Bascule Bridge, in the centre of the Suffolk town, residents said the sea was at least 5ft higher than its usual level by 7.20am. . . At Ness Point, Britain's most easterly extremity, waves were reaching heights of at least 20ft as they crashed against sea defences. . . the Environment Agency issued eight severe flood warnings and said it was "gravely concerned" about the threat. . . The surge has echoes of the East Coast floods of 1953, when more than 1,000 people died. . . Meanwhile, Dutch authorities have shut down the port city of Rotterdam and closed the storm surge Maeslant barrier for the first time since its construction 10 years ago. Full story:

Comment: Brother Branham said, "I think that England would be sunk someday beneath the ocean; it deserves it. Filth, dirt, puny. . . That's the immoral cesspool of the world, the most Scriptural-denying people I ever seen in my life. She's become that, because she's rejected the Truth" (Recognizing Your Day and Its Message, p. 26:147).

When Los Angeles sinks beneath the Pacific I expect tidal waves will sweep the seven oceans (Luke 21:25).


Yellowstone is rising on Swollen "Supervolcano"
November 8, 2007 – Yellowstone National Park is rising. Its central region, called the Yellowstone caldera, has been moving upward since mid-2004 at a rate of up to three inches (seven centimeters) a year—more than three times faster than has ever been measured.

The surface is inflating like a bellows due to an infusion of magma about 6 miles (10 kilometers) underground, according to a new study published in tomorrow's issue of the journal Science.

Much of the park sits in a caldera, or crater, some 40 miles (70 kilometers) across, which formed when the cone of the massive volcano collapsed in a titanic eruption 640,000 years ago. . . Full story:


Fighting Green Genocide
Australia's current electoral system is a fraud twice-over. First, because our easily-destabilized, British parliamentary system is itself a scam: without a strong, popularly elected head of state, its purpose is to ensure that real power is held by a financial oligarchy ruling from offstage. Second, "preferential voting" was introduced in 1918 solely in order to stop the pro-national banking, pro-sovereignty Labor Party of that era by allowing the two conservative, pro-British parties to swap votes and therefore to effectively vote as one. Preferences worked to the same end during the Menzies era, when the DLP's preferences were always anti-ALP, which later continued its fight for national sovereignty until the Crown sacked Whitlam.

Under Howard, the Liberal Party has spearheaded numerous outright fascist policies, including its "anti-terror" laws; its support of the Cheney/Bush war in Iraq. . . However, there is something worse than even fascism, and that is mass genocide. And that is what the fanatical "green" policies of both "Her Majesty's Australian Labor Party, the loyal Opposition" as Kevin Rudd calls it, and the Greens actually entail, given that they will wipe out our remaining industry and agriculture on a colossal scale in order to stop nonexistent "man-made global warming". "Global warming" is a British imperial policy designed to collapse the world's population from 6.5 billion people to a billion or less, as many of its adherents have openly proclaimed.

In the dissenting minority report of the Australian Parliament's Standing Committee on Science and Innovation the Liberal Party has exposed "global warming" for the utter fraud that it is. Educate yourself, global warming is a fraud of the City of London, see: The Petition: A Global Warming Case Study.


Global Incidents and other Suspicious Events
In the interest of striking fear of the unknown in the heart of non-Christians who are not yet paranoid, "they" present the Global Incident Map, which provides a global display of terrorism events and other suspicious activity. They also track illegal alien attacks, arrests, crimes, legislation and US border enforcement showing precisely what is taking place in a town near you. Soon they plan to tell us where we can find gang activity, expose ourselves to outbreaks of bird-flu, and school incidents. The information is automatically updated every 8 minutes 24/7. Full story:


Rabbis warn Bush: Annapolis will bring Destruction to US
November 6, 2007 – A group of prominent rabbis issued a harshly-worded letter to United States President George W. Bush earlier this week, warning him that the upcoming Annapolis peace conference would bring destruction upon America.

The rabbis evoke their previous prediction in 2005, when they published an open letter to Bush in the New York Times, demanding the US rescind its support of the disengagement plan. "We wrote to President Bush, a man who believes in the Bible, to warn him against the terrible danger to which he is exposing his country by hosting such a conference," said Rabbi Meir Druckman, one of signatories to the letter. "The land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel. God punishes anyone who coerces Israel to give up its land," he said. . . Full story:

Comment: As war criminal Prime Minister Ariel Sharon boasted, "We Jews control America, and they know it".

President Bush is not a man who believes in the Bible; neither are Talmudic rabbis uttering chutzpah where the Lord has not spoken. Such hypocrisy, confessing the land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel whom they impersonate. The destruction of America will result from their association with these who boast of themselves as "the destroyers."

Former Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef called for the annihilation of Arabs, "It is forbidden to be merciful to them. You must send missiles to them and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable".


God is Working

"Why was that precious little boy stricken blind when he was born? That God might get glory and turn a city upside-down. Sure, God knows what He's a-doing. God knows. And He puts us on the ash heap in order to show us His glory.

So this morning I say this, friends. After thirty-one years of ministry, after thirty-one years of toils of the field, I want to testify to this: I have seen disappointments. I've seen the time I've asked for things, and cried for things, and begged for things, and failed to get them. But if I'll just wait patiently upon God, then I know that it works just exactly right, comes out just exactly right, does just exactly the right things.

When I lost my baby, my little Sharon, that was one thing that stumbled me. I said, "How can that be for the good? How can it be for the good?" And months later, when I saw her standing there in all the beauty of a young girl, speaking to me, standing by the side of that old wagon broken down there. I knew that if she would've lived, she might've turned out wrong. God had to take her while she was tender and sweet. I know I'll see her again. I know I shall see her; I know it beyond any shadow of doubt.

I think of my wife of twenty-two years old, taken, just merely a girl, a little mother there. When the papers give a headline here, "Young mother of reverend just died," oh, how my heart bled. I didn't know what to do. But today I know it was all working for my good. I know the life had to be ground, and twisted, and squeezed to get what was in it, out. There was too much Branham in there; had to be squeezed out before God could make Himself known.

There was too much of you in you, till God had to squeeze it out through trials. And while that squeezing was coming on, it's hard. But after while the skies clear back and you see the purpose of God. Then you cry, "I know my Redeemer liveth, and at the last days He'll stand on the earth. Though the skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God." These little trials and things are just for a moment, and they fade and pass away. But they're only done for your good; let us remember that, that God would get glory" (William Branham, I Know, p. 72:89-94).

Romans 8:28, "We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose".

God created man in His image. Our soul is an immortal spirit made in the image of God who is the Eternal Spirit. Our natural body is formed of the earth through animal desire and made in the image of an animal. As we have borne the likeness of this body of dust, so shall we bear the likeness of the Word form body which will replace our mortal spirit and transform this corruptible flesh into glorified form like Jesus' precious body.

In Matthew 13 Jesus explained how God sowed wheat in His field—His spoken Word manifest as Adam and the saints of all ages; "But [during the Church Ages] while men slept, His enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat": the spiritual Serpent's seed of false teaching and natural Serpent's seed who "crept in unawares." God allowed this to try and prove His Attributes in those foreknown from eternity as written epistles of the Word for their hour; to bring them to maturity in the full measure of the stature of the perfect Man revealed for their day. "That they should no longer be babies, swung back and forth, and carried here and there by every wind of doctrine, that springs from human craftiness and ingenuity for devising error; but speaking the truth in love, may grow up and mature in the oneness of unity with Him who is the head—Christ" (Ephesians 4:14-15).

God gathers glory to Himself by the law of contrast, displaying His glory in those who overcome the works of the Devil by manifested faith in His Word. I John 3:8-10, "He who manifests sin (i.e. unbelief in the revealed Word of God) is of the Devil; for the Devil has sinned from the beginning. The purpose of the Son of God's appearance was to destroy the works of the Devil. No one born of God commits sin; for His Seed remains in him: and he cannot disbelieve the revealed Word because he is born of God by faith in His Word. By this the children of God and the children of the Devil are differentiated: whoever does not practice righteousness nor love his brother is not of God".

Grace and the Life of Christ Jesus written in the lives of God's elect is known and read in sharp contrast to the works of death in the lives of the children of the Devil. Truth sets us free from sin and death. "The works of the Devil" is death.

Hebrews 2:14-15, "Since we as God's children are human beings made of flesh and blood, He also became flesh and blood by being born in human form; for only as our kinsman could He die and in dying break the power of the Devil who had the power of death. Only in that way could He emancipate those who throughout life were enslaved through fear of death".

We overcome the Devil and his works by faith in Messiah's Word and prayer whereby the Lord God receives glory through our witness to eternal Life in Christ Jesus to whom all authority is given in heaven and on earth until after the Judgment. I Corinthians 15:25-28, "For He must reign until He has put all His enemies under His feet. The last enemy to be destroyed is death. For God has put all things under His feet. But when it says all things are put in subjection under Him, it is clear that God who put all things under Him is excepted. And when all things are subjected to Him, then shall the Son subject Himself to the One who put all things in subjection under Him, that God may be everything to everyone".

We were sown in dishonour and weakness through the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life by which Lucifer tempted impetuous mother Eve away from the Word and Life to human reasoning unto death; but we will be raised in glory by the power inherent in us by virtue of faith for translation grace. By the law of contrast God will gather glory to Himself in the first resurrection, the manifestation of the Sons of God, our change in the atoms, and our translation. But so long as we inhabit corruptible bodies with their mortal spirit, the Lord will allow His Adversary to torment, test and prove His Attributes in our soul, that we may bring our flesh and mortal spirit subject to the Headship of the "quickening Spirit" married to our soul, for the Word that was sown is not quickened until we die to the desires of our ten natural senses and bring soul, spirit and body under preeminence. We are to be His witnesses, in an ethical sense, martyrs, who after His example have proved the strength and genuineness of their faith in Christ, having submitted carnal thinking and worldly desires to a violent death.

Like a boxer or an athlete we are presently in training for the grand contest; familiarizing our self with our adversary and his methods, his strengths and weaknesses; learning our own strengths and shortcomings so we may put on the whole armour of God, and having done all, to stand wise as serpents and guileless as doves with the Token on display. Ephesians 6:12, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." The battle and the victory is the Lord's, but before we can stand we must possess the Token or armour of God and have it on display.

In order to truly prepare a contestant his training must replicate anticipated battle conditions; it must be a genuine trial of body, spirit and soul. God puts us through trials and temptations so we can prove our own selves, whether we be in the faith. Is faith real? Will it hold in adversity? Can we depend upon faith alone? Have we added to faith virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, and brotherly kindness? Peter warns, "He who lacks these things is blind, and cannot see afar off, and has forgotten that he was purged from his old sins".

If, like me, you find the time of training long, decades long, and absolutely daunting, then like me, you may have too much you in you. And God will keep beating that gold until He expels the dross and can see His image reflected in you. Remember Moses, whom God tested over forty years before he was fit for his calling; and Paul, who suffered beatings and stonings and imprisonment for the sake of his calling to deliver the Gospel to the Gentiles. II Timothy 1:12, "Nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day." Keep on the firing line. God will not forsake His elect.

The Lord told Brother Branham not to expound the "third pull" to Pentecostal ministers as it was not sent to Laodiceans and would create confusion. Now after forty years, ministers in the circle of this Message are confused. Yet the end-time ministry is required to become one with the open Book and repeat the prophecy concerning many peoples and nations and tongues and kings, saying what he meant, not parroting what he said, "for the letter kills, but the spirit gives Life." The "third pull" is the revelation of the "letter" of the Message whose function is to quicken the saints, indict individuals and groups who reject the revelation, and produce what we say in the Name of the Lord during the manifestation of the Sons of God to raise faith in us for the body change. The enemy of God and men feign offence at this "evening time Light" prophesied by Zechariah 14:7 and persecute us because It introduced Jesus Messiah's second or 'parousia' Coming into the world whom they "crucify to themselves a second time, and hold up to contempt".

Brother Branham said, "The third pull has now been vindicated. . . there'll never be any impersonation of that, 'cause it can't be. . . it's just happened so it could identify its presence among you. See? But it will not be used in a great way, until this council begins to tighten up. . . when the squeeze comes down, then you'll see what you have seen temporarily be manifested in the fullness of its power. . . this will be the thing that will start the rapturing faith for the going away.

There's coming a time. . . to where this nation is going to exercise all the power that the beast had before (which was pagan Rome, when it become papal Rome. See?). . . Revelations 13 plainly explains it. . . So don't you see, Roman denomination, a marked Protestant denomination, an image unto the beast, making a power that'll force all Protestants like a union. You'll have to be into this council of churches, or you won't be able to have fellowship. . . when that time comes, and the press comes to a place to where you're pressed out. . . watch the third pull then. It'll be absolutely to the total lost, but it will be for the Bride and the church" (Look Away to Jesus, p. 5:38-49).

As indicated by the news items, the Empire of the City of London — Britain, the USA, Canada and Australia in lockstep — is beginning to display the ruthless nature of Imperial Rome. As the (once) Protestant churches draw closer in union with one another and their mother Rome, whose image they are, they will also draw closer to the so-called Jews with whom Rome will covenant to refinance the US dollar (Daniel 9:27; Revelation 17:12-17). The leadership of the non-Semitic, anti-Semitic self-styled Jews has announced their intent to impose dominion over non-Jews:

"The Seven Noachide laws are general commandments with many details. Transgressing any one of them is considered such a breach in the natural order that the offender incurs the death penalty. Apart from a few exceptions, the death sentence for a Ben Noach is Sayif, death by the sword/decapitation, the least painful of the four modes of execution of criminals (see Rambam's Hilchos Melachim 9:14). (The four methods of capital punishment in Torah are: S’kilah - Stoning; S’rifah - Burning; Hereg - Decapitation; Henek - Strangulation.) The many formalities of procedure essential when the accused is an Israelite need not be observed in the case of the Noachite. The latter may be convicted on the testimony of one witness, even on that of relatives, but not on that of a woman. He need have had no warning from the witnesses; and a single judge may pass sentence on him (Sanhedrin 57a, b; Rambam, Hilchos Melakim 9:14; ).

Section 46PO(1)(b) of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Act 1986 states: "any person who was an affected person in relation to the complaint may make an application to the Federal Court or the Federal Magistrates Court, alleging unlawful discrimination by one or more of the respondents to the terminated complaint. . ." One person complained, and "a single judge" passed sentence.

Can you guess who has dominion over the nation (Genesis 27:39-41), and who was the architect of this legislation? During 1988, the predominant architect of "Anti-Hate" legislation, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League of Rothschild's B'nai B'rith, helped sponsor a nationwide, law-student competition to write a model "Anti-Hate" law for America. . . That competition was won by Joseph Ribakoff, whose thesis proposes that not only must hate motivated violence be banned, but also any words which stimulate: suspicion; friction; hate; and possible violence must also be criminalised. This ADL prize-winning paper suggests that not only should state-agencies monitor and restrict free speech in general, but they should also censor all films that criticize identifiable groups. Furthermore, even if the person making the statement can justify it, for example Christians criticizing homosexuality because the bible expressly forbids it, Ribakoff asserts that the truth is to be no defence in court.

The only proof a court will need in order to secure a conviction of hate speech is that something has been said, and a minority group or member of such group has felt emotionally damaged as a result of such criticism. Under these proposals which the ADL has since forced into law all over much of the world, Jesus Christ would be arrested as a hate criminal.

The method of procedure in the Nuremberg kangaroo trials was based on the same absence of principles. The status of the tribunal was defined as follows:

* Article 19: The Court will not be bound by technical rules relating to the administration of proofs. It will adopt and apply as far as possible an expeditive and not a formalist procedure, will admit any means it considers to have conclusive value.

* Article 21: The Court will not require proof of facts that are of public notoriety, but will take them as established. It also regards as authentic proofs the official documents and reports of the Allied governments.

This was the juridical monstrosity whose decisions were to be canonized and regarded as criteria of an untouchable historical truth, according to the Gayssot-Fabius law of May 2, 1990. Magistrates are being turned into judges of historical truth in spite of prior laws on freedom of expression and freedom of worship.

Subjective "emotion," not objective truth and hard fact can now brand one a criminal. Common Law and juries are passe, and, as I discovered too late, whereas under criminal law one is presumed innocent until proven guilty, under civil law one is presumed guilty and must establish his innocence. As your eagle eye may have observed, the "competition" was held ex post facto since the Act was passed two years beforehand, somewhat like the so-called Holocaust of World War II which was not announced until the Eichmann Trial in 1961.

Sniff the breeze, can you feel "the squeeze" approaching?

According to the Talmud, "A non-Jew is put to death on the basis of a decision given by one judge [no jury], and on the basis of testimony given by a single witness, and even if he was not given a proper warning prior to the commission of his offense. He is put to death on the basis of testimony and a decision given by a man but not on the basis of testimony and a decision given by a woman, and the man who testified or decided against him can even be a relative.

"A Jew can only be put to death by a court of twenty-three judges, and on the basis of the testimony of two male witnesses who are not disqualified from testifying on account of kinship, and after being properly warned against committing the transgression. But none of these rules apply in the case of a non-Jew" (Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 57b, Steinsaltz edition, vol.18, page 110).

". . . violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noachide to capital punishment by decapitation" (Sanhedrin 57a; Encyclopaedia Judaica, "Noahide Laws").

"The Christians are idolaters, and Sunday is their holiday. . ." (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Avodah Zorah, 9;4).

". . . a gentile who worships false gods is liable, [for the death penalty] provided he worships them in the accepted manner. A gentile is executed for every type of foreign worship which a Jewish court would consider worthy of capital punishment" (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Melachim 11;

This is also the view of Bar-llan University's Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Hayman, who is active in Jewish-Christian dialogue and in encouraging modern Christianity to return to its Jewish roots by observing the Seven Noahide Laws. As the rabbi knows full well, the Noahide laws are fraudulent and Christianity has no "Jewish roots"; we are Abraham's seed, having inherited the blessings of God's promise to Israel which have nothing to do with Jewry (Genesis 12:3; 17:5; Galatians 3:29). Christians have to make a choice — "either retain their present belief system and be antisemitic or form a partnership with the Jewish people. As long as Christians keep Jesus as God, they will be antisemitic because that belief must lead them to believe that those who reject Jesus reject God," he told The Australian Jewish News (Melbourne Edit., Volume 62 #43 July 26, 1996, p. 9).

The intolerant rabbi has a "squeeze" complex, and will decapitate you unless you submit to his strange gods. "It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not—they will be killed" (Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, Ma'ariv, October 6, 2004). The rainbow is the symbol of the Noahide movement—the movement to bring humanity under a rabbinic system of double standards called "Noahide Law" enforced by subsidiary courts of a Sanhedrin based in Jerusalem.

God is working in you and in me: we must take the way of the Lord's despised few where we will learn discipline and put on the character of Jesus Christ and the pilgrims who have gone before us. By the law of contrast and the Token on display in you, He will gather glory to Himself. Please reflect upon what you have read in this Newsletter, for it is no mind game, it is real and taking place at taxpayer expense in supposedly democratic Australia. The Australian public will know nothing of this from the media unless the matter is decided in favour of our oppressors. My prayer is that you will see the lateness of the hour, the seriousness of what is happening to us and take this situation as a bell-wether leading to the "squeeze." The hearings for our Appeal in the Federal Court are set for November 20-21. Please remember the Church in prayer.

In Newsletter #499 we described how Lucifer has misapplied God's laws of physics, gathering and converting the potential energy of "human resources" in bondage to kinetic energy, and create material wealth by exerting force and power to advance his goal of totalitarian one world government. By subterfuge commanded in the Babylonian Talmud, he is stealing energy freely given by men and women under "strong delusion that they should believe the lie [he told Eve, that God loves us all]: that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness" (II Thessalonians 2:11-12), and I see many churches in the circle of this Message believing the lie. The very people over whom they fawn are those who will hate and persecute them in the time of the "squeeze," and unless these sleeping virgin awake and are born-again now, they will perish in the great tribulation.

We are being groomed for a better Place. "The Kingdom of God will not have automobiles, airplanes, or any scientific achievement. No. It won't have any education at all. It'll be an education so supreme to this, that this won't even be thought of. See? Education, civilization, and all this comes from Satan.

Now, if you say, "Brother Branham, why do you read then?" See, just like, why do I wear clothes now? In the civilization that was to come, it was first they didn't need any clothes; they were veiled. They'd had no reason to wear clothes, 'cause they didn't know they were naked. Now then that we know that we are naked, sin abides here, then we've got to wear clothes. But it wasn't so at the beginning; there was no sin. See?

Now, the same thing is in the way of civilization. Altogether, we read, we write, we do this, but don't never get adjusted to that; don't never make that your god, for that is a god of communism. See? It's not of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is by faith, not what you can scientifically prove, but what you believe" (Things that are to Be, p. 18:55-57).

God is not far from each one of us. He hears us groaning together in travail with all creation waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God. Do not fear the silence or be discouraged when things do not seem to happen as you would wish. God is in control; He is working with you and in you. nl500.htm


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