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The Gospel of the Kingdom, or God Incarnate/Satan Incarnate

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Vatican releases Details of Papal Trip to Holy Land
Vatican City, May 7, 2009 – On his first trip to the Holy Land, Pope Benedict XVI will meet with Jewish, Muslim and Christian leaders, stop at the Dome of the Rock and the Western Wall in Jerusalem, and visit a refugee camp in Bethlehem. . . the pope would visit the new King Hussein Mosque in Amman, Jordan, stop at Jesus' baptism site at the Jordan River, and make a pilgrimage to Mount Nebo, where Moses once looked out at the Promised Land. . . [and] Yad Vashem . . .
Full story:


America's Shame
Why does Israel have a right to exist, but Palestine doesn't? This is the question of our time.

For sixty years Israelis have been stealing Palestine from Palestinians. There are maps available on the Internet and in Israeli publications showing the shrinkage over time of what was once Palestine into what Palestine is today—a small number of unconnected ghettos or bantustans.

Palestine became "the occupied territory" from which Palestinians were ejected and Israeli settlements built for "settlers." Jordan, Syria and Lebanon are full of refugee camps in which Palestinians driven off their lands by Israeli force have been living for decades. Driving people off their land is strictly illegal under international law, but Israel has been getting away with it for decades.

Gaza is a concentration camp of 1.5 million Palestinians who were driven from their homes and villages and collected in the Gaza Ghetto. . . Caterpillar Tractor makes a special bulldozer for Israel that is designed to knock down Palestinian homes and to uproot their orchards. In 2003 an American protester, Rachel Corrie, stood in front of one of these Caterpillars and was run over and crushed. Nothing happened.

The Israelis can kill whomever they want whenever they want. They have been doing so for 60 years, and they show no sign of stopping. . . The US Senate endorsed Israel's massacre of Palestinians with a vote of 100-0. The US House of Representatives voted 430-5 to endorse Israel's massacre of Palestinians.

The resolutions endorsed by 100% of the US Senate and 99% of the House were written by AIPAC, as were the speeches praising Israel for its inhumanity. . . Full story: Paul Craig Roberts former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury.


The Torturer's Apprentice
April 24, 2009 – Australia's role in the American Inquisition.

At 3.00 am on October 2001, a bus bound for Karachi was boarded by Pakistani security heavies on the look-out for "suspicious foreigners". Two young Germans were dragged from their seats. When Australian citizen Mamdouh Habib interceded on their behalf, he too was taken into custody. According to Habib, he was hooded, shackled, dumped in a cell and roughed up. . .

Meanwhile, under pressure from the Americans, the Pakistanis were keen for Habib to confess to an act of terror, so he was strung on a hook and zapped with electricity until he bled through every orifice. This happened, he says, more than once. Next on the agenda was an act of rendition, which began with a bunch of Americans in balaclavas, wearing black T-shirts, grey pants and yellow boots, beating him black and blue. They cut off his clothes, rammed a suppository up his rectum and fitted him with nappy and tracksuit. "The Australian diplomat was there and saw everything that happened". . . Habib was "wrapped up like a spring roll," barely able to breathe or walk, and dragged aboard the CIA flight to Egypt . . . where torture seems to be a Government sport . . . Suleiman (expected to be the next President of Egypt) ordered a guard to murder a gruesomely shackled Turkistan prisoner in front of Habib—and he did, with a vicious karate kick. . . In April 2002, after five months of abominable torment, Habib was illegally rendered to Bagram jail in Kandahar—an infamous hellhole—and later to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, by which time he was half dead. Even so, when Habib was carted off to meet Australian officials at Guantanamo, he was handcuffed and chained to the floor . . . Full story:

Comment: In Australia, Government is asking people to spy on their friends, "Every piece of information helps." "Phase three of the national security campaign launched in August 2007 . . . helping to demystify how the Hotline works . . . this phase continues to remind Australians to remain vigilant and to report possible signs of terrorism to the National Security Hotline." As evident from the above report, terrorists are running the government. The BBC admits al Qaeda never existed.


Obama's First 100 Days: the Madmen Did Well
May 1, 2009 – In his first 100 days, Obama has excused torture, opposed habeas corpus, and demanded more secret government. He has kept Bush's gulag intact and at least 17,000 prisoners beyond the reach of justice. On April 24, his lawyers won an appeal that ruled Guantanamo prisoners were not "persons" and therefore had no right not to be tortured. His national intelligence director, Adm. Dennis Blair, says he believes torture works. One of his senior officials in Latin America is accused of covering up the torture of an American nun in Guatemala; another is a Pinochet apologist. As Daniel Ellsberg has pointed out, America experienced a military coup under Bush, whose secretary of "defense," Robert Gates, along with the same warmaking officials, have been retained by Obama. . . In Pakistan, the number of civilians killed by American missiles called drones has more than doubled since Obama took office. . . He is the BBC's man, and CNN's man, and Murdoch's man, and Wall Street's man, and the CIA's man. The madmen did well. Full story:

Comment: Pakistan has fallen into the trap of self-destruction.


Peter Kawaja exposes Joyce Riley Fraud
May 24, 2009 – During the Gulf Wars, the US American, and possibly troops of other nations who were also involved in the Gulf Wars, were experimented on by the Zionists who were using the US government as a front. George Bush Sr was president and knew that these experiments were going on, as documented by Peter Kawaja.

The experiment was to develop a super-soldier, that is able to regrow missing limbs or blown off body parts. Peter Kawaja uses "Universal Soldier" as the example, which was to create a "non-soulless soldier," which is to say, a mindless, or brainless, soldier that is able to heal himself and would regenerate body parts very fast.

This experiment was conducted by 'reverse engineering.' Instead of having soldiers grow extra limbs thereby understanding which parts of the human gene was responsible for the regeneration, the scientists tried to produce soldiers with missing body parts, such as eyes, mouth, arms, etc. The scientists identified which genes were responsible for the regrowth by figuring out which genes prevented the growth of body parts. . . Full story:

Comment: Zechariah 14:12??? Who benefits from a pandemic?


Viral Poppycock
All we really have is a continuation of a cherished fantasy about viruses though it seems modern scientists have become very skilful at developing new combinations of DNA that attack us and give us the flu. Dr. Stefan Lanka, virologist and molecular biologist is just one of many voices that are smothered by the medical industrial establishment. There is one breathtaking fact for the public to deal with and that is the fact that not even one of the (medically relevant) natural viruses has ever been isolated; there is no proof of their existence. "So for a long time I studied virology, from the end to the beginning, from the beginning to the end, to be absolutely sure that there was no such thing as HIV. And it was easy for me to be sure about this because I realized that the whole group of viruses to which HIV is said to belong, the retroviruses—as well as other viruses which are claimed to be very dangerous—in fact do not exist at all" . . .

Actually we are the most conditioned, programmed beings the world has ever known and believe just about anything fed to us through the media, especially in the area of medicine. Our thoughts and attitudes are continually being shaped and molded by dishonest people who implant the public consciousness with thousands of medical media clips each year. . .
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An Invention that could change the Internet Forever
May 3, 2009 – "The biggest Internet revolution for a generation will be unveiled this month with the launch of software that will understand questions and give specific, tailored answers in a way that the web has never managed before. The new system, Wolfram Alpha, showcased at Harvard University in the US last week, takes the first step towards what many consider to be the Internet's Holy Grail—a global store of information that understands and responds to ordinary language in the same way a person does. . . Full story:


Obama– Smoking gun finally found?
April 1, 2009 – In a move certain to fuel the debate over Obama's qualifications for the presidency, the group "Americans for Freedom of Information" has released copies of President Obama's college transcripts from Occidental College. Released today, the transcript indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia as an undergraduate at the school. The transcript was released by Occidental College in compliance with a court order in a suit brought by the group in the Superior Court of California. The transcript shows that Obama (Soetoro) applied for financial aid and was awarded a fellowship for foreign students from the Fulbright Foundation Scholarship program. To qualify, for the scholarship, a student must claim foreign citizenship. This document would seem to provide the smoking gun that many of Obama's detractors have been seeking. . .

Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation has released the results of their investigation of Obama's campaign spending. This study estimates that Obama has spent upwards of $950,000 in campaign funds in the past year with eleven law firms in 12 states for legal resources to block disclosure of any of his personal records. . . Full story: APFN


The Gospel of the Kingdom, or God Incarnate/Satan Incarnate

Matthew addressed his Gospel to Israelites, so in order to understand what he meant we must stand in Hebrew shoes. In Matthew 24:1-3 the Disciples asked Jesus three questions:

When will the temple be utterly destroyed?
What will be the sign of your 'parousia' Coming, and
What will be the sign of the end of the ages or dispensations?
Jesus began his reply with a general discourse from Matthew 24:4-13 in which we discern the first Five Seals, but from which Israelites will no doubt discern their first Five Trumpets. Verses 4-5, 6, 7, and 8 symbolize the first Four Seals of grace to we Gentiles under the anointings of the four living creatures of Revelation 6, which were the ensigns of Israel's four leading tribes who camped around the Ark of the Covenant. These in turn type the four Gospels that guard the way to the Presence of God in Christ, for the Ark was a type of Christ. (So in spite of their unwillingness It might be said, Israel was "a light to we Gentiles").

The Fourth Seal summarizes the previous three Seals and Trumpet judgments on Israel in the words, "All these are the beginning of sorrows." For true Israelites, the tribulations experienced under previous Seals and Trumpets will be eclipsed by the intolerable anguish and martyrdom of the whole nation during the great tribulation of the Sixth Seal, while the Fourth Seal will inflict the first Two Woes or World Wars on all the world, and draw all those living in the end-time to the eve of the Third Woe, World War III.

Elect Israelites under the first Four Seals were baptized into the Body of Christ where there is neither Judahite or Gentile. Their non-elect were martyred for "the Word of God, and for the testimony which they held;" that is, "life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth," from the death of Christ to the catching-away of His Bride under the Sixth Seal, in recompense for the murder of Messiah. Hereby their names, if they remain in the Book of Life, are preserved under the Fifth Seal. "He who endures to the end shall be saved" and granted in to eternal Life at the White Throne Judgement.

No living creatures announce the Fifth Seal because the Israelites have rejected Jesus Christ and the four Gospel throne guards, so they are not born-again and under the golden altar with the saints, but under the sacrifice altar in the outer court.

No living creatures announce the Sixth Seal because the Eagle has restored the original Seed Word and finished the mystery of God under the revelation of the Seventh Seal, bringing us to maturity for the manifestation of the Sons of God and the catching-away. The living creatures have returned before the throne of God for grace is over and the Holy Spirit will leave earth in the catching-up of the Bride. The whole world is under judgment, only the 144,000 will escape, but like their Fifth Seal brethren they too will lay down their lives.

Matthew 24:14, "And this Gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness to all nations; and then shall the end come." The Gospel of the kingdom must be preached to all nations of Adam's race as God promised Abraham in Genesis 12:1-3, "not in Word only, but through power and manifestations of the Holy Ghost." God's Word must be believed for what It says and demonstrated as vindication of His faithfulness . . . then shall the end come, and His prophetic purpose set forth in Daniel 9:24 and Acts 3:21 accomplished with the restoration of things as they were before sin entered Eden, and in the millennium the kingdom will be restored to Israel with Jesus Christ as King and His Gentile Bride as their Queen.

"The end" is the close of the Gentile dispensations and grace, the manifestation of the Sons of God by the "third pull" in the Bride, the termination of "Jacob's trouble," and the consummation. As grace for the "nations" ends with the Gentile dispensation, any subsequent preaching to them will be as a witness against the "total lost." Once the Seventh Trump has sounded the close of the Fourth Seal and the opening of the Sixth Seal of Judgment, only 144,000 elect Israelites will receive the Gospel of the Kingdom, and they will be martyred with the remnant of the Fifth Seal Hebrews, the foolish virgin and other classes of the saved.

During the great tribulation there will be no Christians to "preach the Gospel to every nation." With the Bride at the Wedding Supper in the Sky, the only Christians on earth will be Israel's "Moses" and "Elijah" who will not be preaching to the Goyim, but to Israel in Israel.

In verses 15-21 Jesus answers the Disciples' question regarding the destruction of the temple. This prophecy was fulfilled by the armies of Titus in AD70. Verses 22-28 speak of His 'parousia' Coming to we Gentiles under the Seventh Seal and the "shortening of days for the sake of His elect" who would otherwise be slaughtered in Armageddon or in the destruction of all life when Earth splits open and falls from its axis toward the sun (Isaiah 24:19; II Peter 3:1-13).

"Immediately after the tribulation of those days, shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken".

"Those days" will end when Christ's end-time Bride is complete and "in speaking conditions." His first (Gk. 'erchomai') Coming was through the Virgin's womb. His second (or Gk. 'parousia') Coming was in WORD Form through the mouth of the prophet-messenger to the Laodicean Church Age to incarnate and bring His Bride to maturity for the manifestation of the sons of God and the translation (Revelation 3:14; 10:1-7; I Corinthians 13:10). Hereby the apostolic Light that shone upon an Eastern people is restored to the Western or evening-Light people according to prophecy (Joel 2:25; Zechariah 14:7; Malachi 4:5-6; Matthew 17:11; Acts 3:21-23, etc). Immediately after the tribulation of the Gentile dispensation an earthquake will sink Los Angeles, volcanic activity and tidal waves will shake the planet and appear to move even the heavens; the sign of Christ's 'parousia' to Israel will appear unrecognized over Jerusalem in the East as our sign was not straightway recognized in the West, and two Hebrew prophets will receive their anointing. After Armageddon, at His third Coming, or second physical (Gk. 'erchomai') return, Christ with the glorified saints of all Ages will step out on the ashes of the wicked, for the Millennium. There are only three Comings.

The moon, or church, now apostate, having rejected Christ (Revelation 3:20; Romans 11:32; II Thessalonians 2:3-12; Revelation 13), no longer reflects the Light of the Son, but as Satan's instrument of Darkness, will seek to persecute and destroy the saints. Satan having been cast out of heaven and incarnate in that man of sin, the stars or denominational ministers cast out with him will serve the beast and its (once) Protestant image.

"Then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven." This was the second question asked by the Disciples, the sign of Christ's 'parousia' to Israel. The Gentile Bride recognized It in their dispensation, and will be translated three and a half years before the 144,000 recognize its significance over Palestine. On February 28, 1963, the Shekinah appeared over Arizona as a Cloud shaped like Hoffman's "Head of Christ at 33," white-wigged as a Judge in answer to the prophecies of Daniel 7:9, Matthew 17:1-9, Acts 1:9-11 and Revelation 1:7. Photographs and scientific papers describing this phenomenon appear in encyclopaedia year books, books on meteorology and in numerous scientific journals. Articles were also published in Life Magazine May 17, 1963, The New York Times, London Observer, etc.,

"And then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man Coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory." Here the foolish virgin will recognize they have missed the full Atonement or new birth, and must be martyred for the faith they hold, or take the mark of the beast and be lost.

But how do they see "the Sign of the Coming of the Son of man"?

They will look back to what they were taught by the Prophet of Malachi 4:5-6, the angel to the Seventh Church Age. Remember, both the wise and the foolish virgin are disciples of Brother Branham: each heard the "Shout" of His Message, and came out of Rome and her Protestant daughters who partake of her sin and will receive of her plagues (Matthew 25:1-13; I Thessalonians 4:16; Revelation 18:4). This is not a visual experience but the realization by the foolish virgin that they are without "oil" of the Holy Spirit, or new birth, and have missed the "rapture".

The rapture is a revelation, a PROCESS of growing into oneness with the fullness of the Word by the faith of the end-time Message. This Message is the fullness of the Word. It is Christ in WORD Form. Christ's mediation was fulfilled when He opened the Seals in 1963, so unless we receive the fullness by the Message, we cannot be "one" or in absolute agreement with God as Jesus prayed at Gethsemane. The foolish virgin believe the same Message by the "letter" but without this revelation process by the "Spirit" that prepares Christ's Bride for the manifestation of the sons of God and the translation.

"And He shall send His angels with the sound of the Great Trumpet, and they shall gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other" (Isaiah 27:13; Matthew 24:31).

These angels are the two prophets of Zechariah 4 and Revelation 11. At the last Trump they will receive the same Spiritual anointings that endued Moses and Elijah to gather 144,000 true blood Israelites to repentance by the revelation of the feast of the Seven Trumpets. Revelation 12:14: "To the woman (Israel) were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, (where the True Church has ever been) into her place (in the Promised Land), where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent." (The first half of Daniel's Seventieth Week, or reconfirmation of the new Covenant to Israel).

When the last member of the Bride is baptized into the Body, the Seventh Trumpet will sound the end of the Gentile dispensation. Los Angeles and the Dome of the Rock will be destroyed by earthquakes, Satan cast from heaven to earth, and the Church Age saints will commence the first resurrection. Meanwhile, the end-time Bride will become hunted and persecuted by the churches, and manifest that they are the Sons of God to receive faith for translation grace. Oh there is a great time ahead for those who are in Christ.

Remember, Christ had to intercede until the last name written in the Lamb's Book of Life from the foundation of the world was redeemed or baptized into the Body in the Laodicean Church Age. Jesus died for every soul ordained to eternal Life and is not willing that any child of Adam should perish. By foreknowledge God knew who would receive eternal Life and who would not. Christ was a Mediator until the last saint predestinated to Laodicea was born-again. When His intercessory days were over in 1963, the mercy seat became a judgment seat (Revelation 4 and 5). Now without the revelation of the end-time Message, "He who is filthy will be filthy still. He who is holy will be holy be holy still."

A Seal reveals a mystery of redemption. Under the first four Seals the mystery of the "letters" of Revelation 2-3 were revealed to the angel to whom they were addressed and his Message proclaimed a Spiritual war in his Church Age. Then God took His messenger with the elect of that Age and lay them asleep.

A Vial is a temporary judgment poured out as a plague on the non-elect, to separate the lost carnal church that has rejected or impersonated the Message from the "saved" or foolish virgin whose understanding was flawed, either because they were dilatory or because their pastor was not in the revelation of the hour (I John 1:7; the "Ordeal of Jealousy"). Like the Egyptian plagues, the Vials of wrath have the effect of hardening the heart of the sinner.

On the other side of the Seals, Seven Trumpet Mysteries have brought natural warfare upon natural Israel as chastisement for refusing successive Gospel Trumpets of grace throughout the Gentile Dispensation, to bring correction and atonement with the Word to that nation of 144,000 before the consummation.

Now the actors in this great play are God and Satan. Each is building his own kingdom. God is incarnating His Bride by His Spirit; Satan is incarnating his church by his spirit.

Christ has been incarnating His Bride by imparting His Own character through faith—line upon line, precept upon precept, Word upon Word, here a little and there a little—until the whole Body grows into the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ by the unity of the faith for the manifestation of the sons of God and the translation.

Satan has been incarnating his church by wisdom against the faith—so close it would almost deceive the elect if it were possible. Today he is impersonating this end-time Message within the circle of those who have been called out from organized religion. He quotes the prophet of Malachi 4:5-6 and obeys the strict legalism of sanctification, but fails the Word test. Without a revelation of this Message he is substituting wisdom for faith, which is Balaamism or the mark of the beast. Instead of worshiping God by faith, Satan's church is forming an image to the beast by worshiping his wisdom.

This diagram demonstrates how those two spirits have been at work within the framework of the Christian church since Pentecost. When the Spirit of Christ came back, so did the spirit of anti-Christ. Each time the enemy came in like a flood, God raised up a standard against him. Here we see how Satan began his ride on the white horse impersonating Christ Who returns on a white horse of the pure Word. A 'horse' symbolizes a "power." Satan is building his earth-bound kingdom through a trinity of spiritual + political + demon power which together = Satan incarnate as Death personified, riding the pale horse to perdition with his subjects.

Christ is building His kingdom by the Word. Each Dispensation displayed a different virtue of His glorious character, finally expressing the Fullness of agapao love in His Capstone Bride.

From the First Seal Christ's attributes are symbolized by no dead idol but a living creature like a Lion: the living Word, in Pentecost, Ephesus, Smyrna and Pergamos. Satan rode forth on his white horse conquering a kingdom of his own, and to conquer Christ's kingdom. By the Ephesian Age he had persuaded some to leave their "first love," the Word, and by the Pergamean Age a multitude was convinced by the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, a clerical hierarchy between God and men, to supplant the sovereignty of the Holy Spirit. At the First Nicea Council in AD325 he organized the Roman Catholic church and by his popularity with the people gained SPIRITUAL POWER and a triple crown. Next Satan mounted his red horse and gained POLITICAL POWER by killing all who opposed his false teaching. The climax of the Second Seal was the Dark Ages where the saints labored under the standard of the Ox-like living creature.

Under the Third Seal Satan rode a Dark Horse, signifying the ignorance that followed the Dark Ages. He sold superstitious Catholics heavenly favors like forgiveness for future sins and salvation. Under this Seal, God's attributes were symbolized by a living creature with the head of a man, signifying the godly wisdom of the Reformation's Bible scholars. Organizations that were established to continue the work of deceased leaders fell back under the headship of men, and DEMON POWER made them Rome's denominational harlot daughters—so close as would almost deceive the very elect.

The Fourth and last Seal of the Bride's Spiritual Redemption signifies Christ's attributes by a living creature with the head of an eagle, the symbol of God's prophets. Here Lucifer conflates all the diabolical evil of the previous Ages into the pale horse and is finally cast out of heaven with his demons to become the INCARNATE BEAST POWER of the last pope, with authority to slay the redeemable and destroy creation (Matthew 24:9-13; 16:25). This climax takes place under the Sixth Seal in an alliance between Rome and the so-called Jews (Daniel 9:27), with the WCC and the government of the United States, who will establish a boycott and force the mark of the beast (Revelation 13).

Under the Fourth Seal and between the Sixth and Seventh Vial the Bride sees three unclean spirits: FASCISM, NAZISM, and COMMUNISM, come out of the mouth of the Dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. These unclean spirits were always present but they did not manifest in international politics until this time.

As the Seven Seals are the mysteries revealed to the elect Gentiles in the end-time, the Seven Trumpets are mysteries revealed to the 144,000 elect Israelites under the Sixth Seal. The revelation of the first Six Seals and first Six Trumpets are largely past history. The Seventh Trumpet will mark the end of the Gentile Dispensation with the 'parousia' Coming of Christ the King to Israel as the Seventh Seal marked His second Coming to the Church.

The Fifth Trumpet was World War I and in 1914 the whole world went to war. Then they cried, "Peace, peace", and set up the League of Nations. But there was no peace and within twenty years the Sixth Trumpet brought World War II because it was planned this way.

Again they cried, "Peace, peace", and established the United Nations but there has been no peace since 1914, because the Judaeo-Communist UN, like Communism, is the spirit of Laodicea, the Plague of the Sixth Vial. And as Jesus assessed the Fourth Seal in Matthew 24:8, "These are the beginning of sorrows" since there will be no peace until Jesus and the glorified saints step out on the ashes of the wicked for the Millennium. The Fourth Seal is the Eagle Age, which completes the Body of Christ and on the cusp of Satan's one world church government.

In a letter of November 2, 1917, the Balfour Declaration expressed British approval of Zionism and paved the way for the establishment of an Israeli State in Palestine. And when General Allenby entered Jerusalem on December 9, the city surrendered without a shot, it was said that as word passed down the Turkish lines, "Allenby's coming" became "Allah's coming".

Revelation 7:1-3: "And after these things (the revelation of the Sixth, or Judgment Seal), I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, (war and strife), that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree. And I saw another Angel ascending from the East, having the Seal of the living God: and He cried with a loud Voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea. Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads".

The fighting of World War I ended at 11:00 a.m. on November 11, 1918, as mysteriously as Jerusalem had surrendered one year previously. To this day, no one knows who ordered the ceasefire and signing of the Armistice but it was prophesied Christ would restrain the four judgment angels to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea until the third part of man, Shem's descendants, are sealed by the Spirit (Revelation 7:4-8).

The Sixth Trumpet sounded in World War II (Revelation 9:13-15) and the four angels were loosed to unleash a natural persecution upon natural Israel in a revival of the ten nations of the old Roman Empire under Mussolini (Fascism), Hitler (Nazism) and Stalin (Communism), by bringing the "right" Hegelians into controlled conflict with the "left" Hegelians and forcing Israel back to the Promised Land so God can fulfill prophecy.

Now the Papal or Holy Roman Empire is regrouping to stamp out the residue of the woman's seed (in alliance with the self-styled Jews). It is preparing to persecute the Bride of Christ (Daniel 7:7-8). She will be translated, and the persecution will befall the 144,000 who must be martyred like their brethren under the Fifth Seal. As national force will put Israel in the Homeland in the first half of Daniel's Seventieth Week, national force will put the church in the World Council of Churches as the mark of the beast is forced by legislation like Australia's Racial Vilification and Anti-Discrimination Acts which outlaw the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Zionist-controlled US Department of State's definition of anti-Semitism.

The Spirit that inspired the Church Age Messengers of the Reformation, Martin Luther, John Wesley, and William Branham with their Messages of grace also pour out the Vials of Christ's jealousy on the make-believer and un-believer who claim to be His Wife yet are unfaithful to His Word, refusing their husband like Queen Vashti. As three special angels under the Fourth Seal, the Spirit brings to remembrance their Messages of grace as His standard the foolish virgin must uphold in martyrdom under the Ordeal of Jealousy under the Plagues of their Vials of wrath.

Revelation 14:6-12: "And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach to them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters." This was Martin Luther's Message of "Justification by grace through faith".

"And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication." This was John Wesley's Message of "Sanctification".

"And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: And the smoke of their torment ascends for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receives the mark of his name." That is the ministry of Brother Branham warning men to come out of Babylon to escape the mark of the beast.

Revelation 14:12-13 is Armageddon. The Church has been translated. "Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. And I heard a Voice from heaven saying, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, says the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them".

The third angel's Message is the fullness of the Gospel of the Kingdom—"the revelation of all saints on the golden altar" plus the "incense" of the seven thunders which finished the mystery of God (Revelation 8:3; 10:8-11). Three Woes followed the last three Messages:

Revelation 8:13: "And I beheld, and heard an eagle flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the Earth by reason of the other voices of the Trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound"!

The living creature with the head of an Eagle flying in mid-heaven places this warning under the Fourth Seal. The Gifts of the Spirit had been restored and the church world was no longer ignorant of the power of God's Word.

The Woes come upon all the "inhabiters of the earth"—Hebrew and Gentile. They are earth's birth pains for renewal in three World Wars.

The organized church failed to move forward with the Spirit in Laodicea, thus her religious systems are unable to constrain evil, for men no longer fear the church, respect God's Word or even uphold creed and tradition. The unbelief of man-made systems preclude God from within the churches, which are uniting against Christ's Bride, driving her without the gate as they drove out the Son of man (Revelation 3:20).

Revelation 16:12-14: "And the sixth angel poured out his Vial upon the great river Euphrates; and its water was dried up, that the way of the "kings of the East" might be prepared".

Euphrates ran through Babylon, its life-giving flow sustained her citizens, cleansed the city, and was her defense. This beautiful city was built by Nebuchadnezzar in imitation of the New Jerusalem with Euphrates impersonating the River of Life, which types the Holy Spirit, flowing from the belly of Christ and His Bride (New Jerusalem).

John 4:13-14: "Jesus said to the prostitute at the well, Whosoever drinks of this water shall thirst again: but whosoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst; but the water that I shall give him will be in him a well of water springing up to eternal Life."

And on the eighth day of the Feast of Tabernacles He said, "If any man thirst, let him come to Me, and drink. He who believes on Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water" (John 7:37-38).

Revelation 22:17, "The Spirit and the Bride say, Come. And let him that hears say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of Life freely." As the Life passes through the Body, the must come to the Bride in order to receive the end-time Message and eternal Life (Revelation 10:8-11).

Babylon was defeated by "kings of the East" when the Medo-Persians diverted the Euphrates, marched along its dry river bed and under the city walls while her citizens reveled in drunken orgy (Daniel 5:28; Isaiah 41:2). Jesus calls Rome, "Mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth." Rome divided between East and West, as signified by the two legs of the image of Nebuchadnezzar's dream. Those five Eastern and five Western states are now reuniting through the United Nations and in the European Union. Rome's historic enemy has been the self-styled Mongol Jew and his relations who invaded "from the East".

Henry L. Mencken, American editor and critic wisely observed, "The English would never have contrived World War II if they had not been sure of Roosevelt's help. . . what is the net result? First, the Asiatic barbarians, held at bay since 1683, have been let loose in Western Europe. . ." (H. L. Mencken, Life Magazine, August 5th, 1946, p. 46; Revelation 16:12).

The Sixth Vial was poured out upon Rome and her harlot daughters who rejected Wesley's Message: "Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made ALL nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication" (Revelation 14:8; 18:3). It was poured on denominational churches led by "fallen angels"—intellectual men hybrid by knowledge, not born of the Word, for instead of the Word or "River of Life," Death by creed and dogma flowed from Rome. The Sixth Vial "dried up the water" of what little Spirit flowed from Rome "that the way of the kings of the East," Rome's enemies, "might be prepared".

Brother Branham said, "I'll prove to you that Communism is working straight in the hands of Almighty God to destroy the Roman. . . And remember, I say this as God's prophet: The Russian empire will drop an atomic bomb of some sort on the Vatican City and destroy it in one hour. THUS SAITH THE LORD. And the Bible said that God took them cruel-hearted men and put them in His hands, and they were instruments in His hands to fulfill His will, and to bring back to her exactly what she had coming to her" (The Mark of the Beast, p. 18:134).

Who are these "kings of the East" but the Eastern Bloc?

"Nations are breaking, for the time now that we see that they're supposed to do this. We're in the process of national disturbance. We see the nations are breaking relationship. Year by year, we find this nation being swallowed up in Communism; this one being swallowed up in Communism. And right here in our own nation, it's honeycombed with Communism, and it will take over." (Common sense says that bureaucrats, politicians and others with dual citizenship are a security risk and can swear fifty percent loyalty at most – ED)!

"See, it'll do it, no way of stopping it. Why? The same reason that you couldn't stop Titus. The people have rejected God and His Word. Yes, sir, so they're going to do it, and we see it right in process. . . They're coming to the battle of Armageddon . . . And they're uniting for that right now. That's why we got the UN and everything we have. The Western World's uniting against the Eastern World, Communism and so forth; it's all uniting together. The churches are uniting together. Everything seems to be uniting. . . Also . . . out here in the world, earthquakes in divers places. . ." (Uniting Time and Sign, p. 20:87-89).

As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the Son of man rose in the east, and shone upon Jerusalem in the morning offering of Gospel Light. Jesus said, "As Lightning comes out of the east and shines to the west; So shall also the Coming of the Son of man be. For wheresoever the Carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together" (Matthew 24:27-28; 17:11). The same Word-Light which shone in the morning will be restored in the evening time upon the Western people (Zechariah 14:7 and Malachi 4:5-6).

The "kings of the East" are a group in spiritual darkness. When Cain left the Presence of God, he settled east, away from the Light (Genesis 4:16). In this Plague the boundary between the civilized and the barbaric world is abolished by the political philosophies of Fascism and Nazism, swallowed up into Communism and propagated by Asiatic East Europeans, who like the Hun and Mongol trains, sweep away with them to the battle against God all unsealed men and powers on their road.

Jesus called the spirit of Communism "Laodicea," which means "people's rights." Its proponents have abolished the distinctions of religions, social station, culture, race, nationality, gender and age, returning the world to a Babylon of confusion without respect of persons other than a super-wealthy elite who control the levers of power, true knowledge, and of course guns.

Unthinking people point to Ishmael and his sons, and to Abraham's sons by Keturah (Genesis 16:12; 25:6). These sons of the concubines, as they were called, and their posterity were termed "the children of the East," famous for their number (Genesis 17:20; Judges 6:3). They are the Arab peoples who are Moslems in spiritual darkness, being gathered to the battle of that great day of God Almighty, but they are innocent pawns manipulated for gain by the British and American colonies of the Empire of the City of London because Abraham prophesied they will never be able to reach consensus among themselves (Genesis 16:12).

It cannot be said that the Ottomans or Muslim peoples masterminded either World War I or II. Like the English, Germans, Italians and Americans, they were mere cannon fodder for the planners and financiers of the protagonists.

"The kings of the East" are Israel's traditional enemies God directed Moses to utterly destroy whenever they were found in the Promised Land, but whom Israel has affiliated from the time of Joshua (Joshua 9; Genesis 27:39-41). "The Communist Party has been outlawed in the Middle East countries [except among the Jews of] Israel [and South Yemen]" (Alfred Lilienthal, Human Events). They rule Russia and will attack Jerusalem after the earthquakes at the Seventh Trumpet (Isaiah 11:11-16: Daniel 11:44). The Sixth Vial was poured out upon nominal Christians, to separate the false church from the foolish virgin. Once the Holy Spirit of Mystery Babylon's "Euphrates" had dried up, the way of "the kings of the East" was prepared: intellectual reasoning, imagination and affection, which Satan can manipulate in the absence of faith in men's heart. Over the past century, as literacy and free education became universal, liberal thinkers and philosophers without faith exposed the fallacy of Roman creed and Protestant myth which was also, for the most part, without faith, and introduced their false religions of atheism, humanism and Communism.

Having a soul, men must worship something, but the answer they sought would not be found in hollow forms of godliness without faith, so they immersed themselves in Eastern mysteries, experimented with meditation, drugs and excess, formed new religious amalgams and forsook the knowledge of Jesus whom they knew second-hand but not by personal encounter. And as people seeking in the wrong place gave up looking for God, "though He is not far from every one of us" (Acts 17:27), Satan planted seeds of reasoning in their heads where kings from the dark side of the earth set up their thrones.

God can only influence those who yield to His Word by the obedience of faith, and Satan can only influence those who yield to his suggestions by intellectual reasoning contrary to God's Word. All battles are first and foremost spiritual. The first blows come by words, and words carry spirits because words are the expressed thoughts of the spirit ruling a man. The "kings of the East" have invaded the Western, once Christian world spiritually, winning the battle of the mind before spilling blood.

Satan has progressively destroyed the structure and fabric of Western society, until today most men have no defense, for without the Absolute they have no faith. "As it was in the days of Noah" our nations have embraced the peoples and customs from the East as Jesus foretold (Matthew 24:37-41; Genesis 6:1-4). This spiritual perversion spilled into unnatural unions through intermarriage, foreign aid, the UN and NWO. But Daniel said, East and West will not cleave together (Daniel 2:40-45), and as we are moving rapidly toward one world government there will be no peace until the Millennium. The United States and Russia have been pretty much united behind the scenes since FDR as Charlotte Iserbyt's article and many studies in the Conspiracy Scholar's Nook area of the Church Website report.

"In solemn truth, do not seven persons share most of the responsibility for establishing the Communist grip on the world? Are not the seven: (1) Marx, the founder of violent Communism; (2) Engels, the promoter of Marx; (3, 4, 5) Trotsky, Lenin, and Stalin; (6) Franklin D. Roosevelt, who rescued the tottering Communist empire by recognition (1933), by the resultant financial support, by his refusal to proceed against Communists in the United States, and by the provisions of the Yalta Conference; and (7) Harry S. Truman, who agreed at Potsdam to the destruction of Germany and thereafter followed the Franklin Roosevelt policy of refusing to act against Communists in the United States—the one strong nation that remained as a possible obstacle to Communist world power?"

"In spite of the consolidation of Stalin's position in Russia by Franklin Roosevelt and by Stalin's "liquidation" of millions of anti-Communists in Russia after Roosevelt's recognition, the Soviet Union in 1937 was stymied in its announced program of world conquest by two road-blocks: Japan in the East and Germany in the West? These countries . . . were small for great powers, and since their main fears were of the enormous, hostile, and nearby Soviet Union, they did not constitute an actual danger to the United States. The men around Roosevelt, many of them later around Truman, not merely defeated but destroyed the two road-blocks against the spread of Stalinist Communism!" (John Beaty, Iron Curtain Over America, p. 187).

Brother Branham was speaking the truth when he identified the Plague under the Sixth Vial as Communism? So was Chief Rabbi of the United States, Stephen S. Wise when he said, "Some call it Marxism, I call it Judaism"?

Let's take a closer look at this uniting time sign. A trinity of unclean spirits like frogs came out of the mouth of the Dragon of Imperial Rome, the beast of Papal Rome, and the false prophet or papacy as Satan transforms his Babylonian kingdom from Imperial Rome through Papal Rome, to one totalitarian world government he will rule as incarnate pope.

The spirit that came out of the mouth of the Dragon of Imperial Rome (Revelation 12:3) was Fascism, which is any nationalist, totalitarian movement or government. Fascism's key features were absolute primacy of the State, with its power and growth the centre of life and history. It requires submission of the individual to the unified will of the people as expressed by the single party State, with strict regimentation of all aspects of national life and entire obedience to a usually charismatic leader, who embodies the State.

The United States, a peculiarly nationalistic country, is becoming a totalitarian fascist state. Her leader, George II has said, "Those who are not with us are against us." The United States is the image unto the beast of Imperial Rome.

Italian Fascism grew out of a widespread disillusionment with ineffectual government, uninspired leadership and the chaotic economic conditions that beset Italy after World War I. Conditions that created a political atmosphere conducive to the glorification of authoritarian and especially military virtues. Human beings must worship something, and as the soul is a feminine attribute it will be led, serving one spirit or the other.

This political movement governed Italy from 1922-1943; Germany from 1933-1945, Spain from 1939-1975, Japan, Yugoslavia, the USA under Roosevelt, and a few other countries at various times.

Fascism may be an ugly word to many, but its stately emblem is apparently offensive to no one. The emblem of fascism, a pair of them, commands the wall above and behind the speaker's rostrum in the Chamber of the House of Representatives. They're called fasces, and I can think of no reason for them to be there other than to declare the fascistic nature of American republican democracy. A fasces is a Roman device. Actually, it originated with the ancient Etruscans, from whom the earliest Romans derived their (Babylonian – Ed) religious jurisprudence nearly three thousand years ago. It's an axe-head whose handle is a bundle of rods tightly strapped together by a red sinew. (The term "Axis Powers" derives from this ax – Ed). It symbolizes the ordering of priestly functions into a single infallible sovereign, an autocrat who could require life and limb of his subjects. If the fasces is entwined with laurel, like the pair on the House wall, it signifies Caesarean military power. . ." (Tupper Saussy, Rulers of Evil, p. 3-6).

This symbol, adopted by Mussolini in 1919, is incorporated in the Seal of the US Senate and it perfectly symbolizes the European Union in which the nations of Europe are subordinate to common laws decided and imposed by an unelected dictatorship in Brussels. Out of the mouth of the beast (Daniel 7:6-8; Revelation 13:1-3) of Papal Rome came the Third Reich of the Holy Roman Empire, Nazism or "National Socialism," which is the German form of Fascism. Also founded in 1919, it proclaimed itself the implacable enemy of liberalism, and stressed the subordination of the individual to the State.

Out of the mouth of the false prophet came Communism which always follows Romanism. Communism is "international socialism," or global government—a devious device of the super-rich to produce a powerless, classless world of serfs without private ownership of the means of production, distribution or exchange, under a coercive totalitarian State, the unnatural fruit of social engineering wherein human intellect will produce Satan's Eden by science as attempted by Judaeo-Communist Russia in the genocide of 66 million Christians between 1915 and 1949, and 9 to 15 million ethnic Germans after World War II (Matthew 4:8-9).

As Brother Branham prophesied, Judaeo-Communism has swallowed up Fascism and Nazism, and the Hegelian two party sham democracies of the once Christian West are controlled by these inassimilable aliens because we refused the grace of God. The Eastern world of Judaeo-Communism is uniting with the Western world of the Holy Roman empire, in a totalitarian NWO through the UN, to force the mark of the beast thereby gathering the world to Armageddon after Rome breaks her covenant with Esau's MoneyPower, ending this artificial union of East and West in a fight to the death as prophesied in Daniel 2:40-45 and 9:27.

Notice Revelation 16:16 says, "Three unclean spirits gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon" because "God has sent them strong delusion that they should believe the lie that they might all be damned who believed not the revealed Word but had pleasure is unrighteousness" (II Thessalonians 2:11-12). Like the Hebrews who entered the Temple and prayed whilst Titus laid siege to Jerusalem these nominally Christian people will imagine they are still in the Church Ages of grace and that Christ is still a Mediator. These souls are imprisoned in Hades while they live, for this will be the Hebrew dispensation.

These loathsome and slimy creatures, which signify evil spirits, croak their propaganda and intrude themselves into every place to promote mischief and idolatry to all, looking back to the First Nicea Council where trinitarianism was introduced from paganism to false Christianity. Those demons are going forth to the world leaders today, enticing them to form alliances with their own enemies in APEC, AFTA, CER, EU and NAFTA, the World Bank, IMF, etc., gathering them to the great battle. Churches too are uniting with their avowed enemies. East and West are uniting, pagans and nominal Christians are uniting.

Revelation 16:14, "For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles." The "miracles" are the uniting of "iron with clay," the "seed of men mingling themselves" with the seed of the Serpent, as it was in the days of Noah." This is confirmed by Revelation 13:14, "The image to the beast deceives all who dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had authority to do in the sight of the beast." The United States will gather all religions into a council under Rome, ostensibly to stop the power of communism, but eventually he will force universal worship of a holy man, the pope, as Nebuchadnezzar enforced the worship of an image of Daniel), "saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live." His deadly wound was healed at Nicea in AD325 when Imperial Rome became Papal Rome.

Revelation 3:10, "Because you have kept the word of My patience, I also will keep you from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth".

Brother Branham explained, "This temptation is exactly like the temptation in Eden. It will be a very inviting proposition held up in direct opposition to the commandment of God's Word, and yet from the standpoint of human reasoning it will be so very right, so enlightening and life-giving as to fool the world."

"Only the very elect will not be fooled. The temptation will come as follows. The ecumenical move that has started on what seems such a beautiful and blessed principle (fulfilling Christ's prayer that we all might be one) becomes so strong politically that she bears pressure upon the government to cause all to join with her either directly or through adherence to principles enacted into law so that no people will be recognized as actual churches unless under direct or indirect domination of this council. . . as this move becomes the "IMAGE ERECTED TO THE BEAST," the saints will be gone in the rapture. And this little delightful, winsome movement that started out in fellowship at Ephesus will become the monster of Satan that defiles and deceives the whole world. For the church system of the Roman Catholic and the Protestant in coming together will control the whole wealth of the world system and force the whole earth into its religious trap, or will kill them, by refusing them the privilege of buying and selling whereby they would make a living. This will be accomplished simply, for the harlot's daughters are all but gone back to her. In the meantime, Rome has acquired nearly all the supplies of gold. The Jews have the bonds and all the paper. At the right time, the harlot will destroy the present day money system by calling in all the paper, and demanding gold. With no gold, the system falls. The Jews will be trapped and come into the alliance, and the harlot church will take over the whole world" (An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, p. 312:3— 314:1).

With no authority in heaven, Satan incarnates himself by deceit here on earth. The three horses of Revelation 6 finally coalesce in the pale horse to force the mark of the beast in the climax of the fourth or last Gentile world empire controlled by Rome. We see this taking place in the United State Presidential policy exporting murder, rape and pillage around the world and submitting her own citizens to tyrannical laws like the Patriot Acts and Homeland Security. This trinity of evil united in the pale horse will seek to destroy the Bride of Christ on its ride to perdition.

Likewise God is reproducing Himself in His people by three stages of One Spirit. Justification made a way for sanctification, and sanctification makes a way for the baptism with the Holy Ghost. Finally, the Word will have sovereignty in the flesh of His Bride for the manifestation of the Sons of God (John 3:8; Restoration of the Bride Tree 76:1-2). His Fullness incarnates the end-time Bride by the Shout of the Message of Malachi 4, by the Voice of the Archangel, and manifests after the Seventh Trump.

In their third question the Disciples asked Jesus, "What will be the sign of the end of the ages or dispensations"? This was answered in Matthew 24:32-34 and fulfilled at midnight on May 14, 1948 when Israel, symbolized as the fig tree was proclaimed a nation. As we are Gentiles we look to the parallel verse addressed to we Gentiles in Luke 21:29-33, "Behold the fig tree (Israel), and all the trees (or Gentile believers); when they come into bud, you see and know for yourselves that summer (and fruit harvest), is now near. So you also, when you see these things happening, know that the kingdom of God (and the first resurrection or harvest of souls) is near. With assurance I tell you, This generation shall not pass away, till all things take place. Heaven and earth will change: but My Words will by no means change".

God promised revival among the blood descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through the ministry of two prophets. He also promised a revival among we Gentiles, and our revival has priority because He cannot deal with Israelites under the Covenant of the Law and we Gentiles under our Covenant of Grace at the same time. So state of Israel had to be restored to the Land for the elect of Judah and Israel to return for their redemption during the first half of Daniel's Seventieth Week, and the Body of Christ finished before He can deal with Israel which will be sealed into the Kingdom when they recognize the 'parousia' Coming of Jesus Christ with the Bride of all Ages (Revelation 19).

Brother Branham said that Israel was made a nation on May 6, 1946, after she raised her flag in Jerusalem, the day before the Angel of the Lord commissioned him to take a Message of healing and Spiritual revival to the world. Israel is God's timepiece. It may be later than you think, is God incarnate in you? bb880418.htm


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